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In an amazing game Wellington destroy Boca 2-1 in a friendly where the Boca players were most upset at being beaten by a side where the salary cap would not pay the wages of their kitman.  Meanwhile, Sydney FC goes down to AEK 5-3 in friendly game where poor defensive lapses cost FC.  After their 0-1 against Everton, it is clear that the quality of Australia teams has greatly improved.  It was not so long ago that the Socceroos were soundly beaten by club sides from Europe.  Now our A-league boys do battle with European giants and put up creditable though not winning performances.  However, very disappointing crowds at these games in what is an ongoing media blackout.  The midday bulletins at the Ignorance are full of crappielackey this and that, but not a mention of real football anywhere.  Never mind the Bah Bah Boofheads rely on the aging Penguin to maintain the blackout. 

Add to that an uncertain start by the Socceroos who were outplayed by Slovakia.

Meanwhile at the Ignorance they are playing anti-Asian election material claiming it was archival.  ‘Keep the Asian out!’ was the claim when interviewing a Queensland pollie.  And he is in Queensland that relies on exports to Asia and Asian tourism.  He wants to develop the beef export industry to Asia. Go figure! Then with the appointment of the new Australian football coach Holga Osieck a technical director in FIFA, assistant coach to Beckenbauer, Urawa Reds coach who won the Asian Nations Cup in which Australian A-league teams competed and the cries in the telemoron are ‘Who?”.  The telemorons have no bounds.

The Socceroos begin the rebuilding process with an excellent game against Switzerland.  Attacking football and open play resulted in an exciting 0-0 against Switzerland.  Australia’s defence was exposed on a number of occasions but we also had a number of clear chances.  The new coach Holger Osieck appears to have settled into the role with a fresh approach of attacking play.  Australia’s football team went out to attack and win the game.  This is the new era of football. Whether this style of play will enable the Socceroos to qualify and win the Asian Cup is yet to be seen.   To win the Asian Cup would make the Socceroos eligible to play in the Confederations Cup and give the team valuable experience in playing in Brazil.  The staid Italian and Dutch system of defensive play proved incapable of winning the World Cup and enthusiastic support. 

Meanwhile the crowds in the A-league continue to plummet down the waterfall.  The question is where is the bottom of the support level for the teams? Professional teams need income and given crowds which are now falling below 10 000 with some below 5000, they will be cash strapped.  Deep pockets will be needed by the owners if these clubs are to survive.  Refereeing is still below par in the league but after the World Cup and the poor quality of refereeing this seems to be systemic problem not limited to Australian football.  It is just that Australian referees in the A-league are below the average international standard.  There are too many cards, too many fouls given for less than vigorous tackles and red cards issued at a drop of a hat for offences that are already punished with penalties or direct kicks.  Dives are now video refereed after the match with mind reading machines in a new technological breakthrough.  The video referees have a brain scan to determine whether a player dives or is acting.  An actor in a dive has a green electronic trace in the hypothalam.  Two week bans are issued without the right of appeal.  This is the weird mob mentality of Australian bureaucracy.  The approach used by Australian government officials with their unfettered unlimited power is to get down to the pub rather than down to the facts.

Sydney FC falls to the bottom of the table in the post premier era.  The premier’s curse continues to overshadow the winners.  The game last night where FC was outplayed across the park by Adelaide front of a new low in crowds (just 7500) continues the downward plunge in crowds.  The football in the game was of high standard with two magnificent world class goals in the 1-3 win to Adelaide.  The pity was that there were so few to witness these brilliant goals.  The media continues it blackout of all things football to the general public.  Low crowds take the edge of the game for both the spectators and players alike.  The Melbourne Heart drew less than 5000 to their game and a little rain deters the fans.  The mentality of the Australian public has little improved since the convict era where anything not promoted by the established ruling elite is quickly squashed and fear of foreign invaders is used to control public opinion in the monopoly media.  These MMs also have significant ownership in the small alterative codes and use their media outlets to denigrate football as a matter of editorial policy. 

After the corruption crisis in cricket with match fixing what do you think was the ABC of Ignorance response?  They had an interview in ABC National Radio with Fran the Lacking about corruption in Indonesian football and the claim that (presumably all) Asian football was corrupt. The author a US journalist didn’t even seem to recognise that Asia was composed of many different nations and cultural heritage.  They were for him just Asian.  It is this unaccountable Ignorance that is corrupt and bereft of basic principles of fair play and competition.  This is after Fran the Lacking’s free anti-Asian advertisements for Queensland politicians on National radio during the election.  Neanderthal troglodytes describe the employees behind the Ignorance quite well.

