Australian Socceroos: Ever wondered why so many Australian footballers play overseas?

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As typifies the Joker’s influence a senior police officer from the Victorian police claims that Melbourne Victory fans are violent and his officers won’t volunteer to attend matches.  This makes front page news across the country, and the comments are endorsed by the Premier with his cosy relationship to the Penguin’s tiddlewimps.  The truth of the matter is that it is the police that are violent towards football fans.  I have personally witness a fan being dragged from a ground when that fan did nothing but sing.  The crowd around him booed the police.  On another occasion, I have seen the police attack a crowd of fans when a flare went off.  They took to the crowd in an indiscriminate manner with no regard for due process and bashed innocent bystanders.  Flares are part of the atmosphere of the games.   The fact of the matter is that the Victorian police are bigots who seize on any opportunity to attack football fans.  The senior officer then lauds the innocent AFL players and fans ignoring the spate of attacks on Indians, and the sexual assault of women by these “he men” of their game of choice. 

MELBOURNE Victory managing director Richard Wilson has denied claims of bad behaviour and says, "Our fans aren't violent."

This comes after Victory chairman Geoff Lord earlier this morning rejected criticism by a senior Victorian police officer.

Superintendent Rod Wilson told the Herald Sun that police were reluctant to cover Melbourne Victory games after being assaulted by fans.

But Mr Lord, after rejecting the comments, said other sports - especially AFL - would delight in hearing soccer fans singled out.

"They love it. Of course they would deny it, it would be natural to deny it," he told radio station 3AW this morning.


These are the same officers who shoot mentally ill homeless people and who use Tasers to torture anyone who does not conform to their model Aussie.  The Nanny State in Victoria is out of control.  It is the Victorian police which abuse their power to intimidate football fans.  The only time I have ever been frightened at a sporting match was at the cricket never at a football match.  It is bewildering how unaccountable the thugs in the Victorian constabulary are in their abuse of football fans.  All this with the Premier’s blessing who seeks the Joker’s support in the media and who approves of the torture and incarceration of poverty stricken refugees.  This is the mentality of Joe Blow and his attempt to discredit the Final Series of the A-League.  Imagine what would have happened had the Socceroos been playing the World Cup in Australia.  The Joke’s tear gas would have filled Melbourne, and the Melbourne Mining Club would have nodded with approval.

The ABC of Ignorance is at again with their usual gaggle of bureaucratic incompetent, bigoted sports reporters.  This time they claim that that the “Asian Club (sic) Championship” has an unfortunate name. These overpaid quasi bureaucrats from the government owned station are too lazy to find out the name of the Asian Champions league.  Typical of the standard of bureaucracy in Australia with its corrupt, unaccountable and secretive government organizations that delight in prying into the privacy of others but claim all they do is above board with their magic utopian wands.  The blackout of the ACL throughout the media typifies the ignorance and bigots who line the halls of power in Australia.

Brisbane play Central Coast in the Grand Final with an expected 50k at the game and this is greeted with silence in the media taking a few lines in the back pages of the news media.  Then these same media owners want Asian high rollers to attend their dubiously run gambling casinos.  The Australian Socceroos are also about to take on the powerhouse of Germany in Germany as preparations begins for the arduous qualifying process for Brazil.  Melbourne Victory are humiliated in the Champions' league and the coach Ernie Merrick is dumped.  Sydney FC survived the first round with a draw despite the low quality refereeing and play-acting of the Koreans where the slightest contact becomes a push of such force that Sydney players must be from Kryptonite where a little figure can cause a player to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Now the ABC of Ignorance takes the cake.  On the day of the Grand Final between Brisbane and Central Coast the news bulletin on Radio National reports on an upcoming  grass mowing racing competition and some cricket game not involving Australia as their sports section.  No mention of the football.  How corrupt are these quasi-bureaucrats?  Are they receiving payments in-kind from the ARL or AFL? Imagine, there was sell-out in Brisbane and the Ignorance could not bring itself to mention the game in the morning news report.  Complete silence about the Football Grand Final.  Brisbane wins on penalties after a dramatic 2-2 draw after extra time.  There is no dram like football drama.  What a brilliant game and come-back from Brisbane! Henrique scores with five minutes left in extra time and Paartalu scores a decisive header in the 120th minute to draw the match.  Brisbane goes on to win the penalty shoot-out and remain undefeated.  Brilliant football at its best and beamed live into four continents with an audience estimated nearing 100 million.  Yet the Ignorance refuses to even call it football let alone save a few seconds in their news for a preview.  Now is that laziness, ignorance corruption or all three?

