Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?


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Let the games begin!

Will 2002 be the year Australia qualifies?



All begins at Coffs?



Michael Petkovic (South Melbourne), Clint Bolton (Sydney Olympic)


Fausto de Amicis (South Melbourne), Hayden Foxe (West Ham), Steve Horvat (Melbourne Knights), Scott Miller (Perth Glory), Craig Moore (Glasgow Rangers) Kevin Muscat (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Tony Popovic (Sanfrecce Hiroshima) Tony Vidmar (Glasgow Rangers),


Simon Colosimo (South Melbourne), Con Boutsianis (South Melbourne), Scott Chipperfield (Wollongong Wolves) Steve Corica (Sanfrecce Hiroshima) Aurelio Vidmar (Adelaide City) Lindsay Wilson (Sydney Olympic)


John Aloisi (Coventry City) Damian Mori (Perth Glory), Archie Thompson (Marconi) David Zdrilic - Unterhaching (Germany)


While the football media blackout continues, controversy surrounds the selection of Aloisi for the Socceroos. Aloisi can’t get a start at Coventry but the manager blasts the Australian coach – Farina for daring to select him for the playoffs in Oceania.


"I read that that Frank Farina said he wouldn't take anybody that was involved in relegation or maybe championship issues," Strachan told the Coventry official site.


"As far as I'm concerned, Middlesbrough are fourth from bottom of the league and in competition with us.

"I think it's very strange that Okon, being a regular for the last I don't know how many years, has suddenly been left out of the squad and John Aloisi is in.

"But there you go. I don't know Frank Farina all that well, but I know Terry Venables knows him well, so maybe he's got a better explanation.

"There's nothing we can do about it. We pay John's wages and off he goes. While we're battling away against Manchester United and Leicester, John will be in the sun, playing against American Samoa."


Meanwhile, Murdoch’s packielackey is up to its knuckles in poo.  This time it is for players inserting index fingers into anal passages of opposing players! For crappy packielackeys this is a game of finger lickin’ good.  Naturally, with hush hush on their web pages.  Another packielackey riot and it is used to bash footbal.


Needless to say the monopoly press and free to air media have avoided any mention of the beginning of the World Cup campaign for the Socceroos or buried it with a few words deep inside the newspapers.


Australia wins the first game with a world record score.


(John Aloisi 15m 24m 37m 44m 51m 61m, Damian Mori 13m 23m 40m 57m, Kevin Muscat 18m pen 29m pen 53m pen 80m, David Zdrilic 76m 90m, Scott Chipperfield 4m 81m, Tony Popovich 65m, Tony Vidmar 73m, Archie Thompson 79m, Con Boutsianis 85m)



Even the telemoron had a report about the campaign!


“Rangers boss Dick Advocaat has launched a fresh salvo at Socceroos’ coach, Frank Farina in the wake of Australia’s record victory over Tonga. Advocaat was seething over the 22-0 scoreline in Coffs Harbour, arguing that it was clear the Socceroos did not need the services of Rangers duo, Craig Moore and Tony Vidmar.”


The war of words has begun but instead of with the opponents it is with the clubs that try and to force the Socceroos to deny their origins.

Rangers lost the premiership to Celtic before any Socceroo from their stable stepped onto Australian soil.

The world record falls again.

AUSTRALIA 31 AMERICAN SAMOA 0 (all scorers Australia)
- Archie Thompson 12m, 23, 28m, 30m, 322m, 37m, 43m, 45m, 56m, 64m, 66m, 88m, 90m
- David Zrdilic 13m, 21m, 26m, 34m, 59mm, 67m, 78m, 91m
- Tony Popovic 18m, 20m
- Con Boutsianis 10m, 51m, 86m
- Aurelio Vidmar 15m, 82m
- Simon Colosimo 53m, 84m
- Fausto De Amicis 55m

Venue: Coffs Harbour International Stadium.
Crowd 2,500 (approx).
Referee: Ronan Leaustic (Tahiti)

And a world record to Thompson, who nets 13 in the game.

These were labelled the so-called second-raters by the ignorant media in their previous appearances for the Socceroos! 

The war of words broke out after Farina said he expected the Fijians to come out "kicking, punching and brawling‘ a reference to the history of Fiji football tactics.

Singh the Fijian coach retorted "It's not good to belittle a race or a country.  No matter how good they are they should so some respect ... it was silly for a professional coach to say that," Singh said while adding that Farina lacked class.

