Australian Socceroos: Ever wondered why so many Australian footballers play overseas?

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As typifies the Jokerís influence a senior police officer from the Victorian police claims that Melbourne Victory fans are violent and his officers wonít volunteer to attend matches.This makes front page news across the country, and the comments are endorsed by the Premier with his cosy relationship to the Penguinís tiddlewimps.The truth of the matter is that it is the police that are violent towards football fans.I have personally witness a fan being dragged from a ground when that fan did nothing but sing.The crowd around him booed the police.On another occasion, I have seen the police attack a crowd of fans when a flare went off.They took to the crowd in an indiscriminate manner with no regard for due process and bashed innocent bystanders.Flares are part of the atmosphere of the games. ††The fact of the matter is that the Victorian police are bigots who seize on any opportunity to attack football fans.The senior officer then lauds the innocent AFL players and fans ignoring the spate of attacks on Indians, and the sexual assault of women by these ďhe menĒ of their game of choice.

MELBOURNE Victory managing director Richard Wilson has denied claims of bad behaviour and says, "Our fans aren't violent."

This comes after Victory chairman Geoff Lord earlier this morning rejected criticism by a senior Victorian police officer.

Superintendent Rod Wilson told the Herald Sun that police were reluctant to cover Melbourne Victory games after being assaulted by fans.

But Mr Lord, after rejecting the comments, said other sports - especially AFL - would delight in hearing soccer fans singled out.

"They love it. Of course they would deny it, it would be natural to deny it," he told radio station 3AW this morning.


These are the same officers who shoot mentally ill homeless people and who use Tasers to torture anyone who does not conform to their model Aussie.The Nanny State in Victoria is out control.It is the Victorian police who abuse their power to intimidate football fans.The only time I have ever been frightened at a sporting match was at the cricket never at a football match.It is bewildering how unaccountable the thugs in the Victorian constabulary are in their abuse of football fans.All this with the Premierís blessing who seek the Jokerís support in the media and who approves of the torture and incarceration of poverty stricken refugees.This is the mentality of Joe Blow and they attempt to discredit the Final Series of the A-League.Imagine what would have happened had the Socceroos been playing the World Cup in Australia.The Jokeís tear gas would have filled Melbourne and the Melbourne Mining Club would have nodded with approval.