Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?

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Chilavert the great presidential aspirant arrives in Australia and is greeted with the confirming ignorance of a murdochpackielackey media that not only completely ignores the first full international by the Socceroos against a potential World Cup place contender in Paraguay but which also ignores the great goalkeeper himself, a goalkeeper who has risen from the ashes of poverty and now seeks to lead his country into the 21st century.


The game was played with a zit-zit at the Football Stadium where the 2000 Olympics football tournament is to be held.  Piker Kewell was too busy snoring in front of “I am a Weasel” to show up at an important international for the Socceroos in their build-up to the Qualifiers.


The Stadium surface was abysmal and characteristic of a cow paddock after milking, but a comparable billiard surface if Dockland’s to be used later in the week.  Stan the Man played an outstanding game.  Colosimo the Socceroo and Olyroo was back with the Kalac web that never looked threatened.  His saves from Chilavert free kicks had Chilavert stumbling back at high speed to avoid the Kalac punt to Captain Olyroo, Emerton.  Later Chilavert claimed the Socceroos were all on drugs taking exception to the odd high tackle!  Foster had a general of a game and the defence was solid throughout.


In a later qualifier with Brazil, Paraguay win 2-1 when as reported in twg.


“However, Campos set the stadium alight when he latched onto up a long kick from Chilavert, fended off two defenders and swept the ball past Brazilian goalkeeper Dida.”


The Chilavert tactic of taking free-kick nearly failed against the Socceroos!  He then picked up a ‘keeper tip from the Kalac web.

Chivalet scores from a free kick in the World Cup Qualifiers against Colombia!


A last minute shot deflected into the net and the Socceroos would have won except the AR’s flag waved in the air.


It was a smallish crowd but vocal and loyal to the true sport.



Empty seats, no media build-up, blacked-out Coke signs on a multi-lined bumping pitch surrounded the second game of the series which is also to be a venue for the Olympics.  The only thing missing was an educated and loyal public.


Still a friendly against Manchester United draws more than a “State of Origin” packielackey top bill.  Not only that, but a friendly with Manu drew more spectators at the Olympic Stadium than a Rugby Union test against South Africa!  Almost one thousand more and with no freebies and at $70 up a ticket! The only difference is that the RU got saturation coverage while Manu and the Socceroos were ignored-a case of RU sheep?


Bring on the Grand Final! 


The 2000 GF was another triumph for the small club where determination and grit pay.  Better than any FA final and even the South Melbourne v Carlton GF, the Wolves back from 3-0 down after the first half to win on penalties.  Brilliant game, brilliant atmosphere, shoot out to the death and the large Perth crowd go home disappointed in an agonising end to a great grand final.  Bring on Manu in the World Club Championship and teach Cole a football lesson.  Perhaps Perth will make this championship next year, but today grit and determination overcame the finesse of Glory’s game.


In Melbourne on a cold and windswept pitch the Socceroos break down the Paraguayan defence.  Final score 2-1 and Chilavert sees red making ‘The Animal’ of Brazil look like a gentleman.  But as football players know, a stroll onto the pitch and the personality changes.  In this case, the presidential candidate with the pride of his nation at stake goes all out and loses it at the death. A team effort by the Socceroos who record their first win on home soil under Farina.


 The World Cup qualifier will be difficult, emotional, psychologically threatening and full of foul play with stop start football if these games have been any guide.  Bolivia at altitude or in the steamy jungle, one thing is for sure the qualifiers will be difficult.  Will it be Brazil after their recent run of losses? 


Just saw an interview with Craig Johnson on SBS where he espoused his philosophy and goals in life.  His aim was to coach the Under 14 Byron Soccer Team to the Grand Final, win, all go for a surf and be friends.  A truly great ambition. 


But where was he when the Socceroos played Scotland for a place in the World Cup?  How irritating that a player who calls Australia home hasn’t enough ticker or national pride to play for his country.  Craig ‘The Traitor’ will be known as a trail-blazer for Mercurochrome where money grovelling and sleeping were his top priority.


