Socceroos: Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?


Update:  Matilda’s through to Quarter Finals in World Cup


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So the saga continues.  Farina retains his position as coach despite his numerous tactical blunders and inability to recognise players in form.  Now for the second disaster or is that distaster- the Olyroos?


A quick review:


1.                  Loses Australia’s best ever sweeper- Zelic who was playing at peak form in the Bundesliga

2.                  Fails to take a sweeper to Uruguay

3.                  Fails to recognise Australia’s top in form midfielder.


Socceroos midfielder Marco Bresciano has joined Serie A side Parma after he completed a lucrative move from newly promoted Empoli.

The transfer is reported to be in the vicinity of $A22.3million and the 22-year-old has already been officially unveiled.”


4.                  Leaves the best strikers on the bench for the Confederations Cup

5.                  Loses $2 million by failing to win Oceania Football Cup

6.                  Retains Arnold as an Assistant Coach despite his dismal failure with Spirit


Farina has heart but does the blood get to the brain?      



Naturally the Kiwis are rubbing salt into the wound saying the Socceroos have an inflated opinion of themselves.  Well winners can crow! 

“You asked us to find you the best source of Dead Sea Salts and Mud, and to get it at an affordable rate! It took some doing, but we have worked with Dead Sea Products Mineral Care to bring you this high quality product. Dead Sea Products Mineral Care has put together a complete program, based on Dr. Zvi Even Paz's studies of victims of psoriasis, that can achieve the same results as soaking in the Dead Sea. And now you can do it in the convenience of your own home. “

Time to stop scratching and get a team together Frank!

An extremely ugly waddling feminazi politician is complaining that the Matilda’s  were forced to ‘strip’ for their calendar . This useless indolent bureaucratic feminazi mind police wannabe is merely jealous because her presence makes men puke!  Besides the real reason the girls did their beautiful calendar was so they could eat and train.  Then the tiddleywimp flat earthers’ in the government have no taste.

 Now the government is undertaking an enquiry into football and the committee is stacked with board members from Australian companies none of whom offered ever to sponsor football teams in Australia.   In the ultimate of bigotry Fosters is in control!

Mr David Crawford (chair) - recently retired National Chairman of KPMG and current director of several major companies including BHP, Foster's Group, Lend Lease, National Foods and Westpac Banking Corporation.” 

A case of flatearther bigots from the numero uno anti-football company itself attempting to drag football into the mire. 

The season started with no pre-publicity.  The Aus Moron on Wednesday eve of the new season didn’t even mention a single word about the competition.

The former coach of the Team of Choko is headed for Iraq as the flat-earthers want to level the mountain-tops

Former Perth Glory coach Bernd Stange claims he is 'an ambassador for peace' after deciding to accept an offer to become coach of Iraq.”

The monopoly blackout continues with the Penguin begrudgingly allowing a massive three minutes of highlights!

“The three to five minute highlights packages will be available to be recorded from a television ‘feed’ from Channel 7 every Saturday afternoon at 3pm, Sundays at 3pm and Mondays at 3pm.”

No doubt the decision not to broadcast is merely to stop public access to the games.  If the grand final coverage is any indication it will be interspersed with 2 minutes of boring advertisements designed to break down the spectacle and flow of the game. 

In Melbourne the state of the flat-earther, more people watched the tiddleywimp final that the football final.   Seems that the ozone hole has melted their brains.

Peak Audience figures from OzTam are:

2002 FIFA World Cup (played Sunday 30 June 2002)
Sydney - 1,105,000
Melbourne - 1,019,00
Brisbane - 570,000
Adelaide - 334,000
Perth - 446,000
TOTAL - 3,474,000

2002 AFL Grand Final (played Saturday 28 September 2002)
Sydney - 525,000
Melbourne - 1,514,000
Brisbane - 525,000
Adelaide - 490,000
Perth - 371,000
TOTAL - 3,425,000


The flat-earthers’ are at it again.  This time they are poking fun at the tragedy of lost lives of wogs who play football.  No doubt they think the Beatles are a wog band.

In a retraction

“Public outrage has forced the editor of FHM's Australian edition to issue an apology after the men's magazine published an article that poked fun at the Hillsborough tragedy that killed 96 Liverpool fans.”

“The main picture in the article has the caption: "Shoppers waited for the doors to open for the end-of-year sale."

"Yeah, your glands are really swollen" accompanies a photograph of a man with his hands on the cheeks of another man in distress.

A photo of the Anfield Wall of Remembrance shows a mother and child pointing at the names with the caption reading: "Level four, lingerie and kids wear."

The fourth pic shows fans in the upper tier trying to lift fans from below to safety with the caption: "Get us a beer while you're there."

The words "Pitch invaders: lazy" are used to describe a next photo of victims laid out on advertising hoardings.

The final photo, a close up of the first pic, says: "The queue for the Bertie Beetle bag was rough."

One wonders who are the wogs and dung beetles?

