Ever wondered why so many Australian footballers (Socceroos) play overseas?


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The Socceroo squad has been narrowed down to 31 players.  Galekovic is named as the emergency goalkeeper if needed but after his last minute near post miss that cost the game for Adelaide against Jeonbuk, one has to question his inclusion at the expense of Langerak.  Be that as it may, the squad is as follows:

Michael Beachamp, Marco Bresciano, Tim Cahill, Nick Carle, David Carney, Scott Chipperfield, Jason Culina, Brett Emerton, Adam Federici, Eugene Galekovic, Richard Garcia, Vincenzo Grella, James Holland, Brett Holman, Mile Jedinak, Brad Jones, Joshua Kennedy, Harry Kewell, Shane Lowry, Scott McDonald, Mark Milligan, Craig Moore, Lucas Neill, Jade North, Thomas Oar, Nikita Rukavytsya, Mark Schwarzer, Carl Valeri, Dario Vidosic, Luke Wilkshire, Rhys Williams

The squad lacks height at the back and if we finish second in the group and play England and we’ll be up against the Crouch.  Pim the Great may not have looked beyond the group stage as it will be very difficult to get through.  Germany are impressive and have excellent goalkeepers so it will be very difficult to breach their defence.  The best we can hope for is a draw.  Ghana are virtually at home and have great speed and technical ability, but are likely to drop their heads if they go behind and the Serbia game will be the decider if the Socceroos manage a draw and win in the first two games.  The Socceroos defence is well-organised but the lack of height will make it difficult against the tall pacey mobile Serbs.   If the Socceroos do get through a 0-0 against England would be the best result we could hope for against an excellent English team. Going to penalties is our only hope.  We have the better goalkeeper.  England are unlikely to get too far in the World Cup this year because of their lack of a decent goalkeeper.  No team can win a World Cup without a world class goalkeeper.  So we do have slim chance to get further this time around.

Meanwhile the tiddleywimp brigade has officially admitted they are” not a game of any significance or international status” and that the World Cup is much bigger than their random punies.  Well, so what is new?  In typical style, the tiddlewimps go hat in hand seeking unearned monies from taxpayers because they still get to play but only on cow paddocks that real football has put up with for well over a century.  The realisation that their game is insignificant must have choked the Melbourne establishment given their pee-in-the-pocket of the government bureaucrats approach. Crony capitalism is after all the key feature of the Australian anti-football psyche where for years the government banned foreign football to be shown on television.

Australia’s football team win 2-1 against New Zealand with a last gasp goal from Holman.  Australia played well enough for the result and save face against a determined New Zealand. Germany looking on feel they have little to fear from the Socceroos.  Let’s hope they are wrong. A few wild early challenges resulted in a stop start game.  A poor crowd of just 55000 turn out on a windswept rainy Monday night to farewell the Socceroos at an antiquated oval venue where no sport of any significance is ever played.  The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a hack ground and it would be a tragedy if this poor quality venue is ever used as a World Cup football venue. The tiddleywimps who control the ground even refused the Socceroos the opportunity to train on the venue before their final game before departing for the World Cup!   The empty stands testify to the mentality of the ‘bash the wog chink whatsos’ that typifies this city.  Melbourne is a city where foreign student live in fear every time they travel on public transport.  Fear not only of the mad tiddlewimp thugs but also the police with tasers and guns used to subdue even the slightly noisy football fan.  If a football fan from the world would ever make a noise or consumed more than two glasses of beer they would be immediately threatened with repeated electric shocks from an overzealous tiddleywimp constabulary from the Nanny State.  Poor show Melbourne but one that revealed your mentality.

It appears that the tiddleywimp brigade have succeeded in halting the World Cup bid with their ongoing arrogance and anti-world contact mentality.  A pole of World Cup bidders shows Australia slipping alarmingly in the rankings.  They are citing the antiethnic views of the AFL tiddlewimps brigade.  The World Cup after all is about global cooperation and friendship.  The AFL tiddleywimps are more aligned to the old White South Africa movement with KKK factions that attack ‘foreigners’. 