One thing that was interesting in his interview was that throughout his life he was always the “worst player” on the team.  Yet he ended up with a Championship Medal and invented the Predator football boot.



Then he has the chance to help the Socceroos win a place in the World Cup and be the best player, he shirks his responsibility and showed a complete lack of national spirit or identity.  Zelic, Bosnich, Okon, Viduka, Lazaridis, Wade, Tiatto, Kalac, Vidmar, Foster and even Kewell who at least played for Australia and countless others and Moore are the real Australians.  Players who are prepared to risk all to play for their land where they are completely unappreciated by a bigoted media ruled over by a government protected media duopoly: the Penguin and Packielackey with their thick drawling tongues carrying their bottles of Mercurochrome to soothe their snivelling and grovelling serfs.


Is it any wonder that Peter Wilson went into hiding?


So complete is the control that despite an outcry from public to see the European Nations Cup free-to-air, this call was ignored and not reported in the media.  Murdochpackielackey and tiddleywimps predominate while the football is forced off screen after over a decade of free-to-air coverage and placed where few had an opportunity to view the games.  Not even the terrific Final was covered!  Can’t have a public interested in wogball or is it now frogball! 




But one thing is for sure the Matildas are better looking!



The Matidas blackout continues.  But here is some news from the newsgroup:


“The full national squad which you will be able to thrill at from the first game on Wed 13th Sept at Bruce Stadium is:


Wheeler, McShea, Starr, Garriock, Alagich, Tann-Darby, Forman (c),Salsbury, Hughes, Black, Duus, Ferguson, Wainwright, Hepperlin, Wilson, Golebiowski, Trimboli, Murray.


Coach: Tanzey”



Latest news:


Australian right-back Andy

      McDermott, released on a free

      transfer by West Bromwich Albion,

      is close to completing a move to



Is this the new hero of Australian football?


When the Olympics arrives will Kewell become a Ghoul?



The Oceania Cup is packielackeyed out by the media, but here is news.


PAPEETE, Tahiti, June 19 AAP - Australia crushed the Cook Islands 17-0 in the opening game of the Oceania Nations Cup here tonight in what turned out to be little more than a training run for the Socceroos.


Craig Foster hit four, Clayton Zane notched a hat trick in a seven minute spell near the end of the game while Kevin Muscat, David Zdrilic, and Paul Agostino hit doubles with Tony Popovic, Danny Tiatto, Stan Lazaridis and Steve Corica scoring singles.





(Scott Chipperfield 6’, Clayton Zane 13’ 35, Gideon Omokirio og 36’, Kevin Muscat pen 39’, Pablo Cardozo 43’)




Zeljko Kalac (gk); Kevin Muscat (Simon Colosimo 46’), Steve Horvat, Stephen Laybutt, Stan Lazaridis, Brett Emerton, Paul Okon (Pablo Cardozo 33’), Steve Corica, Scott Chipperfield, Clayton Zane, Aurelio Vidmar


Fred Hale (gk); Humphrey Dei, Jeff Kwaomae, Francis Wasi, Gideon Omokirio, Stanley Waita, Noel Berry (Batram Suri 46’), Jack Samani, Colman Maniadalo (Commins Menapi 46’), Jimmy Kaierea, Timothy Paoka

Yellow Cards

F Wasi (Sol) 33’, B Suri (Sol) 58’, J Kwaomae (Sol) 59’, C Menapi (Sol) 62’, C Zane (Aus) 66’, S Waita (Sol) 71’


Scott Chipperfield scores his first goal for Australia that opened the floodgates to another impressive win by Australia.


In an amazing turn around Kewell has announced that he will play for the Olyroos in Sydney!  But will the government granted monopoly to the packielackey media allow the public to see our stars?  Will the government granted packielackey monopoly stop information about the Olyroos? Will the sweethearts allow football to be seen?  Or will the blackout continue?

Australia beat Vanuatu in the semi-final by 1-0 (pen K Muscat, 5m).
A win is win- Guttendorf Australia’s worst coach even lost in a 
World Cup Qualifier to Fiji!