Meanwhile the local football heats up with the weather with some excellent games and brilliant goals.  South Melbourne beat Olympic in a game of spectacular goals.

6 - 4

M Baird 02'/40'
P Buljan 08'
V Coveny 13'/89' pen
S Panopoulos 20'


A Packer 22'
A Milicic 44'
T Halpin 60'
T Pondeljak 85'


South Melbourne

Olympic Sharks



Dean Anastasiadis (gk)


Fausto De Amicis


Mehmet Durakovic


Robert Liparoti


Steve Panopoulos


Vaughan Coveny


Peter Buljan (-89')


Vince Lia


Nick Tolios


Michael Baird (-71')


Bill Damianos (-63')


Clint Bolton (gk)


Paul Kohler (-72')


Ante Juric


Tom Pondeljak


Ante Milicic


Troy Halpin


Jade North


Jeromy Harris (-67')


Joel Porter


Andrew Packer


Andrew Durante (-33')





Steve Iosifidis (+71')


David Clarkson (+63')


Paul Trimboli (+89')


Eugen Galekovic (gk)


Mark Byrnes (+33')


Zenon Caravella (+72')


Hiroyuki Ishida (+67')


Brett Hughes (gk)




V Coveny 62'

J North 62'


Red Cards






Crowd Numbers


Mark Shield 


Bob Jane Stadium 


So brilliant were these goals, the government’s morose media morons failed to show any of them or even mention the score in their television propaganda. It was just another grandstanding of ignorance by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation( sic). It cost each citizens about $2 per day to be exposed to its mundane garbage as they promote the communist packielackey and tiddleywimps with their ‘drafts’ and salary caps and red-out competitive football.

The Under 20 World Cup campaign begins in earnest.  Let’s hope this time there isn’t a cheating Brazil who blatantly lied about the age of their players and were still not stripped on their title. 


The Australian Under-20 squad is:

Goalkeepers: Nathan Coe (Inter Milan, Italy), Tom Willis (Newcastle United)

Defenders: Alex Wilkinson (Northern Spirit), Daniel Piorkowski (Melbourne Knights), David Tarka (Perth Glory), Wayne Heath (Brisbane Strikers), Matthew Osman (Northern Spirit)

Midfielders: Spase Dilevski (PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands), Massimo Murdocca (South Melbourne), Carl Valeri (Inter Milan, Italy), Matthew McKay (Brisbane Strikers), Jonathan Richter (Northern Spirit), Dustin Wells (Wollongong Wolves), Vince Lia (South Melbourne)

Strikers: Franco Parisi (Olympic Sharks), Scott McDonald (Southampton, England), Alex Brosque (Marconi), Brett Holman (another piker) (Excelsior, Netherlands), Michael Baird (South Melbourne), Mark Tsiorlas (Utrecht, Netherlands)

The flash in the pan management continues.  Now

   Ian Knop has resigned as chairman of Soccer Australia, saying that he disagrees with the direction taken by the new board of the association.

As well as Knop, SA Chief Executive Alan Vessey, President Nick Greiner and Commissioner Graeme Bowkner also quit their positions at the SA Board of Commissioners meeting

It is a pity Nick Greiner always a knowledgeable football fan departs.  The problem in Australian football is not really governance, it is the bigotry in the government, the media and industry.

Now the bigots in government are out in force demanding an end to the funding of football while maintaining their funding commitment to other sports unless Soccer Australia implement the centralized command model which the bureaucrats plan to impose on the freely operating community sport.  The union brokers subsidised by Soccer Australia withhold the research from SA paid for in large part by SA! The union has managed to interfere with football so much that its members (football players) will be out of job and pocket.  Spirit crowds have fallen from the threatening 18000 per game to a new low of 800 per game under the barrage of negative media attacks on the game.


The Penguin now that he no longer has interest in tiddleywimps wishes to off load his football contract which was used to blackout the sport from the public.  Why?  Is it because he no longer benefits having lost the rights to tiddleywimps?

Oceania is finally given direct qualification into the World Cup.  Will Australian corporations now sponsor the Socceroos?

It is expected that a major non-Australian multi-national company will support the Socceroos.  Interesting.  This view confirms the perception that the boards of Australian corporations are populated by ignoramuses.  Time will tell.

The government (ABC) media when reporting the direct qualification route for the Oceania champion claimed the World Cup was the second-biggest sporting event.  Since when?  The packielackey/tiddleywimp bigots cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge facts.  But then flat-earthers have never been known for their ability to reason.

Finally a sponsorship for the Socceroos arrives, and yes, you guessed it, it is an international company.

adidas Australia and Soccer Australia have announced a new long-term sponsorship agreement. The agreement follows FIFA's decision to grant a 2006 World Cup berth to Oceania.

The four-year agreement represents a continuation of the 11-year relationship between adidas and Soccer Australia. The multi-million dollar sponsorship covers all teams under Soccer Australia's banner, including the Socceroos, Olympic (Under-23), youth (Under-20 and Under 17's) and womens' teams (seniors and Under-19).