Australia go on to defeat Poland in Poland with a solid 2-1.  The build up to the Asian Nations Cup is getting off to the right start with solid performances against quality opposition.  Osieck who?

Meanwhile the crappielackeys are literally crapping in hotels with disgusted hotel managers complaining of the smell from the chicken droppings on the hotel floors.  The Telemoron reports,

 Sam Brunton and Anthony Gelling, who are accused of defecating on tables and the floor of rooms at the Holiday Inn, Townsville, last weekend.

The Roosters were in North Queensland to play the Cowboys last Saturday night.

A cleaner claimed the rooms were "disgusting, absolutely disgusting".

The club issued a media statement yesterday but attempted to cover up the players' names and their repulsive, shameful indiscretion.”

Meanwhile a tiddleywimp player is exposing himself in public.  This is the mentality of Australian players and the public of the minor football codes.  No wonder they are fearful of international competition.  No one would play against such filthy animals.  These are the very types that the monopoly media promotes in this country! This gives a literal meaning to shit kickers!  And they call real football wogball! 

The falling crowds in the A-league (perhaps because of not enough poo smearing the pitches) have become critical with Newcastle about to go into receivership. The problem lies with the mentality of the Australian public and its media that find poo preferable to class and finesse.  That is the current state of the nation and game.  Perth have finally made it to the top of the ladder and are playing some excellent football and all are wondering when their bubble will burst. Mitchell the coach never really made it any league before.  This time Perth has the players, but has Mitchell the skill and knowledge needed to negotiate the team through a difficult league?  Time will tell.

Crowds continue to fall and are now well below the original break-even aim of 10 000 to below 5 000.  North Queensland got only 4800 at their last game against the Victory.  One has to ask why the FFA are so opposed to South Coast (Wollongong) that had 5000 crowds in the old NSL and a history of football dating back to 1882?  Gold Coast can’t even break the 4000 mark and has a population of red-necks that see anything international as a threat.  They are Queenslanders and the place of the great unwashed WASPs who still believe Australia is a convict land where they rule. 

Craig Moore who has captained Australia’s Socceroos is in disgrace after arguing with police when caught drink-driving in Dubai.  Now Moore has always had a drinking problem and this resulted in a few teams quietly and not so quietly showing him the door.  But to argue with police in the Middle East where he has property investments indicated that his brain when under the influence does not operate properly.  Naturally the National Ignorance makes this a leading feature in all their news reports of the week, substituting Craig’s disgrace for score from the A-league.  The news coverage of the defecating in hotel crappielackey ‘ stars’ is swept under the carpet. One feels for the next tenants of the hotel and the squelching stinking carpet in North Queensland.  I suppose all those young Queensland holidaying couples may flock to the Holiday Inn for a rollick and a whiff of those incredible superstars of the crappielacley where lack of competition means they can be world class.

Holger Osieck arrives in Australia and watches Brisbane take on Adelaide in what was a great game of football with another magnificent strike by Leckie.  Leckie is able to fashion spectacular goals out of nowhere and did it again in front of a paltry crowd in Queensland.  It appears more people watch the game outside Australia than in Australia.  The A-league highlights are shown globally but not on local free-to-air.  This is the cynical approach by the media moguls that seek to blackout the game in Australia but seek to profit from it in other markets.  It is unlikely that the A-league will survive to the season end unless something changes quickly.  Does Australia truly deserve a professional football league when the fans of the game don’t turn up?  The answer has to be no.  The FFA will be forced to bite the bullet and pull the plug on Brisbane, North Queensland, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle and show the door to Gold Coast because it will not have the money to pay the players.  This leaves a league of two teams, Sydney and Melbourne.  Would FIFA grant the World Cup to a nation like this?  Australia is a backwater that relies on holes in the ground and its population is generally an uneducated group reliant on social security who are under the Nanny State thumb with its cosy media-government alliance.  Visitors to the nation would be arrested if they had a drink during the games, rode a bike without a helmet or even if they sang in the street.  A Sad Zack state of affairs.  Imagine a visitor from Europe reaction when they go up to a bar to order a drink to be told sorry we cannot serve alcohol to an intoxicated person!  He will be wondering why he came to the God forsaken land where elite bureaucrats rule every minute facet of the daily lives of their captive population.