The first round of World Cup qualifiers for Italia '90 commenced with a two-legged series against Oceania neighbours Fiji. This match was a World Cup Qualifying match.

Played: November 20 1988


Venue : Prince Charles Park, Nadi, Fiji


 A Watkins,

 Pita Dau (Ali Ratfiq 71),




 M Vuilabasa,

 Rao Vyash,


 S Peters,

 Watosoni (Ravuame Madigi 46)

Goal : Madigi 66




 Jeff Olver,

 Gary van Egmond,

 Charlie Yankos,

 Gary McDowall,

 Graham Jennings,

 Alan Davidson,

 Mike Petersen (Steve Maxwell 66),

 Oscar Crino,

 Warren Spink (Joe Palatsides 66),

 Graham Arnold,

 Scott Ollerenshaw



(Mike Petersen has taken over the reigns at South Melbourne.)


Australian beat NZ and are Oceania Champions!



The Sydney 2000 paper and packielackey grovellers in case of a takeover the SMH devoted 10 square centres of space!  A new chapter in publicity has been written so to find news Socceroo supporters need to go to England.



From the newsgroup:


“Evenin' All:


Found this on the Football 365 Manchester City site.  Not bad coverage

given the source!  Was the local coverage (I don't take the local rags)

any good?




Manchester City midfielder Danny Tiatto starred for Australia as they

qualified for next year's Confederations Cup, beating New Zealand 2-0 in

the Oceania Nations Cup Final in Tahiti. The Socceroos dominated from

the opening whistle and were rarely troubled in defence. And coach Frank

Farina was delighted to have won the game.


After a number of corners in the first half, Sheffield United defender

Shaun Murphy finally put the Australians ahead, and in the process

scored his first international goal, after a corner by Birmingham winger

Stan Lazaridis was headed back by Paul Agostino for Murphy to slot home

in the 40th minute.


The one-way traffic continued in the second half, Murphy unlucky not to

net his second just four minutes into the half, while Lazaridis almost

caught New Zealand keeper Jason Batty out in the 55th minute with a free

kick which went just over the bar.


The Socceroos secured the victory in the 66th minute however, Manchester

City midfielder Danny Tiatto making a break down the

left and beating three defenders before crossing the ball to a waiting

Craig Foster, the Crystal Palace star converting to make it 2-0.


"It certainly was a relief to win the Final, it's always a relief when

you win games as important as this one," said Socceroos boss Frank

Farina. "I felt the boys played exceptionally well out there tonight, we

dominated the entire 90 minutes and we deserved to win.


"New Zealand was always going to be dangerous, and they were, more from

the set pieces than anything else, but we held our discipline under

difficult circumstances.  "To actually qualify for the Confederations

Cup is a huge relief for me, and I give a big pat on the back to the

players, they deserve all of the accolades they get – they've given up a

lot of things to spend the last three weeks in camp with the national

team, and it’s paid off for them.  I'm very proud to be associated with

this group of boys." '


No accolades in Australia- merely a silent ignorance of the achievement and these players who gave up their time to play for the Socceroos unappreciated by the effective monopoly of the packielackey morons in control of the press.


Wait until the football world sees the state of our grounds!

No wonder Manu sacked the turf specialists!

Wait till you see the Colonial turf (fortunately not an Olympic venue!)

Or is beach football?



Germany is to host the 2006 World Cup.  How did our spineless leader in Oceania vote?  From the newsgroup:


Morocco were eliminated in the first round of votes.


England were eliminated in the second round with the votes going as follows:


South Africa 11, Germany 11, England 2


The two Execs who voted for England - David Will of Scotland and Chic Dempsey on NZ - had to choose between SA and Germany. Will voted for Germany and Dempsey ABSTAINED !!


Therefore Germany won 12-11.


Is it any wonder that he never stood up to be counted in creating an Oceania link to a major football area such as Asia?


The result has been to hold back Australian football from playing proper competitive games in our region.


