Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?

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Give me that rainbow feather!

Millennium opening at Sydney was a case of football triumphing.

As I was making the way through the crowd at 00.30 with three small children after the
Millennium fireworks display on the Harbour in the melee at Sydney Quay, broken bottles,
chaos and in usual Sydney style no buses or trains running along comes a football gang
from England.  They offer to pick up the kids and we make our way through the crowd until
safety is reached.  Now that's the real football fan- gentlemen.

A hour later, with trains almost running we cross to the station to join the queue as we pass
a packielackey he abuses the children for getting in his way.  Now isn't he the little boy; six
foot and all!

There was a year zero(?), so this was the Millennium, and symbolic because we made it so.

Doomsdayers in the First Millennium counted from Year Zero which makes 2000 the Second Millennium.

And how about the coverage of South Melbourne in the media for the World Club
Championships in Brazil? Non-existent. The ignorance continues unabated.

Will Cole's karma catch up with him after the Colosimo hack?
The 'Butcher' Cole who makes Max Tolson look mild, was totally ignored by the Melburnians.

Melba Toast!

The Devils win by 2-0 but are justifiably placed outside the top four world club sides.
On their return from Rio, South Melbourne are crushed 6-0 by Sydney Olympic in the
Australian league: something ManU were unable do!

The media blackout of football in 2000 continues: the Olyroos, Matildas and South Melbourne all competing in international tournaments were again all but totally ignored by the media.

In the city of the 2000 Olympics, there was hardly a mention in the press.

Is it surprising after the scurrilous cowardly attack of the Matildas?

The Grandstanding of ignorance continues with massive time given to women cricketers
and none to the Olympic sport of women's football.

The great revelation from the Olyroo tournament was the outstanding play by Korea.  This
team has a physical presence, speed and skill that will be difficult for any side to defeat in
2000.  Their weakness will be the three ' wild card' players, but expect an excellent position
with the army of Korean magical gongs that passionately supports this quality side.

Pay TV (Channel Stoke's Joke ) now gives  coverage to  football games with excellent commentary , but free-to-air remains a blank.  The attack by the murdoch's packielackey continues unabated; either derogative or as an information blackout.

But how about the riot at the cricket? The cricket riot turns into the typical media bashing of football.  Why is that a riot in cricket is used to bash football in Australia? Similarly crowd disturbances at the packielackey turned into a further football bashing exercise.

Australia's U17 get to the Final in Nigeria and are beaten on penalties by a Brazil with
over-aged players and our team is ignored.  They are described by the media as failures.  What ignorance! Football comprises of teams from all the world. A concept that packielackey and tiddleywimps lacks.

In the Australian football league there is not even a mention of the games in the papers.

Stoke's Joke relegates football to late night viewing (1 am) on pay despite people forking out to get live matches.  They end up with  trial tiddleywimp games!


  Expect the same treatment when the Olympics arrive as what occurred in the Atlanta coverage- blackout.

And what about the imminent failure of the Brisbane Strikers?

As the shareholders of the club and its support say

" The media have not been helpful to us."

Today is Feb 8 and the Socceroos play Chile in Chile.

The games Australian Eastern Summer time are:

v Chile - 10 February 12 noon
v Slovakia - 13 February 11.00am
v Bulgaria - 16 February 11.00am

While many key players are missing there are many up and coming stars who will get a
chance under Farina.  Zelic is lost, and hopefully Farina has learned the lesson- a tactician
adjusts his tactics to suit the players , not changes the players to suit the tactics, especially
a beginner!

The team is

MARK SCHWARZER (Middlesbrough)
 PAUL OKON (Fiorentina)
 PAUL AGOSTINO (1860 Munich)
 SHAUN MURPHY (Sheffield United)
 JASON VAN BLERK (West Bromwich Albion)
 DANNY TIATTO (Manchester City)
 CRAIG FOSTER (Crystal Palace)
 STEVE CORICA (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
 JOSIP SKOKO (Hajduk Split)
 HAYDEN FOXE (Hiroshima Sanfrecce)
 TONY POPOVIC (Hiroshima Sanfrecce)
 PABLO CARDOZO (Sydney Olympic)
 CLINT BOLTON (Brisbane Strikers)
 STEPHEN LAYBUTT (Parramatta Power)
 MATTHEW BINGLEY (Northern Spirit)
 MATTHEW HORSLEY (Wollongong Wolves)
 BRAD MALONEY (Marconi Stallions)
 KASEY WEHRMAN (Perth Glory)
 SCOTT CHIPPERFIELD (Wollongong Wolves)


Imagine making a loyal Socceroo the calibre of Ned Zelic travel half way around the world to leave him on the bench!  This is what happened in Melbourne when the Socceroos played
Brazil.  It is cheaper and easier to replace a coach than it is a player of Zelic's stature.  We
all hope that Ned makes a return for the vital 2002 Qualifiers.