Meanwhile, the Socceroos have arrived in South Africa and have begun their training at altitude.  The critics and detractors of the team and the sport continue to have a field day complaining that the Socceroos beat New Zealand 2-1 in Melbourne and point to the fact that the Socceroos only beat Indonesia 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers.  The fact that it was in 35C heat and 100 per cent humidity appears to be forgotten.  This naïve tiddleywimps brigade has no comprehension of what is required in competitive sport.  Football is a great leveller and all teams at international level are difficult.  National governments plough huge funds worldwide into their national teams so they can receive recognition in the only truly global sport.  The colonial mentality of the tiddleywimps is the belief that they are superior and their faeces stinks not.  They believe all people around the world are inferior and that Indonesians could not possibly be good at sport and have a decent football team for they are only wogs and boat people.  Nevertheless, there are many followers of football in Australia and we will all be cheering on our great team of great players.  The players in the green and gold are truly courageous and talented and have developed into world class players despite the ongoing harassment and ridicule from a moronic media monopoly with none so ignorant as News Ltd and its twin the government controlled ABC.

Australia defeat Denmark 1-0 in a high altitude workout and Pim the Great’s team win again against expectations.  The old argument rages over striking power and attacking prowess.  The facts are that the Socceroos have a well organised team with many attacking options all over the field.  Bosnich on Fox shows his hazy reasoning and intense jealousy about the achievements of the Socceroos. This jealousy is probably the result of the 2-2 loss to Iran in the World Cup many years ago.  Bozza was a great goalkeeper even though he struggled to kick afoot ball off the ground under pressure. Bozza now claims the Socceroos cannot play football and yet the results say otherwise.  He has that typical goalkeeper syndrome where his analysis is theoretical and not based on the practicality of real outfield play.  Be that as it may, Australia has goal scorer potential all over the park.  Chipperfield, Cahill, Kewell, Kennedy, Wilkshire, Moore  (set pieces), and Bresciano. True, Pim the Great does not use a 4-4-2 and relies on solid defence using a modern style of play.  The Socceroos play within their limits and this avoids the brain explosions and wishful thinking low probability attempts that waste possession of the football.  The Socceroos may yet surprise the detractors in the ignorant Australian media.  It took a 16 year old Matilda to point out the lack of education of Australia’s sports media after the Matildas won the Asian Nations Cup for Women in China. 

 The final Socceroo squad has been set in stone for the World Cup.  Rhys Williams is left out of the squad due to Strachan’s incompetence forcing Rhys to play with a serious hip injury.  Rhys should get out of Middlesbrough as soon as possible and find a club that will treat him as a quality player, and a club with decent medical facilities.  A better coach would help also develop his skill levels.  Or it may be the poor training of English medical staff due to the nationalisation of medicine there in Britain.  Strachan claims, He only ever had two injections into the problem area, both of which were taken on the advice of a surgeon for the player's long-term benefit.”  Looks like the surgeon erred and should have sought the advice of other medical practitioners. The final squad is:

Goalkeepers: Mark Schwarzer, Adam Federici, Brad Jones.
Defenders: Scott Chipperfield, David Carney, Lucas Neill, Michael Beauchamp, Craig Moore, Mark Milligan, Luke Wilkshire.
Midfielders: Vince Grella, Carl Valeri, Jason Culina, Mile Jedinak, Tim Cahill, Brett Holman, Dario Vidosic, Mark Bresciano, Brett Emerton, Richard Garcia.
Strikers: Nikita Rukavytsya, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell.

Meanwhile, Shady Sheedy, a tiddleywimp guru comments on the Ignornance further demonstrate the convict mentality of its followers.  When asked if he thought that basketball players from California would want to come to Australia to play tiddleywimps, he replies, “Of course, look at all those leaky boats wanting to get to our shores.”  Now is that ignorance and a throw-back to the hulks of Ole England or what?  What a typical piece of Neanderthal mentality from the Melbourne Club.  No wonder people from around the world are fearful to walk the streets of Melbourne. They may be zapped by moron rays.   This low quality non-event of a sport called tiddleywimps aka afl (sic) continues its public denigration of all things international.  Not content to force football out of the country, and destroy any chance Australia has of hosting the World Cup, they also seek to attack the most vulnerable in the community.  Victimising the poor and vulnerable is the sport of these cowardly tiddlewimp brigades. It is they who are fearful of real competition and aggressive to anyone slightly different from themselves. What a non-competitive, myopic head in the sand, gutter licking sport! Shame on Toyota for sponsoring such as sport.  It also boils down to a game anyone can play because it really only requires athleticism and is devoid of skill where height is the only criteria for success.


Australia are beaten by the USA in the final warm-up game 3-1.  The Socceroo defence was asleep in the first half and two gift goals allowed the USA to dominate the game and win on the counter attack.  Beauchamp’s height may have averted the second goal and he must be in consideration for a spot.  Socceroos defensive frailty to the short swift ground incisive passing was also evident. The US attacking force at times occasionally displayed Brazil like passing around the penalty area.   Grella’s hard tackling was a feature of the game as well as his lapse in concentration at the beginning of the game.  The Socceroos appeared tired and off colour, although they dominated possession throughout the game.  They misses a few sitters so the result was perhaps flattering for the USA.

