Ever wondered why so many Australian footballers (Socceroos) play overseas?


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The preparations for South Africa begin.

The disgraceful attack against Australian footballers (Socceroos) continues unabated on the government funded ABC of Ignorance.  This time the Offsiders program attack Cahill with Mag the Old Nag calling him an  ”obnoxious soccer player” because Tim thanked the Melbourne crowd and refused to be interviewed by the media for its outright false reports of him being thrown out of a night club by a security guard who probably was not sober himself.  This is after Australia had just qualified for the world’s biggest sporting tournament the World Cup. One night well before the game and Tiny Tim then tipped toed through the Japanese defence heading the vital two goals against Japan.  For heaven’s sake Tim has a right to celebrate World Cup qualification. It was also just before the beginning of his holiday and was no mid-season night before the match drunken display typical of the crappielackeys and tiddleywimps where obviously alcohol does not impair performance on the field due to the low skill level required by these bottom feeding cod muddying Australia’s real sporting achievements.

Now when Mag the Old Nag, the crappie bottom feeding dweller was eeoring into the wind she appeared to have no comment about the sexual assault claims of these mud wallowing crappielackeys.  Instead she was singing the praises (not for the ears of the faint hearted- if you thought Bob Dylan could sing you’d still need ear plugs) of Cronulla for its foresight- a team where systemic abuse of women and drunkenness are its hallmark of respectability at the Ignorance.

It is time these over-paid quasi-bureaucrats with their government guaranteed pensions who have been selected on the basis of nepotism and crappie favours are held to account for their disgraceful attacks on football in this country.  Far be it a country united behind the bid for the World Cup when we have these bigots who are the basis of the Ignorance’s sports departments.  The program could not even bring itself to report the score of the Japan game and it had a total blackout of the Confederation Cup.  Yet it managed to report all the rugger bugger scores when no one really cares except the aging old money of the MMs who are not supposed to have an influence over the Ignorance.  Likely story! This is despite the football game against Japan in the World Cup qualifier having not only global exposure but also the largest crowds of the week.  Now is that what we call objective reporting?  The ABC is not a media outlet that has any semblance of objectivity or neutrality in its reporting.  What a disgrace and waste of public monies.

SBS ran an interview with the executive sports editor from the Telemoron who shows what the term goober really means.  These are his claims “But how can we not highlight the unattractive brand of football the Socceroos are playing, for example” Now what is wrong with winning the group by five clear points? He has no idea about football or what competition is.  He has never played in the desert in the Middle East in 40 C temperatures nor travelled the enormous distances the Socceroos do to play the qualifiers. This is the editor of the Telemoron, a dunny paper and not really good for that either as it clogs the sewers with its crap.

He goes on “By the way you keep referring to the game as 'football'. Why are the Socceroos not called 'Footballroos' then?” Now does this not highlight his abject ignorance and lack of understanding of the biggest global sport of football?  This is a sports editor! How myopic and idiotic does one have to be to be part of the crappielackey paper run by Murdoch?  How ridiculous can the MM be?

He then claims “Yes, newspapers are struggling a little bit but we do not deliberately try to upset soccer fans. We just do our best to provide a level coverage of the game.” Sure thing and so why is Cahill and the football community avoiding the purchasing of this blatant anti-football rag?  The reason is that football fans are sick of the driveling bigots at the Telemoron.


On the Cahill issue he says “Look, I've checked this with the head of security. His name is Dave Millward. They told me Cahill would not be welcome as long as his bouncers were at the door. “So why is the nightclub silent on this issue and what are Millard sporting affiliations anyway?  With the risk of repeating the obvious, Cahill had just qualified for the World Cup the biggest sporting event on Earth and was entitled to celebrate. The question has to be asked, did this security group with its rugger bugger association seize the opportunity to denigrate Cahill? Millward is a former correctional officer from the prison system! Is Kings Cross and the Trademark Hotel a prison? 

The owner contradicts the Telemoron version of event.

In brief: "Tim's welcome anytime," claimed a guy called Mim Salvato, the owner of the bar where Cahill's shenanigans took place (or not).


"They've blown it out of all proportion," Salvato (the owner of the nightclub) said in an interview published on FourFourTwo's website. "I don't know what they are going on about. I don't want Tim to look like a bad guy. It was just a simple misunderstanding.

Salvato said Cahill had also been at the bar on the night before the alleged incident - after Australia had qualified - without any problems.