No mention of the fact the Socceroos are playing today in Chile in Murdoch's  Australian, and there is a complete blackout of news.  Chile are a major world side with outstanding players and an excellent football record.

So here is some news from the football list:

> Australia's preparation for tomorrow's match in Chile has been thrown into
> chaos after six Socceroos went missing en-route to Vina del Mar after
>their plane broke down.

> Socceroos coach Frank Farina said while it was frustrating there was a lesson for everybody
>involved. Pablo Cardozo, Brad Maloney, Kasey Wehrman, Stephen Laybutt, Matthew
>Horsley and Scott Chipperfield, all Australian-based players, are expected to
>arrive in Chile tomorrow morning for the start of the international series.
> The six were an hour out of Auckland airport when the plane experienced
> engine problems forcing the pilot to return to New Zealand.
> The flight was then cancelled and they had wait for the next scheduled
> flight.

Fortunately, they didn't go missing at all.  But I did ring Frank and told
him the good news was that the aircraft hadn't crashed; the bad news was it
was two hours out of Auckland, came back and then they were stranded for 24
hours in Auckland with no other option but to go via Los Angeles.

At least they'll get in Wednesday morning (Chile time); the other option was
Wednesday night - the same time as the game.  It would have made for a
strange bench - 11 starting, 3 on the bench with two goalkeepers out of the

">They're (Chile) also playing funny games with the visiting teams re. training
>ground availability, etc, which is a bit silly for a friendly tournament.  In
>fact, it's unsporting at any time but at least I could understand the rationale
>if it was a WC qualifier!"

"It works out the other way around in practice I think.

I spoke with Paul Wade about this topic once on a Cosmos trip to W'gong. He
said the South Americans can play silly buggers ONLY during friendlies.

In Argentina they do things like not providing meals till an hour before the
game, so that visiting players run out on very full stomachs; or the hotel
lifts won't work for the visiting team and they have to haul luggage up 6
flights of stairs - you get the idea.

But for big games there are too many FIFA observers around for them to get
away with this kind of garbage."

Or put by another fan:

"Is it true that todays game was not shown on TV at all ?
ie.     not on 7 ?
        not on C7 ?
        not on ABC ?

Is this deplorable situation also the case for the next 2 Oz games in
this series ?

Is it true that no mention of todays game was made on Oz free-to-air TV
at all ?

Don't ya just love rhetorical questions ?

Don't ya just love being an Oz football fan ?"

The game Chile v Australia:

"Still 1-1 with about 20 minutes to go.

Van Blerk has been sent off for a clash with the goalkeeper.

Foster - yellow.  Wehrman on for Foster (not sure if these two things are
related or not).

Zdrilic on for Agostino.  Agostino got a yellow as he walked off - we think
for time-wasting!

Tiatto hit the top of the bar again.  Laybutt now on for him.

Allowed five subs all up including GK.

2-1 to Chile.

They scored a penalty in about the 90th, and the full-time whistle was blown
as the ball got back to the re-start.

Schwarzer also got a yellow card - no-one knows why exactly - and made two
brilliant saves.

Chipperfield came on for Corica in about the 85th minute.

Okon and Skoko were judged to be best on the ground for Australia."

Australian draw with Bulgaria.
Frank is still without a win!

Never in the last decade has there been such poor coverage of a tournament involving the
Socceroos.  No TV, no print and no radio!  All controlled by the incestuous threesome.

The packielackey games dominate the media despite pathetic crowds and these games are
dominated by breaks in the game for drinks because the weather reached almost 30 degrees!

One wonders how they would get on in Saudi!

The most exciting packielackey action would hardly draw even a yellow card in real football.

Now along comes Hungary and where is Kewell?