Things continue to go bad for the A-league and Sydney FC struggle at the bottom of the competition.  Brisbane now joins Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, Gold Coast and North Queensland with record low crowds.  It appears that the falling crowds in the A-league is still to bottom out right when the  Australia bid to host  the World Cup is about to be decided.  The arrogant ignorant media in Australia continues its blackout of the league and the AFL(sic) organisation with its racist anti-football  rhetoric continues to pour money into stifling international competition.  The Melbourne Mining Club and its cosy relationship with the AFL(sic) governing bodies is dominated by anti-football rhetoricians. It demands the obligatory obedience to tiddleywimps before their talks in what can only be describe as a corrupt cuddly relationship with government bureaucracy.  Media concentration continues to increase with Packer (yes the packielackey one) taking a large position in another TV outlet with the blessing of the government and its close relationship with media moguls.


 Australian football continues to produce quality stars with Leckie apparently on the move to the Bundesliga.   The quality of the A-league reached a new level when Brisbane and Victory played at a high tempo for the entire game with quality passing and interchanging.  Pity only 9k turned out in the redneck capital of Australia. The Socceroo defeat of Paraguay shows the quality of the national team.  The ABC of Ignorance is at it again refusing to report the scores of A-league games on Radio National during the key sports reports programs.  They continue with impunity to use government monies to stifle Australia’s World Cup bid and belittle anything football.  The ‘non-government’ media may have an excuse in that they are owners of the minor competing codes of ARL and AFL (sic) with their effective monopoly control over news.

The crappielackies are at it again.  This time they have destroyed the playing surface of the Newcastle Stadium knowing that real football cannot be played on the pitch for months.  This was done in the middle of the season with the aim  to stop the arrival of LA Galaxy and the promotion of football in Newcastle and to make life as difficult as possible for the Newcastle football team.  The ground staff has on numerous occasions over time prepared pitches that are unplayable but this time they take the cake.  The surface is so unsafe it has been deemed dangerous.  One wonders what these packielackeys will do if Australia has a World Cup.  Even a female government minister has accused the packielackeys of bullying her in discussion about how to repair the pitch.  These ‘ he-men’ of the ARL show their true natures again!

“But claims and counter-claims continued over who was responsible for the debacle, with Hunter MP Jodi McKay continuing her attack on the Newcastle Knights for staging the supercross event.

The Knights declared they would not "pay a cent" of the $500,000 bill.

Yesterday a senior turf consultant told The Daily Telegraph it "beggars belief" that an event could be scheduled on a pitch at this time of year and said only a specific type of replacement grass, dubbed "ready to play", could solve the problem.”

Of course the packielackeys would say that as they have no conception of what constitutes a pitch suitable for football.


 Now a crappielackey is having sex with a dog and promoting his team called Raiders(of the rear of defenseless canines) to the Australian bureaucracy over the Net.  The bureaucrats in the government line the seats and gawk at their heroes as they play doggy style with real dogs. Kiss eat your heart out!  The crappielackey morons think this is funny and what makes their ‘sport’ great.  Meanwhile, the government media outlet the ABC ignores reporting A-League results and favours coverage of their crappielackey sporting antics of bestiality.

Monaghan, a group of drunken teammates, a dog and a mobile phone photographer were at the centre of the NRL's latest bad behaviour controversy that the RSPCA described as "sickening and disgusting".”

The amazing thing is that the administration responsible for the team did not at first want to take action and still umms and ares about whether to sanction their star player.  They are probably thinking that this type of behaviour will keep the turnstiles clicking as the hordes of bureaucrats from the Genghis Khan stable in Canberra flock to wallow in the sludge of the cappielackey games.

The monopoly media begins a new campaign to blackout reporting of the football.  This time ABC television is failing to report even the scores of A-league games.  On the week of two mid-week games not once did the television network report the scores in their news coverage while at the same time they are giving huge coverage to the tiddleywimp and packielackey brigade. 

Can Australia really afford to have a World Cup here when we have the Australian players from crappielacky and tiddleywimps sports indulging in ever deeper forms of depraved behaviour?  What image will this send to the world about the Australian psyche?  Animal welfare authorities are very quiet here in Australia as the crappielackeys abuse animals for their personal sexual gratification and as a means of promoting their ‘sport’.  They have the hide to call football ‘wogball’ because it is played internationally. Sick, sicker and sickest becomes the sports mentality of the general Australian public. Bestiality is now used as a means to promote crappielackey by the monopoly media with its iron grip on news and sports’ promotion.  The sponsors are a milk company.  One has to question the quality of Australian milk with a public that has this type of attitude towards animals.  What exactly is that white stuff in the bottle?  As far as the construction workers go, I suppose they find it delicious!  For all those consumers of Australian milk internationally, a warning; have a good look at the milk carton.