"If you look even slightly intoxicated, we are not allowed to serve you," explained Salvato. "Tim didn't understand this because he lives in England where you can drink as much as you like."The doorman got his knickers in a knot. We don't employ the doormen directly. We use a security company and no-one knew who he was. “It was a nothing incident that should never have happened. Tim was just partying and then left. No punches were thrown and nothing else happened. There was no 'disgrace' or 'shame'."

"Police only became involved after the media phoned them. They came down, looked at the CCTV video, saw there was nothing to investigate and that was it.

"The Telegraph got it way out of line and I don't understand why they have been doing this."

In a week that should have been about Australia's bid for the 2018/2022 World Cup and qualification for next year's tournament in South Africa, The Daily Telegraph (and Sunday) certainly succeeded in diverting attention to its beat up.”

All this is a far cry from the MM goobers that make up Australia’s media monopoly.  The disgraceful tactic of calling the police to get a story for the anti-football media is typical of the crappielackey propaganda.

Newcastle is hammered 6-0 by Pohang Steelers and this signals the likely wooden spoon for the team in this year’s A-League. They were slow, lacked the ability to pass the ball and were a mob of chooks who lost their heads.  There was no shape to their game and Pohang waltzed through them as though they weren’t even on the park.  Newcastle tried the dirt tactics of pulling shirts, slide tackles and body charges all to no avail. Pohang’s quality and tactical finesse shone through.

The Blues FC sign  Byun Sung Hwan  a quality affordable defender and this should ease the defensive problems of FC after last year’s leaky defence.  With a solid start to pre-season games FC looks set to challenge for a place in Asia and the premiership. 

Finally the season kicks off.  New teams emerge but unfortunately the crowds are down despite our qualification for the World Cup.  The games played were all highly entertaining attacking fairs with prominent overseas players unable to make an impact on the increasing professionalism of local players.  Where to now?  Melbourne Victory looks very unlikely to win the league and may not even make the playoff stage given their leaky defence.  Adelaide were solid as were the Gold Coast and Sydney FC. 

In Limmerick, the Socceroos play Ireland amid a blackout of news about the game on the local media.  The Socceroos trounce the Irish by 3-0 in their backyard.  The short passing game of the Ausies was too good for the physical game of the Irish.  Cahill scored two great goals and Carney one in the 3-0 route.  The experimental defence looked solid and matched the Irish attack with only the occasional heart-flutter.  Korea our next opponent will offer a technically more difficult and faster game to that of the lumbering Irish.  Great to have the football season back again.  Pim the Great seems to have the team firing in a great lead up to the World Cup. Great mate!

Meanwhile, the National Ignorance Radio has Hadbeen choking on his saliva saying “In the soccer match against the Irish.... and in Australian Football (What is Australian football?  It is some version of a modified dated Irish game played with an egg shaped (matching the mentality) inflated leather object which is properly called Victorian Rules)...blah blah blah... (about tiddleywimp teams no one has ever heard about) ....In Rugby football....”  Absolutely amazing how myopic and small minded these commentators on the ABC can be!  They have this difficulty referring to football even when reporting about the World Cup. It is after all the World Football Championship. 

Disaster for Brisbane Roar, a pathetic crowd on a glorious afternoon saw a disgraceful display by a vicious tackling team that attempted to kick Wellington off the park.  Farina has no class and his teams lack finesse. To be outplayed by the Ants of NZ and then complain about a legitimate decision by the referee and to be sent to the stands all reeks of big trouble in Brissie.  The lowest ever crowd watched a poor display of football when what was needed was a display of class.  The Ants of NZ made Brissie dizzy with passes through midfield and the Farina tactical response was to kill the opposition which of course back-fired.

Farina has a habit of shooting himself in the foot.  He should go the way of Big Mouth and into oblivion.  Football is about finesse, class and skill not kill.  If the crowds wanted to watch fighting they’d be at the boxing.  Passion does not mean hacking the opposition.  Passion is the desire to win with class.

What is apparent is that the A-League crowds are volatile and FFA is making rash decisions like playing games on Saturday at 3PM instead of at night. Fox Sports has a good coverage of the game, but bums on seats generate more revenue for the clubs.  Even mega clubs like ManU have the majority of their income from gate receipts.  How much more is this the case for the local league?  With stupidity personified, the FFA is using the tiddleywimp method of after the match citing and witch hunts.  If the referee, ARs and fourth official haven’t seen it, let Pandora sleep.

There was great signage for Sydney FC with “Since 1788” making the point about football in this country.  The telemorons continue with their crap coverage of football so very little has changed this year.  It does appear that even in a World Cup year the local football league will continue to struggle despite the massive increase in the quality of play.  It all boils down to Cities of Ignorance where media moguls make mountains out of molehills (tiidleywimps into a sport) and the population believes them! 