Dempsey thinks that by restricting competitive games for the Socceroos, his inept sides in New Zealand have a better chance of success.


Or perhaps as someone said on the newsgroup.


“Did Dempsey abstain, or did he just fall asleep at the crucial moment?”



Desperate for the new season!!!



newsgroup update


“Okon, Lazaridis, and Viduka have been called into the

Olympic squad according to the Times newspaper.”


This is just another example where news about the Olyroos must be sought from sources outside the effective media monopoly in Australia.

Is it any wonder the government is seeking to stifle news over the net?


The government owned natural monopoly Australia Post’s stamp issue for the Olympics left out football in its featured sports, in what is another official snub to footballers.  The ignorance and bigotry reach into the highest levels of government.


Is it any wonder after the disgraceful attack on the Australian football by the bigots in the Parliament?


With less than a month to go before the Olympics there is not a mention of the Olyroos or Matildas in the media.


BTW Most of the seats at the Olympics are for football!


Kewell the Ghoul or is it genuine?


From the newsgroup:



MELBOURNE, Aug 25 AAP - Injured Leeds United star Harry Kewell will be withdrawn from Australia's Olympic soccer squad later today.


The forward has been battling an Achilles tendon injury which has not responded to treatment.


Soccer Australia has to submit its Olympic squad names today and will decide not to name Kewell because of his injury.


Olyroo coach Raul Blanco said at training earlier this week that Kewell meant as much to the Australian Olympic campaign as Maradona did to Argentina at his peak.”


Three weeks before the Games and Kewell the Mercurochrome Ghoul pulls out injured.


He managed to play most of the season last year.


Has the Leeds darkness struck yet again?


Will he play immediately after the Games for Leeds?



A case of Kewell the Mercurochrome Ghoul!


Why did he not wait and at least sit on the bench if the injury was genuine?  Exploratory surgery deemed successful was made on the day Australia played Italy.


Maradona played through sickness and injury for his country.


What a wimpy piker!


In another blow for the Olyroos, Okon damages his toe, plays injured three-quarters of the game for Middlesborough and he sets up three sitters that are duly muffed by the attack.  Later he is forced to pull out of the squad for the Olympics and undergo surgery.


Looks like it is a difficult start for the Olyroos.  We now rely on new Aussie heroes to fill the void as adversity gives way to creativity!



The ground where the Matildas will play in our national capital is so poor that the IOC has ordered the replacement of the surface destroyed by packielackey lumbering oafs less than a month before kick-off.  Then, in the usual inept style of the packielackey dominated organisation- SOGOC, its tacticians laid a new turf from tropical grasses sourced from tropical Cairns, which duly died after a frost in the height of the usual Canberra winter!


A case of Manchester United’s ground revisited!


It is expected that a new surface will be laid only one week before the first game.  Expect a game of sliding carpet where the swells of corrugations on the bush tracks leading west from the oval will look and feel like pancake surf.


There goes any home advantage to the Matildas.

And of course don’t expect the PM to show his face at any football event.


The IOC passes the Canberra ground as fit for play.  They walk over the surface and look down. But will it roll as players check to change direction? Let’s hope so for the safety of the players!


Viduka and Skoko arrive in Melbourne for the sell-out opening game.


Here is a fan’s prediction about television coverage of the opening game of Sydney 2000 involving the Oyroos:


From the newsgroup:


“My bet is as follows:


>1 - they'll cover the game live,

>2 - they'll bung in ads during the playing time,

>3 - they'll have at least one, and probably more,

>     total nongs in the commentary box with not the

>     foggiest idea of football,

>4 - they'll mute the crowd atmosphere to make it

>     seem quieter on the telecast than it is in reality.”


Answer: 1 and 4 only.


But what a dangerous and completely unsuitable ground Melbourne produced!


The Olyroos played yet again on another cow paddock but this time the world saw what SOCOG packielackey tacticians knew and planned from the start. Anything to nobble the Olyroos who are a team that plays the fast flowing interchanging passing game!