As another fans asks:

Amazingly, Kewell makes the side and plays half a match.  His lack lustre performance makes one wonder if he will be in the starting line-up come the qualifiers.  But benefit of the doubt- the ground was frozen and he did have an ankle injury that was targeted by ManU in the game on the weekend.

Hungary 0 Australia 3
Hardly a dead fish was sighted!

And naturally the morons in control of  Murdoch's newspaper don't even mention the game on the morning of the match.  But then it is a murdoch-packielackey paper and they wouldn't recognise a real sport if they saw one!

Or to objectify:

More from the Australian football list:

Irate fans plan to take shot at Seven (extract only)

“Angry soccer fans, frustrated by a lack of coverage by the sport's
Australian television rights holder, the Seven Network, are planning a
coordinated day of protests outside the AFL broadcaster's Melbourne, Sydney
and Perth headquarters early next month.

The supporters - working under the umbrella title of STAND (Seven Talks And
Never Delivers) - are aiming to make their point by organising
demonstrations in which fans will wear their team's replica shirts and play
a soccer game. “

What a great shirt at that!

The away Socceroo shirt with its watermark makes it so far the best designed team shirt of the new millennium period.

Below is the view from where it is thought that the Earth is flat and the Moon landing was a hoax.

It continues with sad reporting of football in its tiddleywimp press but which is exposed on the list

 “>On page six of today's The Age, there's a
>gushing story from The Age's technology writer
>Garry Barker on Melbourne's new AFL ground:
>Colonial Stadium.
>It starts off:
>"Advice to soccer hooligans: don't get out
>of line at Colonial Stadium - retribution will
>be swift."
Methinks Mr Barker should stick to commenting on "technology",
assuming he actually knows something about that.
Mind you I've no objection to "swift retribution" for hooligans 
of any kind just so long as they are not so inhumane as to sentence 
them to watching "Aussie Rules" - even if we are "World Champions".”
Mandatory sentencing is an abuse of human rights!
Now this is the stadium ‘the Joker’ built specifically to exclude football.

Who is the obscene one?

The ‘Joker’ or the beautiful and skilful Matildas?

Tony Labbozzetta is exonerated after years of fighting the packielackey attack in court.  This was part of the disgraceful attack of Soccer Australia by the Federal Government that cost football millions of dollars in lost revenue and legal costs.  Football remains strong despite the unprincipled attacks on it by a media dominated by anti-football interests.

The Czech game will be a great test for the Socceroos of ticker.  Better to leave that wimpy piker named Kewell to follow in the demise of Leeds.  There was even a report in the papers about the game!

Australia played well in the first half despite being one goal down.  However, a few tactical changes by the Czech coach at half time exposed Farina’s inexperience and his staid system.  The Czechs scored an easy second-half win as the Socceroos lose 3-1.  Viduka showed his class scoring nearly the goal of the millennium.  Stan the Man is back with vengeance!


The usual lack of media coverage continues.

Fans continue to be irate

“O.K. guys, on a serious note here.

I (and many other) Perth Glory supporters have had enough with $even's shit coverage of Australian soccer and what they are trying to do to the game. $even and Soccer Australia signed a 10 year deal giving $even the rights to aussie soccer and the NSL. This was at a time when Soccer Australia were desperate for money and now the idiots at SocAus have been made to pay big time.
$even won't broadcast Glory away games themselves and refuse to let other stations broadcast it either. Pretty shit for a team which has the strongest support of any NSL team and is currently top of the league. $even don't even mention Glory on the news unless they just played that day. Even then it is only really a score. No highlights. “

So it appears that I am not the only fan concerned by the media blackout of football.

Expect a blackout of football coverage during the Olympics.

SOCOG organisers aka SOCON have conned its way to attracting the Olympic games to Sydney.

Colosimo makes a great comeback to score on his first start.  He was subbed around the 70th minute and Carlton lose

 as a result 5-3 to South Melbourne.

In a typical decision by ABC television the important Glory v Newcastle game had the plug pulled less then two minutes before the end of the game and well into injury time as Glory was attacking in waves and Newcastle defended tenaciously.  Glory falls from first place and Newcastle look good for a Top Six spot. 

Meanwhile Farina’s orange peeler and redundant player incapable of fitting the into the Farina’s superior system for the Socceroos with their impenetrable defence Ned Zelic continues with impressive form against Bayern Muenchen in the local Munich derby.