Things are beginning to warm up as we move towards 2010 and the World Cup.  The Socceroo squad for the Korea game is Michael Beauchamp, Mark Bresciano, Nick Carle, David Carney, Ante Covic, Jason Culina, Vincenzo Grella, Brett Holman, Danny Invincibile, Mile Jedinak, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell, Patrick Kisnorbo, Scott McDonald, Mark Milligan, Jade North, Michael Petkovic, Nikita Rukavytsya, Mark Schwarzer, Matthew Spiranovic, Shane Stefanutto, Dario Vidosic, Rhys Williams, Luke Wilshire


Brisbane enters new lows in a failing market as Farina looks over empty stands from the confines of a glassed in jail.  A great goal by Moore and hard work by Central Coast failed to draw level.  The question now is how low can Brisbane go before there is a turnaround in their fortunes? How far can the Farina hack style take this team that most people agree has unrealised potential?


Why did the FFA put the game on at 3PM on Saturday when many people involved in football are either still playing, watching or coming back from games ready to do the shopping?  And add to this stupidity, the FFA wants small sided games for juniors who love their competitions.  For the information of the FFA, most kids just want to play a proper game of football and very few are about improving their skills to be professional players.  Our Australian football kids enjoy proper football rules, games and competition, not some Mickey Mouse version that the FFA is promoting.  If our kids wanted to play non competitive small sided games they would play indoor games.  The FFA also wants to select the ‘best players’ at an early age and have them trained away from competitive games destroying the local club competitions.  Club competition is what the kids love and destroying club competitions will destroy football in this country.

 Do we really need these Ivory Tower Nit-Wit-Do-Goodies destroying our kids’ enjoyment for the game of football?  It is time for junior associations to stand up to these pie-in-the-sky bureaucrats sticking their noses into successful junior competitions.   How stupidly rigid is the directive to adopt a 4-3-3 set up as the only way to play football?  Only moronic governments require such rigidity as its ‘policy option’!  Have the FFA never heard of innovation, evolution and progress?  Why limit the tactical approach of teams?  As Pink Floyd say “Hey! Leave us kids alone!”

Jamieson The Red is charged for assaulting a bouncer in Adelaide and gets off too lightly and only given a couple weeks ban.  It appears the crappielackey malaise is beginning to take hold of football and the FFA is doing very little about it.  The Crappielackey annual report noted that the increase in sexual assault notifications brought against its players seems to have had the effect of increasing their crowds.  Now that is evidence of systemic nature of the crappie mentality.  As pointed out earlier, the rugger bugger ‘mole’ after the game has been part of the crappie’s approach for many decades and has its origins in high school leagues.  Let’s hope football does not find itself in the crappie quicksand, bigger crowds or not. 



Meanwhile at the FM Ignorance they keep choking on their spittle and refuse to accept and use the term football despite all clubs and associations having football in their names.  Now is that ignorance?  Then they have the hide to call tiddleywimps , AFL when it is really Victorian Rules a modified form of the Irish league and where they use egg-shaped inflated plastic objects that increase the randomness element in the game.  Let’s hope that the football community does not fall for the porno-freak show that is crappielackey and tiddleywimps.

Meanwhile the Socceroos climb to be rank 14 in the world and the news is greeted with deathly silence on the media.  The really only successful team in a truly competitive sport is ignored for its achievements.  The MMs at the Telemoron prefer the porno-freak shows.  Perhaps this is a reflection of the average IQ and standard deviation of its readership.


It was a really poor defensive display by Australia against Korea losing 3-1.  We were punished by a poor pass from Culina early in game that resulted in a defensive slip and a rapid attack by the Koreans who finished magnificently.  Culina should have played FC and Sydney would have surely won.  The Koreans were quicker and first to ball.  Australia really didn’t get going during the game and it appears the engine room had no steam. Chatting with other Socceroo fans after the game and the consensus is that that we need wide attacking players and go after the opposition.  Playing a slow build up game against the nippy Koreans failed miserably and it looked for a while that they would score a hat-full of goals.  We were cut to pieces through midfield and never really looked threatening.   Nicky Carle show some spark and caused a lot of trouble in his few minutes on the field.  Some good points were the long throws by Milligan, Carle running rings around the Koreans and the realisation that the one striker model will not work.  The game against the Netherlands will reveal all when our full squad assembles.