The Australian Socceroos were magnificent against Germany.  The 2-1 score line reflected the performance of both teams.  Ogenovski and Neill controlled the defensive set up and kept an experimental young German side to a single goal on their home territory. In Australia, the media kept the result hidden in small columns in the back pages and the electronic media only reported the result in low audience times.  The MMs continue to blackout all that is football despite the brilliance of the Socceroos.

Talk about shameful, the Macquarie radio network didn’t even mention the Sydney v Kashima game on the day.  There was again a total blackout of football coverage despite the tragedy that occurred in Japan.  The Telemoron had an article about how the Asian Champions league was a loss making venture and had nothing to say about the game.  The bigots and anti-Japanese media moguls and their cronies were out in force with their shameful blackout of the Japanese.  For the record, Kashima completely outplayed Sydney FC to win 3-0.  They were faster to the ball and more incisive in attack.  Sydney even after going behind late in the first half came out and played with one solitary forward.  When the ball did get forward it was lost due to the numbers in the Japanese defence.  Poor tactics by FC resulted in no chance of a win.  Sydney was too worried they would lose out in midfield and played five midfielders with no support up front.  There was no tackling in mid-field and the FC players chased shadows all night.  A mere 7000 turned up to the game in a disgraceful reflection on the Sydney public and their apathy and hostility towards the Japanese.

The propaganda arm of the Victorian government now claims that a person cannot be integrated if they play ‘Soccer” i.e. football but must play “AFL” i.e. tiddlewimps.  The Turkish community in Melbourne is being forced through government intervention into every aspect of their lives including choice of sport to support the “AFL” by corrupt politicians.  This is the despicable government coercion that typifies the thugs that rule the country.  The re-education of the Turkish community to watch and play tiddleywimps with their he-men heroes that frighten hostesses in airlines, attack women and foreign students in Melbourne shows the lack of democracy and basic rights in Victoria and other states of Australia.  These politicians are abusing their power and attacking innocent individuals with their concerted propaganda campaign designed to denigrate anyone who thinks or plays football.  These contemptible politicians have no place in a civilized society.  They are rent-seeking, useless entities who are not satisfied with their cushy non-productive jobs paid from the labour of free enterprise, but they also wish to control every aspect of the life of individuals.  The State of Victoria has not progressed since the colonial era where force and lack of human and civil rights dominated. This is where an elite parasitic class of troopers lived off the hard work of the innocent and the honest.  Besides, real football i.e “soccer” has been in Australia well before these oppressive politician and their cronies in the media were born.  Shame on Australia and no wonder over 20 per cent refused to vote in the last election if this is the caliber of the government and its cronies.

Australia as expected prove too good for New Zealand in Adelaide with an emphatic 3-0 win.  Adelaide can only manage 20 000 to a Socceroo game and illustrates that the swamp people still haven’t embraced football and continue to live a troglodyte existence a bit like the current Prime Minister whom was educated in Adelaide.  Still, there are some that have managed to escape the anti-football propaganda of the media moguls.  Josh Kennedy scores a brace, and Troisi scores from the penalty spot. It was a game where the Socceroos never looked threatened and the young team completely outplayed the battle-hardened Kiwis.  The real test will be against Serbia on Tuesday.  The media blackout of the games further illustrates the ignorant nature of the Australian media.  What can be expected from a public that treats refugees fleeing war in such as disgraceful manner, especially given that they too came from this stock?

The Serbia game was really very enjoyable with an exciting 0-0.  Australia at times looked outplayed but with so many young players playing together for the first time the score was a credible performance.  The media of course went on about the “Serbs” who were very well behaved and who added atmosphere to the game.  The sad sack media in Australia can only be described as ignorant.  What exactly did the Serbian do that justified such a vehement tirade against them?  The tiddleywimp brigade were out in force denigrating the players and supporters of the Serbian team in what can only be describe as blatant racist prejudice.  The media cronies of the government can only be described as sick in the head.

Sen Sgt Trevor Williamson said with the exception of flares and chairs the crowd was being well behaved.
"The crowd have been fairly good natured with the exception of the flare throwing and the seat smashing," he said.
"That's the nature of soccer crowds."  Is this Sgt one of the officers who attacked innocent South Melbourne fans in the Grand Final back during the NSL? 

