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Sermaniís tactic for the Matildas game against North Koreas was inappropriate for the situation where a win was the only result that mattered.Not only had he selected basically all similar players but persisted with the wide wing play and no variation in attack.Sitting in his ivory tower away from the field and completely abandoned the players he sipped tea while the girls were tactically outplayed.A coach belongs on the sideline helping to make tactical adjustmentsnot sitting in an ivory tower because the bench is too cold!


No wonder the Matildas are eliminated after such a poor tactical display by the coach.


He claims he played against the best team in the world.This is yet to be proved and the World Cup should be his last tour of duty.We need good coaches for our national teams to progress to the next step, not necessarily foreign coaches but good coaches.Matildas end up losing 2-0 at home to be eliminated from the Olympics.A sad day for Womenís Football in this country and all but ignored by the media as usual with no reports of the score even in Porkieís Ausmoron Murdochian Mudpie.


Meanwhile the telemoron is at it again claiming Viduka shouldnít be allowed to play because he hummed and hahahed about the Asian Cup.No recognition of the full commitment he has given the Socceroos over the years.It may be simple ignorance but Telechops is more likely seeking to discredit Socceroo players in a backhand way. Anyway the Duke is playing for the Socceroos despite his move to Newcastle.


Hey Arnold is making tactical changes and altering the attacking form for the Asian Cup.He is putting Duke and Kewell in attacking modes instead of the usual containment modes with Carney as an attacking left back!


Group A (in Thailand)
 1.Thailand††††† 00000- 00
 2.Australia†††† 00000- 00
 3.Oman††††††††† 00000- 00
 4.Iraq††††††††† 00000- 00
 7- 7-07 Rajamangala†††† Thailand††††††† -Iraq
 8- 7-07 Rajamangala†††† Australia ††††††-Oman
12- 7-07 Rajamangala†††† Thailand††††††† -Oman
13- 7-07 Rajamangala†††† Iraq††††††††††† -Australia
16- 7-07 Rajamangala†††† Thailand††††††† -Australia
16- 7-07 Supachalasai††† Oman††††††††††† -Iraq