Socceroos easily make it through the first round of qualifiers.


AUSTRALIA - 12 (GD +66)

Fiji - 9 (GD +23)
Tonga - 6 (GD -23)
Samoa - 3 (GD -9)
American Samoa - 0 (GD -57)

Now we wait for New Zealand and the Confederations Cup.  Not many teams get to play the lowest and highest rank team in quick succession.

Amazingly, the finals begin and the only free-to-air football show (SBS) includes an interview with a tiddleywimp!  Tiddleywimps has never helped football ever!  They call it wogball, and referred to Carlton Football Club as the Cartlon Dagoes until they forced their demise.  The power of redneck money has forced its way into SBS.  Next football will no longer be free-to-air as Fosters anti-football dollars gain momentum.

Wells dunny paper is out in force in its football bashing.  The issue is about the Perth v Melbourne Knights a finals game where a player’s finger sign for the Trinity provoked an attack by Knights fans against the Perth team.

“Croatians in the crowd at the first leg match in Melbourne on Sunday claim Despotovski, a Serb, had incited them by making a sign with the thumb and two fingers of his right hand.

They say the gesture was the victory sign used by Serbian soldiers in the Balkans War.

Despotovski claims the gesture is nothing more than a symbol of his Orthodox Christian faith. Stange backed the player as police continued investigations into claims of death threats against Despotovski.”

There was little mention of the thugby riots a week earlier but this saturated the Telemoron and even included dopey Wells finger linkin’ article denigrating football.


The Confederation Cup begins and Farina picks the following squad..

Australian squad

Frank Juric (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany), Zeljko Kalac (Roda JC, Netherlands), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England)
Hayden Foxe (West Ham, England), Steve Horvat (Melbourne Knights), Craig Moore (Rangers, Scotland), Shaun Murphy (Sheffield United, England), Kevin Muscat (Wolverhampton, England), Tony Popovic (Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Japan),
Tony Vidmar (Rangers, Scotland) Marco Bresciano (Empoli, Italy), Scott Chipperfield (Wollongong), Steve Corica (Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Japan), Brett Emerton (Feyenoord, Netherlands), Stan Lazaridis (Birmingham, England), Paul Okon (capt) (Middlesbrough, England), Josip Skoko (Racing Genk, Belgium), Aurelio Vidmar (Adelaide City) John Aloisi (Coventry, England), Mile Sterjovski (Lille, France), Archie Thompson (Marconi), Clayton Zane (Lillestrom, Norway), David Zdrilic (Unterhaching, Germany).

Meanwhile the ghoul misses another opportunity to play for Australia and help football develop in the land that gave him his ability.

“Kewell and fiancee Sheree Murphy are expecting their first child soon .”


The Socceroos are guaranteed 750,000 US dollars just for turning up as reigning Oceania champions.

Australia ranked     77

France ranked        1

Mexico ranked       13

Korean Republic    41           

30-05-01   [2]

Suwon, Korea


Mexico vs. Australia



01-06-01   [5]

Daegu, Korea


Australia vs. France



03-06-01   [10]

Suwon, Korea


Korea Republic vs. Australia



Wolves have been dealt a body-blow with the postponement of the World Club Championships by FIFA.

”The emergency committee of world football governing body FIFA decided on Friday to postpone the 2001 World Club Championship until 2003, mainly because of fixture congestion.

A statement said FIFA decided that the scheduling of the event, due to take place in Spain from July 28-August 12, "is particularly inconvenient from the perspective of national and international fixtures", adding that national league and Champions League qualifying matches would be taking place during that time.”

Wolves shake off the disappointment of the FIFA debacle and progress to the Grand Final with their best striker missing in the Confederations Cup – Scott Chipperfield.

“The national soccer league champions were guaranteed a minimum purse of 2.7 million US dollars for the tournament, which was to start in July in Spain.”

Viduka slams FIFA about the difficult road to qualifications for the Socceroos and rightly so!

"It's stupid. They (FIFA) should get their act together with that. If they want to take us seriously, put us in a real group, and not make us bloody qualify through everybody else's backyard.

"Just put us in so we can qualify normally like everybody else qualifies. Just as long as we know at the end of qualifying that if we missed out, we weren't good enough, we didn't get enough points, rather than getting knocked out in a Cup final game. Anything can happen over two legs."”