What a disgrace.  Yemen arrives in Australia to be greeted by a blackout of news and coverage of the London Olympic Qualifiers against the Olyroos in Gosford and Newcastle.  The media takes the view in Australia that anyone from the Middle East is automatically a terrorist and sub-human. The MMs run with a review of the risks associated with Yemeni defections and football match is ignored. The headline “Australian customs on alert as soccer players arrive from Yemen”.   The Australian media and government have no idea about the world or its people.  For the MM bigots everyone is a wog unless they play tiddlewimps or packielackey.

Even the Sydney Morning Herald can now be added to this raft of bigots that pave the road from the government cronies in the Australian capital, Canberra.  With the Yemeni dictator Ali Saleh fleeing to Saudi Arabia, here was another opportunity for Australia to extend its hand of friendship to support the Yeminis in their quest for a peaceful nation.  Instead we have warmongering arrogance and bigotry from the media cronies as they ignore the presence of a team of players who have come from an area of stress and uncertainty to play world football. And they say FIFA is corrupt!   The Hag and Ostrich on Offsiders ignore the qualifier in their usual vacant brained ignorance. They are typical of government employee mentality where Peter rules the roost.

It should be an interesting game.  One that the Olyroos are expected win even though they are playing in the off season.  Vidmar the Olyroos’ coach has the opportunity to stamp his style on a new look Olyroos squad.  This squad was easily beaten by the Japanese in Japan :Dean Bouzanis (gk), Oliver Bozanic - Central Coast Mariners, Isaka Cernak - Melbourne Victory, Diogo Ferreira - Melbourne Victory, Matthew Foschini - Melbourne Victory, Jack Hingert - Dandenong Thunder (VPL), Jason Hoffman - Melbourne Heart, Marko Jesic - Newcastle Jets, Matthew Jurman - Brisbane Roar, Ryan McGowan - Hearts FC, Scotland, Golgol Mebrahtu - Gold Coast United, Tahj Minniecon - Gold Coast United, Scott Neville - Perth Glory, Mitch Nichols - Brisbane Roar Mirjan Pavlovic - Wellington Phoenix, Andrew Redmayne (gk) - Brisbane Roar, Sebastian Ryall - Sydney FC, Rocco Visconte - Brisbane Roar,  Aziz Behich - Melbourne Heart

Looking at the squad it is capable of beating the Yemenis but will struggle against the likes of Japan and Korea that are much faster and with more technical ability.  Another important game is blacked out by the media in this country as they tighten censorship of world football news with their monopoly power granted in backroom deals with the government.

The Olyroos win 3-0 in the first qualifier against Yemen.  The ABC Ignorance cannot even bring itself to report the result of the match in its evening news program.  Are they in the pay of the packielackey and tiddleywimp brigade not to report international Olympic football results or are they just ignorant bigots?  Both perhaps?  Typical government employees!  The ignorance of the ABC is unparalleled with its failure to report the opening games of the Women’s World Cup in its programming.  Here we have the biggest international tournament of 2011 and The Ignorance can’t even report the opening game.  I suppose all those ’krauts’ don’t deserve a mention by the enlightened government media and their cronies!  Despite many millions watching the game worldwide and the Matilda’s competing in the tournament as Asian Champions, the media greet the event with silence.  How is it that in every other nation of the world the game was reported except in Australia?  Is it corruption and cronyism by the media moguls? Anti-competitive practices to blackout coverage of the game were used throughout Australia.  Or is it just the ignorance of global sporting events by Australia’s sports reporters?  Add to this a government media (the ABC of Ignorance) where nepotism runs rampant in the sports’ departments.  How else can the Ignorance explain how its national radio broadcaster (Radio National) failed to report on a major global event in sport in its news programs?   Finally they do end up giving reluctant coverage to the Matilda’s with substandard reports. 

The Australian Women’s Football team gets through their group to face up with Sweden in the Quarter Finals.  Some defensive errors almost prove fatal, but a bit of luck see the team through the group stages.  Norway was unlucky and the Matilda’s were lucky and we find our way through the group.  Vulnerability to the long ball and the tough style of Northern European football was clearly evident.  Fortunately, the attacking flare of the Matilda’s and there never give up attitude resulted in an impressive 2-1 win over the Norwegians. Sweden will be similar and in their game against the USA the Swedes didn’t hit the bar from a direct outside the box like the Norwegians did against Australia.