Neil fails to find a club and it appears either he or his agent is driven by greed.  Whether he can make the Socceroo side in time for the important build-up matches now seems in question.  The usually articulate well-spoken Neil who is undoubtedly driven by self-interest needs consider the man who jumped off a sinking ship with all his gold tied to his body and sank to the bottom of the ocean.  Did he have the gold or did the gold have him?

Brisbane put on a great performance of football against Newcastle. With all the biff gone they turned on a football game and appear capable of improving on their lowly position in the competition.  A new record was achieved when Farina didn’t have a complaint about the officiating.  Not once did he get off the bench as yell at the fourth official.


As for Sydney FC it has to be said that Kissel is not making much of a contribution to the midfield.  Some glaring errors and poor passes have made the rest of the midfield struggle.  He is Lavicka’s favourite son and has been given plenty of time to adjust to the A-League.  This week Aloisi was again the scapegoat being substituted when FC were behind.  He did miss a penalty but so have many famous players throughout the ages.  The same problem has emerged, Aloisi is not getting the service and Kisel is not helping the defence or attack.  Victory remains a shadow of the side from last year and was lucky to get a draw against the Ants who are proving resilient.  The Costa Rican scored from a direct and his nose for goal has definitely saved further red faces.


On the proposed expansion, Western Sydney failed to get the cash needed to support a bid despite being the centre of junior football.  At the end of the day the same problem plagues Australian football i.e. a lack of sufficient investment to grow the game.  The GC with Palmer is in the right direction as was the Iron Cup when they went up against Perth.  Yet where are the Rios and BHPs from the west? Go no further than look at the boards. 


The Stinkoes at Pongsider on the Ignorance are at it again.  It continues to extend the anti-competitive practice of blackouts of the coverage of the A-League despite being a government run and operated broadcaster.  Nepotism runs deep in the Australian government broadcaster.  Hardly rule by elite, more like rule by Neanderthal’s second cousin.  There was no mention of the score from the FC v North Queensland and the brilliant electrifying half volley on the run by Robbie Fowler that sealed the victory to the tropics. Then there are the MMs who seek to denigrate the game at every opportunity.  They of course laud the praises of the porno freak show that is crappielackey where bottom dwelling is considered interesting, and who are pointing to the US as the source of inspiration where ugly is really ugly.  Really, how boring is crappielackey where the only excitement is a wave flagging in the distance as an evolutionary relic falls over a line after spending 10 minutes in the last 10 metres down the other end of the field?  Now that is exciting?  What about some movement and ball skill?


The very poor performance by the Young Socceroos in Egypt is a major disappointment.  This team is full of talented players and went down to the Czechs 2-1 without a fight.  The best that can be said of the team is they were a predictable disoganised rabble trying to play the “Dutch” system against a team that knew the Young Socceroos setup before the game.  Telegraphing the predictable play allowed the Czech coach to completely nullify the Young Socceroos game.  It is unbelievable that the FFA has given our representative teams orders from above to play this predictable system.  Australian football cannot progress in a tactical straightjacket.  The low quality of the refereeing though not responsible for the loss resulted in a stop start whistle happy game that did not allow flowing football.  For us to match it with other nations at a World Cup we need innovation, not staid predictable conservatism.  Enforcing a rigid system on players such as Danning who relies on unpredictability is a recipe for failure. 

And the gloom grows in the A-League.  Newcastle cannot even get 5000 to their game even with their 125 years of football history.  Brisbane Roar has had its crowd halved despite a robust team with brilliant players like Charlie Miller who plays highly skilful entertaining football.  This week against Sydney FC only 7000 turned up to the game.  Kisel’s performance so far for FC has been pathetic and I doubt he’d make the local state league side.  It is clear the only reason he is in the team is that Lavicka brought him out from Slovakia as his favourite son.  Kisel has been responsible for gross defensive lapses that have cost the side games and his midfield distribution is pathetic.  His set pieces are ineffective to say the least and he lacks pace. Melbourne Victory, Adelaide and now include the Gold Coast are completely outplaying anything that FC does.  FC needs a midfield replacement for Kisel and a young trainee for Corica’s position if they are to be serious contenders this year. Kisel needs a stint in the Youth League until he regains some of the finesse which he is credited to have by Lavicka.  If it wasn’t for the great cover of Colosimo, Kisel’s mistake would have caused FC more grief.  It is understandable that Lavicka feels responsibility for bringing Kisel to Sydney, and that Kisel needs to settle into a new environment, but really he can still draw his wages from the bench.  Aloisi also has done little to inspire.  So FC have two expensive players who are well below form and do not deserve a start.  Lavicka needs to be a little bit more objective and get the team firing and putting Kisel in midfield is not the way to go.