 So what was learned?  

Fitness after gruelling training sessions remains an issue for many of the players who were slow out of the blocks.   This has become a habit of the team and was also evident in the Asian qualification stages.  Many pundits put this down to jet lag and the gruelling travel regime. Perhaps this has become a habit etched into the psyche of the players at some unconscious level.  Overconfidence could be another explanation.  The Grella attempt to dribble through two USA players in the centre of the field in front of the goal then losing the ball that resulted in the goal smacked of a lack of respect for the USA attacking duo.  Every coach at junior level emphasises that playing safe out of defence is critical to the success of a team.  Football is first about not conceding goals, then about scoring.  The reason is that one goal and solid defence wins a very high proportion of games. With only three games in the group stage, conceding early can be minefield and blow out the goal difference. 

The ability of the Socceroos to come back from behind was evident, with Cahill ghosting to the back post despite being heavily marked and kicked around by the US defence force.  Unfortunately a soft second goal to the USA put us behind again almost immediately.  Cahill was taken off at half time to avoid injury and this of course affected the attacking options for the team.  Nikita showed limited promise and maybe Scot Macdonald would have twinned better with Kennedy.  Overconfidence has now evaporated and the players can have no illusions about the magnitude of the task before them.  How Pim will use Kewell is anybody’s guess.  Kewell will add attacking verve but match fitness as usual remains a great concern. Kewell’s heart still beats for the Socceroos.  Emerton may also add further attacking flair and pace down the flanks to complement Chipperfield’s raids that were highly impressive against USA. 

Chipperfield’s accurate crossing shows that the new ball can be pin-pointed and that it has a true trajectory at lower velocities.  The second goal by the USA was another case in point.  At higher velocity and hit slightly off centre the ball swerves and dips. This serve and dip helped Cahill who is the master of the world of the intuitive run.  The biggest problem faced by Cahill will be the illegal obstruction tactics of defences to stop these runs.  The USA constantly held him, obstructed him, and pushed him as he began runs to stop his ghosting.  How referees handle these constant infringements of the obstruction rule will be an important factor.  This new ball however should favour the highly skilled player with the true touch and the attacker with the intelligent intuitive runs. 

As for the USA, they may be capable of beating England so there could be a rematch with the Socceroos. 

Serbia is a must win for the Socceroos to progress and another two points will be required.  Serbia’s poor form coming into the tournament must be of concern for their coach.  But beware the slow starter.  Italy does this well, starting slow and then building momentum.  We can only hope the inexperience of the Serb’s and their poor temperament will affect their game and their competitiveness at the group stages.  The group is difficult but possible for the Socceroos. Needing to beat the Serbs even if they are mathematically eliminated in the last round may prove very difficult for the Socceroos.  Once the pressure is off the young guns often shine.  The Socceroos will need to be at their best to progress in all three games.

 Consistency and concentration is the name of the game.   Only eight days before the greatest show on Earth begins.  The players should now be reaching peak fitness and the butterflies will begin to set in.  Soon all will be revealed.  A magnificent opening ceremony symbolising one of international hope and cooperation characterised the beginning to the South African World Cup.  South African music and fantastic play by their football team resulted in a very successful start of a new era for Africa.  One could not help but notice the difference in the crowd and on the field compared to the rugby in South Africa.

Meanwhile, in Main Street in the Land of the Crappielackey, racial slurs by the hero of the game Andrew ‘I can’t put a sentence together’ Johns against other players

 “ANDREW Johns last night quit the NSW Origin (sic) team after he admitted a racist sledge towards Queensland superstar(they must be kidding!) Greg Inglis.”

How stupid can a Crappielackey get?

Then again this has always been the “State of the Moron” game.

Pim the Great’s Socceroos are crushed by Germany 4-0 and they were never in the game.  The German’s beat the offside trap with ease and this combined with sub-standard refereeing meant doom for the Socceroos.  The referee from Mexico had less than a good grasp of the laws of the game.  He allowed the German’s to run outside the field play and re-enter without issuing the mandatory yellow card, missed a clear handball in the penalty area, missed a push on Cahill on the edge of the penalty area and then straight redded Cahill for an innocuous tackle.  With 10 men on the field against a controlled German outfit we were lucky to limit the damage to four nil.  It will now be difficult even if we beat Ghana who only need to limit the damage against Australia to go through if they can get a result against what will be the second string German outfit.  Kewell and Kennedy were absent and no Bresciano all being saved for the next games.  Pim obviously thought the best we could do against Germany was to draw and doubted the ability of the team to take on the Germans.