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There have been some amazing results since this page was last updated.  Now in October, the Matildas failed to qualify for the Olympics, and the Olyroos are struggling to qualify. The Socceroos however are playing exceptional football, top of the group in the qualifier for the Qualifiers.  Amazingly Osieck decided to drop Cahill to the bench and play Holman instead as the attacking midfielder.  If Osieck is able to develop a system where both played, the Socceroos will have real attacking prowess.  Cahill is flat from a long campaign of football and hopefully he will bounce back.  His disappointing form against Thailand was the result of arduous campaigns of nonstop football. He needs a decent break for recovery and revitalization.

Disappointing media coverage punctuated the Socceroo game against Oman.  In the local Sydney papers there was not a mention in the first few back pages.  The media ignorance remains entrenched.  An ignorant Sydney public has lost touch with world sport and football in particular. Less than 25 000 turned out to watch the Socceroos, an unheard of small crowd for a World Cup qualifier.  The Australian mentality and particularly that in Sydney is one of “We’re alright Jack and keep them wogs out.”  Sydney is no longer a global city but is now a drab backwater more like a country town where only one view of the world is tolerated.  They prefer to watch a tiny sport hardly played by anyone and are brainwashed by a monopoly media to believe that packielackey is a world standard sport.  It is not.  It is played in very few places and even in New South Wales (a state of Australia), its stronghold, few young people play the game.  The pool of talent is very small with some teams drawing players from a few of the Pacific islands where Australian colonial administration remains dominant.  All this while Australia continues to produce quality football players who are truly international stars but who are hardly acknowledged in their own country.   The game between Brisbane and Sydney FC this weekend will show the level of support for football in Sydney.  The MMs have again hidden any mention of this vital Round 2 clash in the back pages of their backwater papers. 

Brisbane Roar continues their undefeated streak to 31 games in the A-League demolishing Adelaide 7-1 and producing the best club football seen in Australia.  Professionalism has helped build a side that plays high quality football.

 Besart Berisha has claimed a first-half hat-trick in six minutes and four for the match as Brisbane flexed their might with a 7-1 punishing of Adelaide United at Suncorp Stadium.”

The Albanian power in the box and intelligent runs is an awesome sight.  The game is truly bukur.

Despite perfect football conditions, a winning side set to break the Australian all sport record for an undefeated team, the media is silent and resentful of a successful football club in Australia.  The reporting of this team’s achievements can only be described as media censorship. Apparently quality football and football in general is obscene.  It is quite possible the government will ban it like they ban everything else in the Nanny State dominated by corrupt vested interests. The Sydney Moron Herald can now be added to the Droob List of anti-trust media in the rustbelt city where they actively seeks to denigrate football.  The Sydney Moron cannot even report on the progress of Brisbane Roar and hides the A-League away in little packets of butchered editorial dribble inside its stained paper sheets.  The government troglodytes at the ABC of Ignorance continue in their blissful ignorance and inability to understand football and world sport. As with all government appointments selection is by nepotism and pork barreling on other peoples’ money. Brisbane despite being Premiers and on fire in the new season could only manage 11 1/2 k to the game.  Disappointing by any standards and reflective of the media silence that greets this outstanding team.  We have a shameful media in this country.

Roar are now officially on the longest undefeated streak of any team sport in Australia.  The quality of the team is there for all to see.  Australia’s Socceroos qualify for the next phase of the World Cup qualifiers with a hard fought 1-0 win over Thailand in hot oppressive conditions. Phase I is achieved.  Now for the really tough stage.   The Olyroos still haven’t scored a goal in qualification games and Ibini has still not been selected despite his great goals in the A-league. 

Meanwhile at Troggs Cave in the Land Ignorance the dribbling Droob from MM Limited is twitching in his seat and spitting his halitosis scum onto the screen claiming Osieck is a racist.   Holger’s crime was to question the fairness of FIFA appointing a Middle Eastern referee for the Oman game.  The government has released the review of football in Australia and miseds the most obvious aspect; the role of a concentrated media intent on blacking out football information and denigrating the sport.  Today’s Telemoron before the Sydney FC game had virtually no preview of the game against Brisbane.  The only mention was that it was at R.Bugger’s field. The limited pool of talent (very few kids play the game) makes R.Bugger zzz rated.  Poor Telemoron is deluded thinking tiddleywimps is some sort of competitive game and unable to grasp reality that it is low quality and boring due in part to the lack of a talent pool. 