The naïve “Dutch System” was brought unstuck again by the defensive, long-ball counter attacking game of the Costa Ricans.  The Young Socceroos were outplayed despite controlling possession because of the naïve approach using a short passing game from the back through midfield and finally in the last third and thereby allowing the Costa Ricans to narrow the defence and put players behind the ball.  The Young Socceroos performance was reminiscent of Sydney Olympic teams from the past with their beautiful midfield play but no penetration. 


The Young Socceroos were soundly defeated 3-0.  There is no excuse for such a poor result and the coach needs a ‘please explain’.  He may have a great theoretical understanding of how the game should be played, but lacks the basics of a good coach- the ability to win games and alter tactics to suit the situation.  Straight jackets are for the insane.  If Australia’s youth are expected to play this type of game we will not produce the quality players we have over the last decade.  Australia’s local coaches are justifiably proud of the many great players we have produced.  With the new directive from on high we will end up with losing teams.  It is time the FFA woke up and realised that football has a number of styles and approaches.  To have the directive from the top to play the “Dutch System” is naïve and shooting the game in the foot.  Statistics show that most goals are scored from less than four passes that penetrate defences.  Far better a tactic would have been to hold a strong defensive set up, with a four-four-two and allow the Costa Ricans to come forward and hit them on the counter attack.  Now after just two games the Young Socceroos are eliminated from the World Cup with only pride on the line against Brasil.



Clive Palmer’s recent outburst about the mentality of the foreign investment rules by the government as anti-Chinese and racists are of course right on the mark.  The massive Gorgon LNG development which is totally foreign controlled by the USA is given the green light but the Chinese are not allowed to help a cash strapped Lynas develop its project to production stage smacks of the real state of the Australian psyche.  This is a mentality that hides behind the blanket of an effective monopoly media that promotes misinformation about not only football but Australian attitudes to foreigners.  This site amply illustrates this in football but further behind this is the real character of the typical tiddleywimp xenophobes.  The Foreign Investment Review Board vague policy “determines what is contrary to the national interest by having regard  to widely held community concerns of Australia’s” reads in Australian popular parlance as “yellow peril wogball lovers gotta stop ‘em slope heads”.  The tiddleywimp and porno freak show followers have this as their underlying ethic and the “let’s bash ‘em at the station and tell ‘em to go back where they came come” mentality.  It is any wonder Gold Coast can only attract 4000 to their games despite being on top of the league.  There is no community connection on the Gold Coast to a world game rather a connection to the myopic boredom of crappielackey with no real competition so must be the best in the world.  What a sad joke!


Decided to go to McDonalds and get breakfast and picked up the Telmoron from a table and checked out the football section. The dunny paper (caution: avoid using it unless urgent as it blocks the drains but may be safe in a drop pit provided there are no live blacksnakes or rats) Telemoron, on the weekend where Sydney FC v Central Coast are vying for first place on the table runs an article about how Cantona doesn’t know who Timmy Cahill is.  This is the extent of their football coverage!  Now this gutter dunny paper is suited crappielackey’s its prime purpose.  No mention of a full house booked out weeks in advance of the Netherlands rank 3rd in the world playing the Socceroos either.  This clear attempt to denigrate the Socceroos shows the mentality of the porno freak show that is its management.


The Netherlands match now looms on the horizon as the Socceroos take on the 3rd rank team in the world at home.  Pim the Great picked the following squad in this important build up to the World Cup.  It will be a cracking game as Netherlands will seek to redeem their earlier loss.  Two losses on the trot against Australia would be humiliating for them and give us the edge come 2010.