Of course the Telemorons aka Daily Telegraph deadheads are out in force and doctoring their website for comments about the game. News Limited in Australia is ruled by a racist establishment that seeks to belittle anyone who has slightly different interest and appearance than themselves.  Who wants to look like a Neanderthal nitwit anyway?  Only the AFL and ARL fan base. The Telemoron administration are using their comments section in their web pages to belittle the Socceroos and football fans around the world generally and are censoring any comments that are even slightly positive about football.  The MMs are real wimps because in true colonial style they are about stopping competition and creating an nth rate sport where all teams are deemed to be equally weak. After the World Cup they will no doubt go out and on a rampage attacking and humiliating minority groups with the support of the government.  A government which locks up people who refuse to vote for them. Imagine you are an Australian citizen and you decide to not vote because both candidates are about humiliating the poor.  You are fined and jailed if you refuse to cooperate with these low-lifes. The convict mentality is alive and well in Australia.  In breaking news, it appears Melbourne police have perverted the course of justice by allegedly concealing evidence and underinvesting rape case involving a tiddleywimp he-man.  Yet the Melbourne police are quick to attack football fans.  Crony capitalism and police corruption claims are continually starved of oxygen by the media moguls but this does not mean there is not a major problem of government administration in Australia.


Things continue to go badly for the Socceroos and the send offs continues.  This time Kewell is red carded for stopping an obvious goal scoring opportunity as a ball struck his arm on the goal line.  A very harsh call by the referee and was not what the rule intended.  A penalty was sufficient as Kewell had no opportunity to move his arm out of the way of the ball.  So with ten men the Socceroos manage to draw against Ghana at altitude and were very unlucky not to win. 

This basically puts them out of contention for the next round as they will need a big win against Serbia and Ghana to lose big time against Germany.  A possible but highly improbably scenario.  The whole of Australia’s football fraternity are in mourning from the loss.  The Socceroos did play well but the thrashing by Germany will prove too costly.  Poor refereeing standards and confusion about how to interpret the handball rule and the denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity resulted in a 10 man Australia with their backs against the wall.  The shot by Ghana hit Kewell’s arm on the goal line.  The advice to referees is that a handball in a penalty area would not normally constitute a booking because the penalty is sufficient punishment.  This rule conflicts with denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity which is a red card.  In the Kewell instance, he was on the line and put his body on the line to prevent the goal.  The ball hits his arm which is by his side.  There was no deliberate attempt to deny a goal scoring opportunity as would be the case if a player moved his hand to tip the ball over the bar.  This harsh decision shows two things that have become apparent at the World Cup about the referees.   Firstly they have difficulty interpreting rules when there are conflicting rules and directions in the official laws of the game.  Secondly, if it comes to a decision the bigger nation is favoured over the smaller nation.  This second aspect may be because of the appointment system where bigger nations have a say while smaller nations are ignored.  The result was unfair treatment of the Socceroos.

The Australian football team go on to defeat Serbia 2-1 in a thrilling second-half of all or nothing swash buckling attacks and counter thrusts.  Four points prove insufficient and Ghana and Germany progress on goal difference.  If it is any consolation Germany crush England 4-1 and England had 11 men on the park not 10 as Australia had against both Germany and Ghana.  Ghana wins also.

 So the Socceroos performed well, but as happens in football many random events intervene.  In this case very poor refereeing and Pim the Great’s decision to go defensive against the Germans and to seek a point back fired.  This is followed by two games with 10 men on the park.  A huge assignment and the performance of the Socceroos can be viewed with pride.


 As far as Foster “I couldn’t score against Iran or anyone except the Solomon’s “ derision of our national team shows what a jealous off the mark lacking Australian spirit commentator he has revealed himself to be.  His derision of Asian teams (both South Korea and Japan make the next round) stems from his lack of understanding of the basic struggle that is football.  Remember that Foster couldn’t score against an Asian club to save his life and his misses in front could have been scored by his grandmother.  His criticism of the Socceroos is unjustified and the players in our current team are one hundred per cent better players with greater ticker than Foster ever was or will be.  Well done the Socceroos and unlucky Pim the Great. 

 Now for the Asian Nations Cup and the new generation of players.

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