The Omen

The near tragedy of a  plane crash.
Kewell should have been

In a Socceroo shirt!

Pilot saves the day. Hooray,
and he's over sixty at that!

Is this an omen?

Does the power lie behind Soccer Australia in its
fight against the Leeds darkness?

Will the Kool 'The Kid" Kewell choose the 'good guys'?

Or will the forces of darkness Leed Kewell astray?

Will he play for Australia?

He looks in the mirror.

A twinge occurs under his jersey.

He squeezes the zit
and splat
on the face in the mirror.

They call him "The Piker"

The heart no longer beats to the Kool surf

A cold sweat develops

The star is torn.

An easy win follows

With the Dark-side.

Is he superstitious?

Will he kick his toe?

Will he pass and see sky-high?

Or will he loose his touch

And play from the heart.

Or will Soccer Australia produce a better star for the Olympics?

The purgatory is over

He decides to play for the Socceroos

He cleans the mirror with his sleeve

As he crashes home a great goal

For the Leeds team

Now he's A Maestro of Football.      


And Leeds gives way to a loss

Kewell of no ticker

Splat on the mirror!

Where was he against theCzechs

 The piker again!


The urge takes him

To lick the mirror clean

He looks to see the distorted face

Grow ever more uglier


Leeds’ fools take on the Turks

They lose 2-0

Two die

Out of the Cup

The Omen reappears

Then crushed by Arsenal


The irresistible urge takes him


The big slurp sees red


The saga continues

He’s piked again

No Paruguay

Splat, lick, lick

Kewell now tells the fans

I’ll play for the Olyroos

Walk in without a game

No players I know


But the heart again ticks

To the cool surf

Months out injured

Fit now for the new campaign


Will he beat the drum

For the Socceroos?


The Confederations Cup begins

An important Socceroo preparation


But the Ghoul sits and watches

I am a weasel

As he squeezes pus

And he hears Mr Blackboard

“Hurry up, hurry up”


He looks into the eyes

A his new baby

Says he’s Kool

I’ll be here


Of no tear