It has become manifestly obvious that teams such as North Queensland cannot survive in a professional league.  A crowd of just 3000 turned up on a Friday night to watch them go down to Central Coast.  While they have poor form no team can survive on such small crowds.  The land of the red-necks does not appear to be a suitable place for football in this country.  The demise of the A-league as we know it appears nigh.  The thinking of ignoring Wollongong with an establish football culture and large number of junior players in favour of Queensland where anti-immigrant and anti-international culture abounds can now be seen as flawed.  Gold Coast are a failure, North Queensland has all but failed and Brisbane top of the ladder struggles to attract crowds.  The great whitewashed land of Queensland just does not have the educated public required to sustain an international sporting culture.  They much prefer to watch the sludge that is packielackey.  Years of isolation and monopoly media have bred a Deliverance culture where native and domestic animals live in fear.  We have the Brisbane Times hiding the top of the table match Between Brisbane and Adelaide deep inside the news and front running with the crappie lackey.  With this type of mentality it is time football and the world generally realise the nature of the Australian establishment is one of crudity and lack of decency.

Australia’s Socceroos lose to African Champions Egypt 3-0 in a score that reflected the game.  Australia was never in the game and Egypt completely outclassed the Socceroos.  A lot of commentary has been written about whether Gulum should have been picked.  Gulum was not picked so he has decided to play with Turkey.  Well if that’s his attitude let him go because it is unlikely he’d put in the effort for the Socceroos anyway.  Gulum has played only two first division games in Turkey and expected to be selected for the Socceroos.  If the basis of selection is whether a player has got a game in a European league makes them worthy then the Socceroos are unlikely to progress and the squad would number in hundreds.  Will we have heard of Gulum in five years time?   Siminic another Australian turncoat failed against us when we met in the World Cup.  Australia progressed and Croatia was dumped.  So who cares about Josip Siminic anyway? He will be remember only for receiving three yellow cards and on a losing team that failed to beat the nation of his birth.  Booooooooooo Siminic! Give me Neil and Moore anytime, or any other Australian with love for their country over that of a potential  turncoat. 

The form of Sydney FC remains unexplainably poor.  Cole continues to make too many simple errors in passing the ball in transition and puts the FC defence under unnecessary pressure. Keller while solid in the air is too slow when a player gets behind the line and he has no cover. Players like Foxe really don’t have the fitness level and skills required in the new step up of quality that is characteristic of the leading teams in the A-league.   It really does look that FC will be challenging for the wooden spoon.  The recent game against Perth in Parramatta where FC’s lowest ever crowd turned out despite heavily discounting ticket shows three important points about the league at the moment.   Sydney’s fan base does not rely on ticket prices and it is not really an important factor in the crowd.  Fans are prepared to pay to watch the team and discounting tickets merely devalues unnecessarily the spectacle and imparts a sense of desperation.   Far better is to create value for money with matches preceding the main game.  The Women’s Team and Youth League should be played before every game.  The field may not be perfect after these games. Perfect or not, the team does not play well and the pitch is not the cause.  Give the fans more to watch and cheer for.  A good score in the Women’s and or Youth League at least gives Sydney fans some joy.  Secondly, spending on expensive players like Nicky Carle has been a waste of money.  Carle while a good player is overpaid and too easy to nullify by opposition teams.  Sydney would be better placed paying incentive payments to their performing players.  Football is a team game, and rewards should be collective but individual performance needs to be rewarded. Carle does not have the necessary drawing power and cannot make the Socceroos squad and for good reason.  He is skilful but predictable and so too easily nullified by solid defences.   Finally, Western Sydney is not the ‘hotbed’ of football claimed and the average spectators from the west will not travel to Parramatta Stadium any more than Sydney Stadium.  Parramatta Stadium is also a very poor venue because of the difficulty getting to the ground due to the lack of parking.  People don’t like to use public transport in Sydney and prefer to drive.  The crappielackey club that controls the parking stops football fans from parking near the ground and does whatever is in their power to make the fans feel unwelcome.  That is Sydney’s west where football fans are treated as outcasts and wogs if they follow football.  This is despite football in Australia being played since 1879.