The journey to qualification heats up and the war of words begins in earnest.

Meanwhile the Penguin stops the broadcast of the national Grand Final in another piece of the anticompetitive jigsaw to blackout football in Australia.  Soccer Australia acquiesces and changes the starting time to 12 noon so tiddleywimps reigns on the free-to-air.

Australia cruises past Mexico 2-0 in the Confederations Cup with Murphy and Skoko scoring.  France was outstanding against South Korea winning 5-0. Naturally, the major newspapers e.g. Ausmoron didn’t even report the Socceroos result.  It happened too soon before publishing i.e. 8pm the night before the morning editions!  Does laziness or bigotry rule at The Moron?  Evidence points to the latter.

The Socceroos put away World Cup and European Champions France 1-0.  What will be the media reception?

There was some reporting of the game but less than in other parts of the world.  Australia lose to South Korea 0-1 and virtually no media report of the game!
























 Korea Republic














30-05-01   [1]

Daegu, Korea


France vs. Korea Republic

5:0 (3:0)


30-05-01   [2]

Suwon, Korea


Mexico vs. Australia

0:2 (0:1)


01-06-01   [5]

Daegu, Korea


Australia vs. France

1:0 (0:0)


01-06-01   [6]

Ulsan, Korea


Korea Republic vs. Mexico

2:1 (0:0)


03-06-01   [9]

Ulsan, Korea


France vs. Mexico

4:0 (1:0)

BUJSAIM Ali Mohamed, UAE

03-06-01   [10]

Suwon, Korea


Korea Republic vs. Australia

1:0 (1:0)

RUIZ Oscar Julian, COL


Wolves line up against South Melbourne in Grand Final with no lead up publicity in the media, away from home even though they won the right to stage the Grand Final.  Another mistake by SA.  The Moron managed a quarter of a page in preview before the Grand Final buried inside the sports pages- then that is par for the course.

Wolves win the Grand Final against South Melbourne in an excellent game of running football 2-1.

Wollongong Wolves

2 - 1

South Melbourne

S Petrovski 56', S Young 58' 


J Anastasiadis 78' 

The war of words has broken out and the wimpy Japanese are preparing to dive.

“In the games here and prior to the tournament Australia has shown we can play football and an attractive brand of football," Farina said. "If the perception is that we play a physical brand of football, it does not bother me."

Clearly concerned that Troussier's comments could influence the way the match is handled, Farina added: "My concern is that Japan's players go down very quickly and roll around a lot.”

Australia goes down 1-0 in pouring rain to Japan from a free kick that goes straight through the wall.  The rest of the game the Socceroos attacked but couldn’t convert.  Breaking down a packed defence seems to be the bogyman.  We still have time to refine the attack.

Socceroos are placed third in the Confederations Cup as they pip Brazil 1-0.  Murphy scores again!

Australia - Brazil

1:0 (0:0)








 Goals Scored:
MURPHY Shaun (AUS) 84' .

Now for the really serious stuff:

Bring on the Kiwis.

No preview in the SMH but then packielackeys wouldn’t recognise a decent game when they saw one!

The ghoul pikes again!

But the Foxe remains loyal

 “They (West Ham) signed me knowing that I was an international and you have to play these games,” Foxe said when questioned as to whether West Ham had indicated any problems with him joining the national team. “I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter who we’re (Australia) playing in the world, where we are… when I’m called up to play for Australia I want to go, there’s nothing better than playing for your country.”

The 21-man LG Socceroo squad to face New Zealand is:

KALAC Zeljko, Goalkeeper, Roda JC, Holland,  SCHWARZER Mark, Goalkeeper, Middlesbrough, England
FOXE Hayden, Defender, West Ham, England,  HORVAT Steve, Defender, Melbourne Knights, Australia
MOORE Craig, Defender, Rangers, Scotland,  MURPHY Shaun, Defender, Sheffield United, England
MUSCAT Kevin, Defender, Wolverhampton Wanderers, England,  POPOVIC Tony, Defender, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Japan,  VIDMAR Tony, Defender, Rangers, Scotland,  BRESCIANO Marco, Midfielder, Empoli, Italy,  CHIPPERFIELD Scott, Midfielder, Wollongong Wolves, Australia,  CORICA Steve, Midfielder, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Japan,  EMERTON Brett, Midfielder, Feyenoord, Holland,  LAZARIDIS Stan, Midfielder, Birmingham City, England,  OKON Paul, Midfielder, Middlesbrough, England,  SKOKO Josip, Midfielder, Racing Genk, Belgium,  TIATTO Danny, Midfielder, Manchester City, England,  ALOISI John, Striker, Coventry City, England,  STERJOVSKI Mile, Striker, Lille, France,  ZANE Clayton, Striker, Lillestrom, Norway,  ZDRILIC David, Striker, Unterhaching, Germany