Mark BRESCIANO (U.S. Citta di Palermo, Italy) Caps: 51 Goals: 11
Tim CAHILL (Everton FC, England) Caps: 34 Goals: 17
Nick CARLE (Crystal Palace FC, England) Caps: 10 Goals: 0
David CARNEY (FC Twente, Netherlands) Caps: 20 Goals: 3
Scott CHIPPERFIELD (FC Basel, Switzerland) Caps: 61 Goals: 12
Ante COVIC (IF Elfsborg, Sweden) Caps: 2 Goals: 0
Jason CULINA (Gold Coast United, Australia) Caps: 42 Goals: 1
Brett EMERTON (Blackburn Rovers, England) Caps: 69 Goals: 16
Vincenzo GRELLA (Blackburn Rovers, England) Caps: 41 Goals: 0
Brett HOLMAN (AZ Alkmaar, Netherlands) Caps: 27 Goals: 1
Mile JEDINAK (Antalyaspor Kulubu, Turkey) Caps: 6 Goals: 0
Josh KENNEDY (Nagoya Grampus, Japan) Caps: 15 Goals: 6
Harry KEWELL (Galatasaray SK, Turkey) Caps: 42 Goals: 13
Patrick KISNORBO (Leeds United FC, England) Caps: 16 Goals: 1
Shane LOWRY (Aston Villa (on-loan to Plymouth Argyle FC), England) Caps: 0
Scott McDONALD (Celtic FC, Scotland) Caps: 15 Goals: 0
Mark MILLIGAN (Shanghai Shenhua, China) Caps: 8 Goals: 0
Craig MOORE (Brisbane Roar FC, Australia) Caps: 43 Goals: 3
Lucas NEILL (Everton FC, England) Caps: 50 Goals: 0
Mark SCHWARZER (Fulham FC, England) Caps: 70 Goals: 0
Carl VALERI (U.S. Grosseto FC, Italy) Caps: 17 Goals: 0
Dario VIDOSIC (FC Nurnberg, Germany) Caps: 1 Goals: 0
Rhys WILLIAMS (Middlesbrough FC, England) Caps: 2 Goals: 0
Luke WILKSHIRE FK (Dinamo Moscow, Russia) Caps: 35 Goals: 0

Brett Emerton and Scot Chipperfield return which will add experience and power to the backline.  The Dutch are bringing an exciting team and could well be an opponent next year in South Africa.  This is followed by the important Asia qualifier in Melbourne against Oman.  Failure to beat Oman could mean the exit of Australia from the Asian Nations Championship and the additional burden of more qualifying games.  We have here basically the best available players according to Pim and now we’ll see how they perform against the Dutch “Gallactico”.  Hopefully Pim will go with a 4-4-2 play narrow and compact at the back and hit the Dutch on the break rather than try to bottle up the midfield and hope for clean sheet and an individual piece of brilliance to win the game.  The Dutch will most likely score and so the Socceroos will also need to score.


There must be some concern about Craig Moore who was too easily beaten in his last outing against Victory, otherwise the team looks solid throughout.  Whether Culina has lost his edge or not will be answered by his performance on Saturday night.  Gold Coast cannot even beat Wellington at home so Culina’s presence has not really added the hoped for venom.  He rarely scores for the Socceroos and struggles to get on the sheet in the A-League.  In fact Gold Coast look decidedly beatable and Brisbane would have had a decent chance of victory this weekend except for numerous suspensions due to their roughhouse tactics which continues to misfire.


The scheduling of games by the FFA is sub-optimal to say the least.  Sydney takes on Melbourne in an important match which has the potential of consolidating FC’s position in top spot.  Normally and army of FC fans would be heading to Melbourne to support FC in this important match, but the FFA have put the Netherlands game on Saturday in Sydney and the FC game on Friday.  What is the logic behind this?  It is impossible to be at both games unless fans booked many weeks in advance.


Muscat says ''Tomorrow night is our chance to put them to the sword and really get at them and test them.'' Now that may be wishful thinking.   Let’s have a look at the squad

Melbourne Victory: 1.Mitchell LANGERAK (gk), 2.Kevin MUSCAT (c), 3.Mate DUGANDZIC, 5.Surat SUKHA, 6.Leigh BROXHAM, 7.Matthew KEMP, 8.Grant BREBNER, 10.Archie THOMPSON, 11.NEY FABIANO, 12.Rodrigo VARGAS, 13.Nathan ELASI, 15.Tom PONDELJAK, 16.Carlos HERNANDEZ, 17.Matthew FOSCHINI, 19.Evan BERGER, 20.Glen MOSS (gk), 21.Robbie KRUSE, 23.Adrian LEIJER


Kevin Muscat rates as the top performer and get his biggest support from referees.  On numerous occasions his unfair tackles and niggling in the ear of opponents goes unpunished by referees who clearly favour Victory.

Sukha while improving is beatable by the flank men of FC.

Kemp relies on hard tackling and has a slower reaction time than most FC players including Corica.

Archie, a nice player who still doesn’t understand the offside rule so will be out-smarted by the FC defence.

Hernandez, is a danger when in form.  He can be easily cut out if starved of the ball.

Leijer, is in form but still an inconsistent player who is likely to drop his head if the team goes behind.

All in all, FC can easily account for Muscat and his swashbuckling band of slide-tacklers with some decent refereeing.