 The colonial powers of government have always demanded conformity of the populous with no deviation from their precepts. The British elite that ruled the country essential ostracised football players and followers because the newcomers posed a threat to their rule by bringing new ideas to the land.  Control over the population was absolute and sanctions were applied to the ‘low’ classes that played football.  Property rights were concentrated and granted to a corrupt government elite who also controlled the media.  The nation’s isolation meant they were fed sheep manure and kept in the dark about the world.  The way this was achieved was to invoke fear of the evil foreigner and their ideas.  This has persisted right to the present day. 

The announcement of the granting of the World Cup is about to be made.  Australia is a chance but FIFA is likely to go with USA.  Bill Clinton is far more a high profile bidder than Buckley.  Australia’s bid has been stymied by the tiddleywimp brigade with their anti-foreigner stances and unwelcoming nature.  Will the tiddleywimp thugs from the establishment go around attacking football fans in the stands as they have done in the past if we win the bid?  The police and military in Australia have a strange mentality.  Anyone who is a football fan is fair game and can be attacked with impunity.  Australian football history is littered with instances of police attacking fans for very little reason.  Will they attack fans in the streets for drinking beer?  Police have the power to arrest anyone on the streets if they suspect they have been drinking.  Let’s hope we win the bid and the country opens up to the world and allows football fans to enjoy the festival of global football.

 They’re at it again.  This time advertising agencies from tidddleywimps and crappielackey are claiming that the Australian football presentation to FIFA was poor and dated in its approach.  They say the kangaroo was out of the 1950s.  Now that is sour lemons if ever I heard it.  These are the same advertising agencies that promote the third –rate tiddleywimps.  Whenever has tiddleywimps had an original thought?  This site has pointed out their direct plagiarism of football promotions.  These are the same advertising agencies that have used the disgusting behaviour of the packielackeys for promotional purposes.   The fact is they are Neanderthals who haven’t a creative bone in their bodies. These are the same agencies who thought that Hills Hoists were of interest during the Olympics.  A weird mob for sure. 

 It was annoying that Football Australia has vision of crappielackey and tiddlewimps as though they somehow constitute real competitive sport.  The morons on the Australian government media Radio National spent the whole time reporting the complaints of these Neanderthal advertising agencies rather than supporting the bid in their news report. ABC of Ignorance is an organisation that supports the boys and girls close to tiddleywimp brigade. This is how football and the World Cup bid are treated in this country.

It gets worse.  Even the Anglican Church is actively denigrating football in favour of their obscene code.  I had the unfortunate experience of recently being at an Anglican meeting when the message from the pulpit was used for denigrating football claiming that they support the packielackey and tiddleywimps.  Bottom feeding is the national sport in this country!  They even use religion to denigrate football.  In Sydney, the Baptist Church has posters denigrating Cahill for crossing himself when entering the field.   A tolerant country!  I don’t think so Frank.  You may wish it was but it is not. A land of bigots it remains.  The treatment of refugees amounts to government sanctioned criminal activity.   It is there for the world to see.  Thailand has 200 000 refugees crossing into its borders and yet refuses to treat these people like Australia does.   Even this relatively poor country recognises that these are people and not animals to be denigrated and abused. 

Australia only gets one vote, and that was Beckenbauer’s.  Our colonial masters of past (England) didn’t even vote for us.  Just read Soccernomics and it also points out that the colonial rulers enforced the rule of teaching their subjects to play the crappielackey games.  Soccer i.e. football on the other hand was spread by the free market merchants from England to other parts of the world, where people played football because it was fun and not enforced by the gun wielding colonials that had complete rule over their subjects.  This is explains in part why packielackey and tiddlewimps are so artificial competitions with restrictions of player payments and the evening out teams to make all equally sub-standard; regression to the mean if there ever was such a thing.  No excellence here!

This is achieved by punishing teams that win in favour of those that lose.  In tiddleywimps for example, a team which loses often, gains preference in player selection and increased funding by the administrators.   The Nanny State in Australia extends to its sports where underachievement and poor performance is rewarded.  This is just like the citizen who tries to improve their livelihood in the private sector of the economy, they are punished.  Government in Australia is like a mirror, it favours the incompetent. The political elite incompetent bureaucrat has the option to override the Nanny State to gain special privilege from its corrupt activities 

The Hag from the Telmoron claims

These obsessed fans believe the anti-"football" element would essentially be killed off with the glory of a World Cup in Australia. They are the ones who have been brainwashed by an organisation which cannot even run a successful national competition.

The A-League is bleeding. Crowds are down, television ratings are dreadful and not a single free-to-air television executive wants to know about it.

The FFA has spent most of its money on an elite and ageing group of players for more than a decade with very little international success.