Emerton scores two wee crackers and Australia breezes past New Zealand in a Wellington blow me down as the home side bust their guts to no avail.  Farina is vindicated in keeping the tribe at the hotel as the Socceroos avoid the bun-fight at the civic reception with government the night before the game.  Were they expecting the Socceroos to have a party before beating the All Whites?!  It’s a case of gut’s for garters for NZ in the next game in Sydney.

Believe it or not there was even newspaper coverage before the game!

Australia win through to the next qualifier easily 4-1 in front of 42 000, yet the result was minimised in the SMH and the Telemoron again!  Biggest crowd of the weekend effectively hidden by the flat earthers!

- 2nd LEG
(David Zdrilic 6' 83', Brett Emerton 37', John Aloisi 56')
NEW ZEALAND 1 (Vaughan Coveny pen 44')

Aggregate Score: AUSTRALIA 6 defeated NEW ZEALAND 1

Yellow Cards: Paul Okon (AUS) 4'00, Brett Emerton (AUS) 34', Paul Urlovich (NZ) 46'
Venue: Stadium Australia, Sydney, Australia
Crowd: 41,976

Mark Schwarzer (gk), Tony Vidmar, Tony Popovic (Shaun Murphy 37'), Craig Moore, Kevin Muscat, Stan Lazaridis, Josip Skoko (Marco Bresciano 60'), Paul Okon (captain) (Steve Horvat 60'), Brett Emerton, David Zdrilic , John Aloisi.

Jason Batty (gk), Ivan Vicelich, Ryan Nelsen, Chris Zoricich (captain), Jonathan Perry (Gerard Davis 79’), Simon Elliott, Mark Atkinson (Paul Urlovic 46’), Chris Jackson, Noah Hickey, Chris Killen, Vaughan Coveny.

The brain drain of footballers continues from the National League.  Colosimo achieves his dream of playing in England-so Cole beware an FA clash with City.

“Manchester City have completed the transfer of Australian international Simon Colosimo from South Melbourne.”

Football again acts as a force for good.

Australia to play soccer in civil war torn Solomons

HONIARA, July 25 (AFP) - Australias Socceroos will play a friendly match against the Solomons here next month, the Solomons Football Federation said Wednesday.

The country has been caught up in a civil war for the last three years and this is the first international in that time.

The game on August 18 will mark the official opening of a new stadium, paid for by FIFA.

An axe in the back and a new chief controls Soccer Australia despite Tony getting our first international game against Italy.  Will the new order improve the game?  Time will tell.

Australia are to play Japan and in front of another media blackout by the Murdoch packielackeys/tiddleywimps fraternity.


Final Score:
Japan 3 (Yanagisawa 19', Hattori 53', Nakayama 64' pen)
Australia 0

Australia line-up:
Jason Petkovic (gk), Fausto De Amicis, Stephen Laybutt (61’ Angelo Costanzo), Steve Horvat, Luke Casserly, Steve Corica, Mark Robertson (46’ Con Boutsianis), Kasey Wehrman, Scott Chipperfield, David Zdrilic, John Aloisi (69’ Sasho Petrovski).

Yellow Cards: Kasey Wehrman 89', Angelo Costanzo 90'

A crushing defeat of a jet-lagged team.

Corporate sponsorship is so limited that the Socceroos couldn’t even afford to get to Japan or to pay its players.  Emergency loans came from already cash-strapped local federations.  These state federations who have more players on their books than any other sport in the country were needed to send our Socceroos to Japan.  Soccer Australia needed the prize monies to pay its accumulated debts and couldn’t even pay its players- players who travelled around the world to help football in this country.

These shameful companies such as Fosters, BHP/Billiton, and Australian Wool highlight the lack of community spirit and their view that football is wogball.  This interesting marketing approach is by global Australian companies who deal daily with ‘the wogs” in Europe, Asian, Oceania, Africa, Oceania, North America and South America.