The Netherland squad waltzed through Group 9 World Qualifiers with 8 wins from 8 games.  The team has goal scorers all over park. The usual set up used is a 4-2-3-1 in typical Dutch style with Dirk Kuyt Liverpool’s key striker as the lone wolf and Robben, Schneider and van Persie ready to make the four in attack.Goalkeepers: Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax), Michel Vorm (FC Utrecht), Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse Arnhem). Defenders: John Heitinga (Everton), Joris Mathijsen (Hamburger SV), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), Khalid Boulahrouz, (Stuttgart), Glenn Loovens (Celtic), Edson Braafheid (Bayern Munich). Midfielders: Rafael van der Vaart (Real Madrid), Orlando Engelaar (PSV Eindhoven), Demy de Zeeuw (Ajax) David Mendes da Silva (AZ Alkmaar), Nigel de Jong (Manchester City), Stijn Schaars (AZ Alkmaar), Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan). Forwards: Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool), Ryan Babel (Liverpool), Klaas Jan Huntelaar (AC Milan), Eljero Elia (Hamburger S  Van Persie is injured so won’t be in the squad and the team has been strengthened by the attacking midfielder Van de Vaert of Real Madrid.  Australia play a great defensive game with Kisnorbo coming in the second half and snuffing out any chances the Dutch could create.  0-0 and the Dutch cannot beat us !  A great result.  This was when our two strikers were off in the second half for the Oman game i.e. Cahill and Kennedy.  And the Dutch system of 4-2-3-1 work against Dutch opposition.  The Dutch do not play 4-3-3 contrary to opinion.  In fact Australia with Emerton looked the more likely to score but unfortunately Timmy and Kennedy were not available for the great crosses he put in during the second half.  Otherwise the result may have been different.  A reasonable crowd of 40000 turned up with a small number of seats unfilled.  This was despite radio reports of a sell-out.   All in all we have to be very satisfied with the performance.

Now the skinkoes at the Telemoron have a headline about the Rusty Socceroos and it is quite clear these crappielackeys on the paper have no idea about competition.  The Dutch are the 3rd ranked team in the world and it must be remembered that Australia is a backwater in all respects except in mining has done well to achieve such a positive result in the world’s most competitive and lucrative sport.  The Dutch team’s combined value is greater than all the money going into all sports in Australia and then by some multiple.  The Socceroos have now reached global attention after qualifying for the World Cup and being able to both defeat and draw with the Dutch.  I had the misfortune to tune to the crappielackey station Channel Nine’s breakfast program after the game.  Was there any report of the upcoming important game in the Asian Nations’ Championships? 

Not a single mention but there was coverage Frank Farina’s drunken ride through Brisbane. 

Is it any wonder that Brisbane play the way they do and why Frankie hit the grog so hard that he was over the limit the next morning?  Half the Brisbane team is suspended and the disgraceful off the ball incidences are the modus operandi of the Brisbane squad.  Does Frank encourage this type of poor play?  Will he keep his job? 

Now for the big game against Oman, a win is vital if we are to progress.  This will test the Pim system and show how adaptable our players are under pressure.


On the ABCFM of Ignorance they had a talk-back program about the media and pay TV’s future.  And what was the comment made by the last contributor?


”I no ‘onger get pay cause of de ‘occer is on two ‘annels.  Why do eh show ‘occer when AFL has more watchinemoccer has only 30 000 at a round? ”


This is your typical low mental capacity of the tiddleywimp fraternity where they demand a blackout of football coverage to avoid being exposed to global competitive sport. The demand that everyone watch their little tiddleywimps version of sport demonstrates the small minds that control the media and sport coverage in Australia in general.


The Socceroos get the result against Oman in Melbourne before a paltry crowd of just over 20 000. A Cahill sliding pass into the corner to secures a vital win 1-0.   Sydney remains the best venue for football and Melbourne belongs in its place – a great southern backwater that the world has passed by.  The Socceroo defence continues to show that when we score we are hard to beat with another clean sheet.  Like all 1-0 wins there were nervous moments and 2-0 would stop the heart from racing. However Pim the Great and his team have done it again under a lot of pressure.  With international football the way it is these days, scoring will always be difficult.  Despite the detractors, the game was a nail biting event.  There are none of those easy scores that typifies tiddleywimps where it is ridiculously easy to score and where they even give wide of the huge posts points.  What a drongo game that is! 


Now Rudan the ex-Sydney FC defender claims the A-league is boring.  He should be sacked.  How dare he criticise the league when he is hardly the shining light of defenders.  The thing that makes any league exciting is the fans’ love for the team and the game.  If Rudan has lost the desire to play, he should retire and head into oblivion where he belongs.  Why Adelaide would hire such a passionless defender is beyond belief.  There are many young players looking for an opportunity- let the old fart have his stinkfests somewhere else.  Who wants players like him in the league anyway?  Sydney will take on Adelaide and waltz right through Rudan and consolidate  its rightful position on top of the table.