Our best 16 and 17-year-olds break all land speed records to move from Australia the moment they get the chance.

The fact that not a cent of the $45 million was spent on a single Australian soccer player is scandalous. “ 

Is it any wonder footballers flee the country?  This is the same Hag who uses the ABC of Ignorance to denounce anything associated with football.  It was the Telemoron bigots and their other media cronies in conjunction with the tiddleywimp and packielackey brigade that brought down the bid. The nice, cosy, monopoly called the Australian media is a sham and FIFA officials recognise the mentality of this group of Neanderthals with their collective IQ of 3.  FIFA have gone with new areas where money is not a problem i.e. Russia and Qatar.  Claims about Qatar being too hot is a common complaint about this choice by FIFA in the media. They do have football in Qatar and they do play in the heat.  I suppose Russia is too cold.  These are areas where the population love football and are hospitable, unlike Australia where football and football followers are wogs and a threat.   Give it a break!

Now Lowy is in their sights as they attempt to put poison in the chalice as they have done to others that have attempted to promote football in this country.  The bigots that abound in Australia will hopefully one day fade away into oblivion.  What will Australia do when the commodity boom ends?  Supply will increase over the next decade or so.

Refereeing standards in the A-league are again under scrutiny.  This time Victory was denied a win when the Brisbane goalkeeper clearly caught the ball outside the area, flung it forward for Brisbane to get a last second goal to equalise in an important match for the Victory. The final 3-3 score puts Victory in an uncertain position in the table and they may miss out on the Finals Series. This part of the league needs to be improved.  Players and tactics have improved since the A-league began but unfortunately refereeing standards have remained the same.  The referees in the A-league hand out yellow cards like confetti, let dangerous tackles go unpunished, and cannot see the field markings.  Seriously, Victory was robbed of a win.

Crowds remain low and but appear to be bottoming, with Victory only getting 11000 at their home game.  This general fall in spectators of 50 per cent around the league is of concern.  How can clubs afford to play professional wages with such low crowds?  There needs to be either a rapid turnaround or the league will need another restructure with lower wage rates.  Adelaide is the only club in the whole league that has been able to maintain its crowds.  Lower wages will inevitably make Australian players seek their fortune elsewhere and the player drain will continue.  Next comes the Asian Nations Cup and the Socceroos need to get organised and prepared for Qatar 2011.

D-Day arrives for Gold Coast with the gate open and free to all.  The crowd against Wellington drew a mere 1700 spectators including the family and friends of the players.  Clive Palmer the backer of the club and mining magnate must be wondering what he has got himself into.  His last throw of the dice is to allow people in free to the game on the weekend.   Ticket prices are not the issue and are very reasonable.  Free tickets send the message that the game of football has no value.  It is the population of the Gold Coast that is the cause of the failure of Gold Coast.

 The Gold Coast area is one of rednecks who fear anything from the world outside their tiny little minds.  They are driven to paranoia of foreigners by a concentrated media that uses this fear to bring Australian football down.  Why would tourists travel the Gold Coast when they are abused and ripped –off by Queenslanders?  The Granny State and its media chums are all about the cosy monopoly relationships that grant power in the state.   Surely the FFA is not so naive as to expect Clive Palmer to outlay millions of dollars for a team that cannot attract a crowd of over 2000 despite sitting third on the table?  It looks like next season the A-league may lose two clubs from the league, Gold Coast and North Queensland.  These teams between them cannot draw 5000 spectators.  The problem is that Queensland has always been the centre for white washed trash and relies on holes in the ground for its survival.  It is also the state of the lowest education standard.  This is no coincidence.

The Socceroo squad will soon be selected for the Asian Nations Cup.  Will this be the beginning of a rebuild for football and the Socceroo brand in Australia?


Aedy the Bigot from the ABC of Ignorance is at it using publically funded news time to denigrate the World Cup bid by Australia claiming it was a waste of money and that a regional hospital could have been built with the money.  How many hospitals could have been built with the monies that has gone into the Ignorance; 50 perhaps?  The Aeedy Bigot misuse of public monies to belittle football fans can easily be seen in the transcripts from “Life Matters”.  A more appropriate title is “Elite Crap Matters”(not)  from the colonial masters who control the airways.  Is it any wonder that the Socceroo bid did not get up with such as concerted xenophobic campaign by the monopoly media?

And now for the Asian Cup and Holger Osiek announces the squad for Qatar.  The new decade begins for Australian football and the Socceroos.

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