Meanwhile Viduka and Kewell are highly rated at 37 and 42.  Nice to see the Australian flag among the world’s elite for a change, rather than merely ranking in the minor sports where ‘world class’ means the best in a sport no one plays e.g. tiddleywimps.

The Joeys continue to be praise overseas and totally ignored in the local media.

“Postecoglou said that Lara’s interest was not unusual – Soccer is the nation’s number one sport, and the Joeys have captured the locals’ imaginations.

“All of our games have been sell-outs. We’ve had 22 and-a-half thousand people each time and tonight, they were hanging from the rafters.”

“They’re crazy about their football over here. Our players like Nathan Coe and Freddy Agius have become cult heroes. They’re really rapt with the way we play.”

The packielackey/Murdoch drivellers conveniently ignore the accolades.

The U17s lose 5-1 to Nigeria- but hey, they are still better than any packielackey/tiddleywimps who only ever play with themselves!

The centre for torture of refugees-Canberra and more generally the wog-haters centre of Australia has finally wiped the Cosmos from the football league with their lack of financial support.  Soccer Australia has been forced to withdraw the licence for Canberra Cosmos due to their failure to find sufficient sponsorship for a viable team.

Is it any wonder given the type of government administrators that live in Canberra where human rights abuse of refugees is sanctioned?  These government officials are allowing refugees to die in detention centres located in the middle of the Australian desert surrounded by razor wire.  After all, these refugees probably play that wog game-football!

In the continuing saga of “Will he or Won’t he?” it looks like the Ghoul is going to pike out again for the Socceroos as he sulks about a few home truths and he is even threatening to sue- in the case of The Ghoul v IEC.

“SYDNEY, Sept 25 (AFP) - A fresh row has again threatened Leeds United star Harry Kewell's availability for the Australian national team.

Kewell is reportedly boycotting Australia's friendly international against world champions France in Melbourne in November because of a long-standing feud with Dominic Galati, one of the promoters of the match.

Kewell wants a public apology from Galati over allegations he demanded appearance money for the Socceroos' matches against Manchester United two years ago -- claims the Leeds midfielder vehemently denies.”

Farina has already said no show for France – forget about the World Cup qualifier.

Splat on the Mirror.

The Ghoul becomes Kool

And says France and Qualifier

Here I am

In a turnabout, Kewell will be playing here for the vital warm-up against France and the South American Qualifier.

“SYDNEY, Oct 7 (AFP) - Leeds United star Harry Kewell confirmed Sunday he would play in Australia's friendly with France and their World Cup qualifiers in November.

Kewell, who played the last of his 10 matches for Australia since his 1996 debut almost two years ago, said the only thing that had deterred him in the past was the travel.”

The media sham continues.  The blackout of the opening of the 2001/2 National Soccer League was almost complete. The Ausmoron failed to report the results of the opening games on the first Friday.

In South Australia, redneck Labor parliamentarians are at it again attacking football. The attack was against members who helped to build the only international standard football stadium in the country.  They claim a conflict of interest and waste of public monies.

No mention about the packielackey stadia upgrades costing many hundreds of million of dollars and the packielackey conflict of interest during the Olympics.

Wasn’t there a former packielackey redneck Labor power broker in charge?

The boards responsible for these upgrades were stacked with redneck packielackeys!  That’s why there was the hush-hush about the Olympic football tournament in the media.

The media frenzy against refugees focussed on a small boy carrying – you guessed it a football.  Can’t have these wogs entering the country.  Send them back and let their government torture, murder and maim them!  But if they do get in stickem in the middle of the desert behind razor wire and watchem suicide!

Oh and then there was the Colonial Tiddleywimp Stadium debacle!

So where do footballers play in Australia?  In cow or is it GOV paddocks!

Will the pre-emptive strike by Farina have any affect?

“SYDNEY, Oct 9 (AFP) - Australian national coach Frank Farina expects world body FIFA to change the dates of the Socceroos' World Cup play-off matches with the yet-to-be-determined fifth-placed South American team.

Farina also says he wouldn't be surprised if English Premier League clubs used the US-British military strikes on Afghanistan as an excuse to dissuade their French stars from flying to Melbourne for next month's friendly against Australia.

Both actions would disrupt the Socceroos' preparations as they attempt to qualify for the 2002 World Cup finals in Japan and Korea for the first time since 1974.”

Bring on the qualifiers!


Viva la football!

Link to the world game

The Australian game.



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