A fan reports on the match.


       1860 only had a couple of counter attacks, but their defence around

        Ned Zelic seemed unbeatable. 1860 celebrated their second derby

        victory against Bayern in this season - the first time ever they

        could do this.


        Zelic and Agostino both played very well.”




Just because Perth Glory are on top of the table after the penultimate round and have the largest crowds in Australian football (i.e.soccer) doesn’t mean the jokers will give them any free-to-air time.  The packielacky stations together with the Joker’s tiddleywimps outlets are intent on the use of their government protected media ownership to exclusively promote the non-football events such as packielackey where falling over a line is the entertainment between commercial breaks!


After all these jokers have such large stakes in tiddleywimps and packielackey that anticompetitive practice would never enter the scene! It is all after all based on commercial decisions: decisions to stop at all cost the real football of ticker: Australian football (i.e. soccer).


Perth Glory defeats the Wolves 1-0 away at Brandon Park and now look set to take the minor premiership if they can beat the flagging Spirit at home.


Meanwhile the Matildas run topless along the ocean shores and earn advertising revenue and are instrumental in developing friendly relations with ROW.  They also were the first sporting contact team with North Korea since the war.

South Melbourne’s Angie Postecoglou was in charge of his last game as coach before taking over the Young Socceroos and Paul Trimboli nets his 100th goal all with the usual zilch build-up or reporting in the local press.

As for riots, well there was another at the packielackey that went virtually unreported.


There is a sell out for Glory in the home leg against the Wolves for the Grand Final berth with a real crowd number and uninflated, without freebies unlike the packielackey reports.


With a packed stadium and end-to-end action the Glory are into the final.  What a contrast to the city where they think the earth is flat and the moon landing was a hoax- Melbourne.  On the sodden, multi-lined, ankle high grass of Olympic Park with no pre game publicity in the tiddleywimps dominated media, Carlton fly high into the elimination final against the Wolves.

Poor goalkeeping cost Sydney Olympic the season.  The small but loyal Carlton crowd know that a win at football is better than a month of wins at the tiddleywimps.


 From a football fan on the list:


               There was a piece in today's Age highlighting football official and fan anger at Seven for not showing or mentioning details of the Perth game on Sunday morning News.


I watched four channels for sport on Sunday night, and while SBS, ABC and Nine all mentioned the record 43,000 crowd - you guessed it - Channel 7 Sydney did not, along with showing an abbreviated clip.


I am well past the stage of 'suspecting' that Seven bought the rights to marginalise the sport.  Their near full season refusal to even state results from the NSL in their sports bulletins - but highlight any riots overseas etc. clearly shows their standpoint.”



Naturally there is another almost complete blackout of the Matildas in their tournament involving the world champions USA.  The SMH and Telemoron, the official dunny(?) papers of the Olympics again shows their murdoch/packielackey colours where the blackout of football news continues. Their ignorance of world football and world culture is astounding, only exceeded by the Melba toast tiddleywimps camps in Victoria. 


But here is some news from the list:



“I had the pleasure of watching 2 women's games last night at the SFS which

were very skilful (albeit slower than NSL) and played in a mostly fair

play manner. Even the tactical nature of the games were comparative to men’s

football. I am looking forward to my booked games at Bruce Stadium in the

Olympics even more now.


The USA defeated Canada 9-1.  Canada was a very competent outfit with a

good keeper and sharp attack but a naive central defence. Diminutive

midfielder Isabelle Harvey outshone most of the USA team but I have to

admit that although the score line flattered USA they are a very, very

powerful unit who can punish any weakness. Some of their attacking moves

out of midfield were sublime. Oz referee Tammy Ogston had a great game.



To all readers - get out to the games - they are well worth a look. 


Sunday at Campbelltown Sports Stadium (NSW) between noon (Japan v. China)

2.30pm USA v. NZ (poor sods!), and 5pm Australia v. Canada.


Further games are in Newcastle so watch the Newcastle Herald, but if any

Breakers fans or Central Coast resident doesn't go the Breakers Stadium on

Sunday June 11th at 2.30pm to see Australia play USA you must have rocks in

your head.”


And where will the crowds be? Sales dates from SOCOG.