FFA is sleeping with the Bench Spark Devil who is intent in forcing a shutdown of the league. BSD claims the players are paid too much.  True clubs have a negative cashflow, but football requires quality players and quality costs money.  This is a concept that the useless bureaucrat is unable to grasp. Besides, the money contributed comes from the taxes of the 1.7 million players and their parents who are coerced into paying these bureaucrats to sit on their unproductive rear ends.  Meanwhile, crowds in the A-league are erratic and a bit like the financial markets of late. Add to the mix the Foster’s nonsense, as a player he couldn’t score against Iran when we needed it. He has his place in the general incompetent government stable where claims are a plenty and substance is in short supply. There are silver linings and black clouds.  Central Coast is without cash and possibly the only team able to challenge the Roar for the premiership. Arnold has improved as a coach and now must be ranked as one the top coaches of the A-league. Collapse hovers over the entire league. 

Sydney FC shines and outplays Brisbane ending the winning streak.  Brisbane without Broich lacks the razzle dazzle as a southerly buster and a few solid challenges overturned the cart; FC 2 Brisbane 0.  Brisbane crash to three straight losses and the game against the lowly placed Gold Coast assumes added importance.  A loss here will demonstrate the naivety of a one tactic fits all approach used by the Roar against its opponents.  Perhaps Ange has become blinded by the winning streak and is attributing it to superior coaching techniques.  Pride has the ability to blind.  The next few games will see if there is a regression to the mean in the performances of the Roar. Adelaide replaces its coach with Little Big Mouth.  The Grey Foss misses the goal again as he demands that the FFA interferes with the running of the club because Little Big Mouth doesn’t have a ticket from the Bureaucrat.  What he fails to understand is that it is the owners of the club that are risking their money and that effort, spirit winning are important to the survival of the club.  Gray Foss’s world of Ifonly resides somewhere near Deimos and if the meteor ever hit Earth it would cause calamity. 

Brisbane Glory continues its losing streak with now five losses in a row and the next match-up is against Melbourne Victory who is smarting from another loss and is in danger of missing out on the playoffs.  It is clear that Ange’s tactics and approach are sub-optimal.  The system requires inspirational play-makers to breach the final third.  In Roar’s case this was Enrique and Broich, both out since the form slump.  From an opposition point of view, the tactics become clear, keep the ball from Broich and Enrique and play on the counter, and the chances of a result are quite good.  Fortunately for the Roar, Victory is the weakest of their opponents with a tactically inept coaching staff and a team of over-fed underperforming players so the Roar must be a good chance to get some points out of the game.  Failure to get a point and break the losing streak would have a disastrous psychological impact on the players and signal a poor rest of the season with an Asian Champions League looming. 

Melbourne Heart, the great pretenders take on Sydney FC in a crunch match that will determine the important second spot on the table going into the New Year.  Determination and character have been the hallmark of Sydney FC’s climb up the table.  The team still lacks a creative player-maker to be genuine premiership material.  This game will be very informative in assessing Heart’s potential or their regression back to the mean.  Will FC fans turn out for the game?  Sydney continues to struggle to attract decent crowds and the fans have long memories of their lack of effort last year when they were caught in a Victory type malaise of overfed under-performance.  This is a problem of the salary cap mechanism where performance goes unrewarded.  Fortunately for FC, core fans have remained loyal and continue to generate a great atmosphere both home and away when FC plays.  

Meanwhile in the salt mash country of WA where wealth is built around the mining sector, there is a distinctive gurgling sound as the owner of the Perth Glory decides to pull the plug on Glory citing poor performances, low crowd turn out and a vocal abusive fan base as reasons for losing interest in the club. The on-looking vultures crackle and squawk in the self-congratulatory white noise of the mogul’s foundry.  The owner does a turn-around saying he will continue to fund the Glory.

Financial difficulties and uncertainty continue to plague the A-league.  The Central Coast is in trouble, Clive Palmer the owner of the Gold Coast can only be wondering what he has got into with crowds below the 3000 mark.  This year’s top crowd was about 7000 when they took on and defeated the Roar. Queenslanders have never been noted for their tolerance of difference and its red necks’ anti-Asian rhetoric has always been at its most vocal in this part of Australia. They have however always been quite happy to take money off Asian tourists for substandard services at premium prices. The media in Queensland is full of hysterical anti- Asian abuse and coupled with their infamous policing make it an environment of fear for anyone with even the slightest divergence from the mainstream opinion as set out by the media moguls.