Soccer Australia has not disclosed the specific details of the partnership, however it has confirmed that the agreement involves a seven-figure cash sum over four years, in addition to substantial product support for Australia's national teams and potential merchandising royalties.”

Even Erikson thinks the Australian media lack basics after his conference with them, simply shaking his head for the upcoming friendly with England.


Finally the eagerly anticipated friendly ashes game with England arrives.  No doubt about it without the help of the English Australian football would be in the mire.  But here we are with our first competitive game against the top. 




England fearful of Australia will not field its best side except in the first half. 

Rooney Show?

Or Puny Show?

What a farce!

Driven by

Fear of Aus

Erik the Derek


Not from cold

But from Fear


But hey!  He has a lot of kudos to lose as the Socceroos climb the long ladder out through the den of the Balrog.  Kewell decides to play hamstrung and all.  Will he expose the English weakness- ‘keepers who cannot catch? XXXX come to the party!

Australia 3 (Popovic 16', Kewell 42', Emerton 83')
England  1 (Jeffers 67')

Yellow Cards:  Stan Lazaridis

Line-up: Mark Schwarzer (gk), Lucas Neill, Tony Popovic (Tony Vidmar 67'), Craig Moore, Stan Lazaridis, Brett Emerton, Paul Okon (Kevin Muscat 87'), Josip Skoko (Marco Bresciano 46'), Scott Chipperfield (Vince Grella 73'), Harry Kewell (John Aloisi 57'), Mark Viduka (Mile Sterjovski 84')

Kool Kewell was outstanding, a genuine superstar in a team that completely outplayed England in their own land.

On a sad note good guy Eddie Thompson passes away after years of slander by the bigots in the media and government.

SYDNEY, Feb 21 (AFP) - Former Australian national team coach Eddie Thomson has died after a long battle with cancer, Soccer Australia said on Friday.

The Scottish-born Thomson, who was 55, coached the Australian team from 1990 to 1996, a period that including the 1994 World Cup campaign and the 1992 and 1996 Olympics.

Two days later and off to the Wolves v Olympic game.  There was no minute’s silence at Australian football games in respect of Eddie.  It was as though he never existed.  The lack of football loyalty for our heroes even within the game was clearly evident.  Olympic end up crushing the Wolves with the help of pathetic refereeing and the linesman didn’t have a clue.

The Australian sporting awards were announced.  Note not one football player; no Kewell, no Emerton (Oceania Footballer of the Year), no Aliosi and the list of players could go on.  These players were not even nominated.  Ignorance is concentrated in the town of flat-earthers with its saltmash water and its communist game where teams are allocated players by the centralised control centre in what is the least competitive sport on earth.  They can’t even come up with original symbols and steal them from football!  A sport that shares the winnings around each other with the most blatant form of collusion!  What a joke!

The Sky tiddleywimp news droobs are at it again claiming a hit in the back would be a red card in ‘soccer”.  Why bring up football in a tiddleywimp report?  Plus checking facts usually helps. A yellow card is awarded for a tackle from behind!  Plus Droobie forgot tripping in tiddlywimps is a six week suspension.  Wimps always think they are ‘(s)he men’.  Besides one Kewell is worth their entire competition.

Who cares who is on the board.?  Personality is not important, it is structure that is important” says Johnny Warren. 

It is clear that Warren who is government bureaucrat has no idea about what drives business.  A successful business is one where the entrepreneur takes a risk about future outcomes and returns a profit.   If private property rights of the entrepreneur are not protected, then the entrepreneur has no incentive to invest.  Success in business (read successful club) has nothing to do with government bureaucratic interference. 

The continuous denigration of Australian football by the government owned media and its improper attacks of officials and those running the game is all part of the official  government stance against football in Australia. The disgraceful attack on Eddie Thomson and Labbozetta are clear examples. Where was the PM during the Olympic Football Final in Sydney? Football denigration by the ABC,  Ausmoron,  Telemoron , and Sky droobs have been exposed in these pages.  The anti-football attitude of the government imposed effective ‘commercial’ media monopoly clearly has a conflict of interest due to its ownership of tiddleywimps and packielackey.   Due to the guaranteed monopoly position of the media, it is able to indulge in anti-competitive practises such as buying the rights to football and using this exclusive right to blacks out the coverage of football to the Australian public. The media denigrates Australian football at every opportunity to protect its investments in tiddleywimps and packielackey.  Finally the inept and myopic Australian industry managers are essentially racist not prepared to support Australian football because they see it as wogs playing wog ball. Despite football being the original code established in Australia! 

Now for another add ridden Channel Seven coverage of the Grand Final where sharks, olives, roasted chooks and choko vines intertwine on the salt saturated soils of WA.  The final promises to be high quality football if the final series is any indication.  Olympic the not so merry Sterreys take on a professional outfit from the city in the outback where swans are black and the people are from everywhere.  It is even away from those idiotic packielackey mobs- no wonder WA wanted to secede from Australia!

Viva la football! Go the Socceroos!


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