No. of tickets


Sunday 7 May




Monday 8 May

Hockey (women)



Tuesday 9 May

Hockey (men)



Wednesday 10 May




Thursday 11 May





Modern pentathlon



Friday 12 May








Saturday 13 May




Sunday 14 May




Monday 15 May




Tuesday 16 May

Water polo



Wednesday 17 May




Thursday 18 May





Table tennis



Friday 19 May








Saturday 20 May




Sunday 21 May




Monday 22 May





Gymnastics training



Tuesday 23 May




Wednesday 24 May





Track cycling



Thursday 25 May

Synchronized swimming



Friday 26 May




Saturday 27 May




Sunday 28 May




Monday 29 May




Tuesday 30 May

Beach volleyball



Wednesday 31 May

Opening ceremony







Thursday 1 June

Mountain bikes



Friday 2 June

Closing ceremony



Saturday 3 June




Sunday 4 June

Soccer draw



Monday 5 June

Soccer (national)





Note, SOCGOG put football last in the release list and has ignored football throughout the planning process.  But at the end of the day it is football that has the numbers.  And this number doesn’t take into account the many, many qualifiers and packed stadia before the teams even got here.


The Women:



13-09-00 Canberra 17:00 Australia vs. Germany

13-09-00 Melbourne 17:00 Sweden vs. Brazil

16-09-00 Sydney FS 17:30 Australia vs. Sweden

16-09-00 Canberra 17:30 Germany vs. Brazil

19-09-00 Sydney FS 17:30 Australia vs. Brazil

19-09-00 Melbourne 17:30 Germany vs. Sweden




14-09-00 Melbourne 17:30 United States vs. Norway

14-09-00 Canberra 17:30 China PR vs. Nigeria

17-09-00 Melbourne 17:30 United States vs. China PR

17-09-00 Canberra 17:30 Norway vs. Nigeria

20-09-00 Melbourne 17:30 United States vs. Nigeria

20-09-00 Canberra 17:30 Norway vs. China PR




24-09-00 [13] Sydney FS 17:30 Winner A vs. 2nd B

24-09-00 [14] Canberra 17:30 Winner B vs. 2nd A




28-09-00 Sydney FS 17:00 L 13 vs. L 14




28-09-00 Sydney FS 20:00 Winner 13 vs. Winner 14

The men:



13-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Nigeria vs. Honduras

13-09-00 Melbourne 20:00 Australia vs. Italy

16-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Italy vs. Honduras

16-09-00 Sydney FS 20:00 Australia vs. Nigeria

19-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Italy vs. Nigeria

19-09-00 Sydney FS 20:00 Australia vs. Honduras




14-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Korea Republic vs. Spain

14-09-00 Melbourne 20:00 Morocco vs. Chile

17-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Korea Republic vs. Morocco

17-09-00 Melbourne 20:00 Spain vs. Chile

20-09-00 Adelaide 18:30 Korea Republic vs. Chile

20-09-00 Melbourne 20:00 Spain vs. Morocco




13-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Cameroon vs. Kuwait

13-09-00 Canberra 20:00 United States vs. Czech Republic

16-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Czech Republic vs. Kuwait

16-09-00 Canberra 20:00 United States vs. Cameroon

19-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Czech Republic vs. Cameroon

19-09-00 Melbourne 20:00 United States vs. Kuwait




14-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Brazil vs. Slovakia

14-09-00 Canberra 20:00 South Africa vs. Japan

17-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Brazil vs. South Africa

17-09-00 Canberra 20:00 Slovakia vs. Japan

20-09-00 Brisbane 19:00 Brazil vs. Japan

20-09-00 Canberra 20:00 Slovakia vs. South Africa




23-09-00 [27] Canberra 18:30 Winner C vs. 2nd D

23-09-00 [28] Brisbane 19:00 Winner D vs. 2nd C

23-09-00 [25] Sydney FS 20:00 Winner A vs. 2nd B

23-09-00 [26] Melbourne 20:00 Winner B vs. 2nd A




26-09-00 [29] Sydney FS 20:00 Winner 25 vs. Winner 27

26-09-00 [30] Melbourne 20:00 Winner 26 vs. Winner 28




29-09-00 Sydney FS 20:00 L 29 vs. L 3




30-09-00 Sydney OS 12:00 Winner 29 vs. Winner 30



Bring on Paraguay!







Viva la football!

Link to the world game


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