Added to these woes is a national media intent on destroying football that has been given further market concentration by a government desperate to appease its cronies with elections looming.  In the free-to-air space of television land, the government has given over more bandwidth to its cronies and is pricing new entrants out of the market so as to consolidate the monopoly power to appease the cronies.  The Penguin has grown so powerful that only the random sorting tiddleywimps and crappielackey are allowed in his empire. His ownership of media now extends to WA which is blacking out coverage of football.  Only tiddleywimps is allowed and the Spark Bench Devil is dancing to the Penguin’s randomized tune.  The Penguin is throwing ice cubes into the melt and laughing as the Spark Bench Devil does the Irish jig to avoid the molten iron that is spraying onto the floor. Even the Joker now cringes at the sight of Penguin.

Rank Delator is intent on undermining football’s coverage and seeks to blackout football coverage at the end of the current contract with Fox.  This new manager is spending football subscriptions monies to undermine the future of the A-league’s coverage.  With the government in the watch pocket of the Penguin, negotiations for future coverage of the A-league with reasonable compensation for media rights appear doomed.  Behind the wall decisions mean that football viewers will have to pay higher subscriptions for a lesser return. Those sitting outside the wall are sprayed from the urinal windows.  The mooted higher subscription fees will be used to pay for the Tiddleywimp Random Show as  R.Delator  seeks to entrench uniform compliance with the precepts of the media’s collusive oligarchs in Australia extending it to pay subscription services.  The Penguin puffs with joy at the Christmas cheer.

The Australian Socceroos make it through to the final phase of the Asian World Cup qualifiers for the AFC.  The next game at home is in Brisbane, Australia.  The Australian Socceroos will meet with the talented and consistently strong Japanese Samurais. This highly mobile team with excellent discipline and organisation will challenge the Australian Socceroos.  Beware the disguised tactics that draws on the long tradition of Samurai masters.  This long line of samurais relies not only on physical prowess but also taps into the other dimension to draw its strength and inspiration.  However, a strong and well-organised Australian football team is capable of winning at home.  It would be a mistake to go for a draw only to find out that in the end stages of the qualifiers we need a draw or win in Japan.  This could spell disaster.  Let’s not go the way of the disappointing Olyroos or Matildas.  Australia’s football team must be on guard yet be aggressive. It will be a bit like the Sicilian’s Anti-Sveshnikov in chess, a double edge sword where winning becomes a crushing victory.  Australian football’s Socceroos do have speed and talent if Osieck selects the right combination of players. This will be a complex matter and he has looked through the whole gamut of Australia’s football talent.


The Asian Champions League is also underway with good performances by the Australian club football teams: Brisbane, Central Coast and Adelaide. 

Here in Australia, the government media and its cronies continue to display their ignorance of football matters and the Asian Champions League in particular. The MMs continue refusing to cover the event for fans at home, fearing all those Asians might invade the country.  The giant Tiddleywimp’s stench continues to feed the ABC sports commentators with rotten worm-ridden peanuts. This is to ensure that the Asian Champions League is not covered by the Australian monopoly media.   ABC Television News hasn’t even reported on the scores of this major world football tournament.  This is despite a flood of complaints from the public to the broadcaster.  The broadcaster is known for its backroom dunny deals where the rule by the bottom feeding nepotism principle reigns supreme in truly bureaucratic style with its unaccountable bigotry of the omnipotent government.  It is a bigotry that is drawn from the convict era where subjugation of the populous is the Nanny State’s prime objective. The recent police tasering to death of a Brazilian football fan in Sydney is an example of this unaccountable state apparatus.  A state where government demands all citizens believe its rubbishy rhetoric and where any form of dissent is severely punished in Kafkaesque style.

When the Brisbane football team played Beijing, the ABCTV of Ignorance refused to even report the score on its news (sic) program.  This is an organisation dominated by head-in -sand sports commentators that make Austriges look intelligent. They do however give saturation coverage to Messrs. Tiddleywimp and Crappielackey with their never ending unchanging unskilled drudgery.  Imagine, the Australian ambassador is introduced to the players in Beijing in Asia’s major football tournament in front of a near capacity crowd and the ABCTV Ignorance cannot even report the result of the game on its television news!