The grass was laid 10 days before kick-off and the players slipped and slid as the surface moved beneath their feet– Skoko was injured as a result of a mistimed tackle.


But guess who laid the surface?

The eggs still dripping down the nongs faces that laid Manu’s ground muffed it again!  Another quality export!?


The surface was the typical knee-deep grass of tiddleywimps where falling over on a soft surface is number one priority so they won’t scape their elbows.


But worse still, the Sydney newspaper- the Murdoch Telemoron didn’t even report on the Olyroo game that had 98000 spectators!  After all they’re all dagoes aren’t they- Carlton dagoes!? 


The outrageous and unscrupulous attack on the Matildas who lost 3-0 to Germany took the cake and epitomised the lack of Olympic ideals and spirit by the sports media at this disgraceful corporation.


The Telemoron is now if ever in doubt, the official dunny paper of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and highlights the racist bigotry of the government granted effective monopoly media in Australia.


The Olyroos played outstanding football and were unlucky to lose 1-0.

Over confidence in defence cost us the game.  A mistake in football is fatally punished, unlike the innumerable dropped balls in tiddleywimps and packielackey where errors are of little consequence and are easily clawed back.


Bring on Nigeria.


Olyroos lose again.  This time due to a Colosimo error of judgment as he headed the ball back to the ‘keeper under pressure, the ball failed to make the distance.  Colosimo has never had a strong headed. The final score was 2-3 in front of a capacity crowd played on a relatively decent ground (grass again too long) in Sydney.


The undeserved send off of our captain (Emerton) was the death knell for the Olyroos with Nigeria taking out the Academy Award for Play- acting.



The Matildas draw 1-1 and still are a chance to qualify for the quarterfinals.  They lose to Brazil 2-1 and are out.


Wave after wave attack and fantastic save after fantastic save and the Olyroos are defeated.  This was a case of the gods were not with them.  Complete domination over Honduras but they still lose 2-1.  Had it been packielackey, the score would have been 100-zit as possession and domination are all important.


But football is the cruellest sport, as Sydney 2000 clearly demonstrated.


The coverage on ABC radio was excellent if only in very brief excerpts, and at least those who could afford it had a chance to see the games on pay TV.  This is except for Russel’s rubbish and scurrilous attack on the Matildas at the government-controlled network who has also obviously never heard of Zijlaard the cyclist philosophy. 


The Matildas performed against fully professional players in the only truly competitive code.


The ignorance in the commercial media runs so deep that in an interview about Japanese fans, Channel 10 said


” They (Japanese football fans) came here for an 80 minute game of soccer.  Then only to fly home the next day!”?!


The Stoke’s Joke free-to-air and Telemoron blackout of the football celebration at the Olympics in Sydney 2000 is unabated.  Football has been part of the games since 1908.  This blackout of information is despite the huge crowds attending the football games with the host nation eliminated!  Despite the blackout of information, the average crowd size for the football tournament is over 30 000 (Bruce Stadium has a capacity less than 30 000) with a capacity 110 000 at the final and the play-off for the bronze to go. 


Cameroon win over Spain 2-2 in front of a capacity crowd on penalties in an exciting match for Cameroon’s first ever Gold Medal at the Olympics!  Spain was valiant in defeat and struggled with 9 players against a super-fit Cameroon.


The packielackey tacticians have done their jobs as monopoly controllers well!  However, despite the tactical media blackout of the football events and the substandard grounds, the original football code of Australia continues to demonstrate that it is number one and the only truly competitive code.


One wonders if the results may have been different had Kewell and Okon played given the numerous missed chances and tight triple-marking of Viduka.


Australian football continues the long climb to the top level, and now the World Cup qualifiers loom.


Fosters the anti-football lager has launched an advertisement that attempts to educate its drinkers with a system of beliefs necessarily excluding football (some rubbish about tiddleywimps), but amazingly one of the beliefs is that the Earth is round!


Clearly an attempt to educate the tiddleywimps followers from Melbourne!


Pity its management hasn’t yet learned about this reality.


Bring on the football season!


Bring on Scotland.

Viva la football!

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