Things go from bad to worse.  The Telemoron is at it again with its lying attempts to discredit Australian football.  This time they claim that SydneyFC is fudging on crowd figures and this an out and out lie of unparallel proportion designed to bring damage and disrepute to the A-league.  A-league crowds are based on the turn-style, an objective measure by any standard.  The claim that the crowds were increased on a rainy day where 40 ml fells before the match are fanciful.

The Telemoron claims “The official crowd at the Sydney Football Stadium was announced as FC's lowest ever - 8456  -  but a comprehensive camera study of the entire stadium 10 minutes into the second half  showed there was fewer than 6500.

Our count was 6266. Obviously some were in the bathrooms or buying food and beverages.
But more than 2000 of them?”

The first question to ask is why would they bother to do a count in the first place if the aim was not to discredit the A-league?  The second question is about their faulty methodology which did not take into account those in aisles under shelter from the rain and in the dunny.  I know the Telemoron is a dunny paper, but football fans are not in the habit of clogging the sewers with their garbage.  So did they have hidden cams in the dunnies looking out of the bowls- typical of their crappielackie mentality.  Are they producing porno?  So exactly how was the count made? Pervs in the dunny?  Sounds like the Telmoron with a webcam.


Sheedy schmeedy!  The abomination called AFL aka Victorian Tiddlies is spending 300 million to put a club in Western Sydney. 





Down the drain

It flows

Hoorah, hoorah

And into the ocean

All now brown

Hoorah, Hoorah

Now Schmeedy claims he is building a Sydney Opera House.  What a laugh.

For Sheedy Schmeedy’s information the Opera House was designed by a foreigner and paid for by a state government with an international outlook.  It is in part why Sydney still outranks Melboring on the global stage.

Utzon’s design was not the result of some small minded twit, funded by a monopoly media who believes the world must be like him.

Speaking of the Telemoron, they are at it again playing the race card to denigrate refugees fleeing from violence.  There is a picture of Lucifer Assistant on the front page with horns missing claiming “I’d stop the wogs!”

Meanwhile the Socceroos have a new addition, Brosque.  If anyone ever deserved a chance to show his international class it is Brosque.  Playing magnificent football under Lavicka, he is the surprise package for the Oman game.  Oman are still upset about Socceroo officials for pointing out their diving and time wasting.  So it should be an interesting encounter.  One we need to win.  One wonders what the temperature will be on the night predicted to be in the mid-20C but may be boiling point on the pitch.


The National Ignorance is at it again.  This time attempting to belittle New Zealand’s World Cup bid by claiming that the All Whites will be the only team never to have played a nation of over 3 million to qualify and if they achieve their goal are unlikely to progress. (Australia when eliminated by Iran was eliminated never having lost a game.)

No mention is made that Asian qualifying is through the most populus region on Earth covering, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Iran to name but a few. This mentality from the government funded broadcaster illustrates the lack of any kind of understanding about the world on which they report. Just because they like it not, they seek to ignore reality and promote their peculiar brand of myopic visual impairment.  Never do they make a statement about the minority status of rugby or the miniscule status of the AFL.  In the latest packielacky game between the Kangaroos and Great Britain their premier event the ground was not even full!  This illustrates the level (lack of) of global interest.  As far as union goes, its support base is a very small group of waspy overachieving desperates who think they are somehow superior to the rest of the world and who live in a mythological luddite world of the parasitic royal troglodyte mutant elites.

The Socceroos produce a professional display to beat Oman and go top of the Asian Group with a 2-1 win with only 10 men on a beautiful Muscat night.  On the same day New Zealand qualify for the World Cup.  The Socceroos are ranked No.21 in the latest world rankings released by FIFA.  All eyes turn to the World Cup draw to see who we play.


Vidmar burns his foot as he sticks it in his mouth with his frazzled brain boiling from the week long 40C plus temperatures in South Australia the hottest on record for November.  Yet on the cool wet night at Hindmarsh the draw against the Golden Boys from Central Coast resulted in his defensive temperament being laid bare with all the SA dirty linen.

"What would you like me to do? Chop their heads off. I can do that. We can go to Saudi Arabia and we can do that," Vidmar said at a press conference at Hindmarsh. “

This is of course quite possible as Adelaide has qualified for the 2010 Asian Champions’ Cup. However, it is difficult to see the oil sheiks seeing the funny side of his remarks.