Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?

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Consumer sovereignty?

A recent survey published in the Business Review Weekly showed that football viewing
on the limited timeslots has increased from 33 per cent in 1993 to 39 per cent in 1997.  The main coverage of
football is on a non-commercial network with limited access to the public due to limitations of its signals which
are often weak and shadowy.  This occurred despite saturation coverage of the other codes both of which
decreased in viewers.  In Australia, tiddleywinks has only 5 per cent of people playing the game!  Yet it receives
this saturated coverage in a media that is uncompetitive and has monopoly power.

In the March 99 edition

Now on the front page of the Channel Seven  Home Page.

What's your favourite football code?

AFL 30%
Rugby union 4%
Rugby league 12%
Soccer 37%
I prefer cricket 4%
Don't like any sort of footy 5%
Don't like sports 4%

And yet they still blackout football coverage!

Why is that mate?

Then because soccer was the code- zip, off the net with the poll.
Can't have those wogs having a say can we?

In the opening to 1998 season a sell out crowd at Northern Spirit attended with some page three coverage in the local newspapers.  Yet reports later in news bulletins left the result to last despite the crowds out-numbering the packielackey game that was played on the same night.  Prejudice runs deep in the Australian media and consumer sovereignty is not an issue when the media is an effective monopoly.

When the biggest match of the Australian soccer league was to be played on  Wednesday  (March 31, 1999) night not a word of preview could be found in the paper or in the electronic media.

Or as fans commented:

Dear listees,

Does anybody know who IS screening the Sth Melb v Perth game tommorrow?
Is ANYONE showing it live?

and the reply

No, no-one is showing it, live or otherwise.

I could comment, but I'll leave that to all of you!

The the Murdoch  Australian- (he btw is one of the owners of packielackey) managed in reluctatnt style to report only  20 words the following day.  Now this game has South Melbourne's largest crowd of about 11 000 and didn't get the courtesy of a decent report.  Manchester United beware the Murdoch  Purse!

Now of course the tiddleywinks want to use their ground and destroy its surface so that Spirit cannot play.

As a fan pointed out:

"Just read on the SMH web site that the AFL want to use North
Sydney Oval for games during their season &train during the
summer !"(March 13, 1999)

How's that for ignorance!

Another attempt to stifle competition.
Take away the ground of Sydney's most successful soccer club.

This is followed by tiddleywink's attempt to stop the Manchester United Tour Downunder 1999, to Melbourne using their monopoly control over city's football grounds.

BTW,  the SMH is now effectively controlled by the packielackey stable.
Isn't it amazing how the richest bigots in the country are able get around media laws?

Recent government  protection given to existing owners of  Australian media  from competition creates absolute
control of access to sports information in Australia. The government has moved to stop competition in television setting up an effective monopoly.  One can hypothesize about the motive, but with an election looming on the
horizon its move was hardly surprising in an already concentrated market.

Now of course there is a government attempt to limit free speech and content on the internet.
Guess who has just moved into the internet market in 1999?

The result is that the media in Australia does not reflect the choices of consumers but merely reflects the personal preferences and prejudices of the owners. Prejudice is alive and well in the boardrooms of corporate Australia.
These are clearly demonstrated by the attitudes that have already been presented here.  The attitude by the owner is "Buy your TV network!" A bit difficult when it is a protected monopoly.

Newspaper views: (often owned by the same interests as the TV media)

Greek Goons to Attend Final- A headline by the well-known anti-ethnic protagonist Jeff Wells in the
Australian Newspaper.  This was even though there was no hint of any trouble, merely because the team South
has Greek-based support. He followed this article up with attacks on the ‘ethnic’ aspects of the game.
Yet one doesn't hear him wanting to ban bagpipes at the Australian Rules fixtures. The ignorance ran so deep
that the writer did not even realize the qualities of Ferenc Puskas who was the coach of the team at the time.  It
was also the team that had Paul Wade, the Australian Captain - hardly 'Greek Goons'.

This is a typical ploy by the media.  Carlton Football (soccer) Club is a classic example.  Carlton made the grand final in 1998 and are completely ignored.  The Melbourne tiddleywink newsgroup call them the "Carlton Dagoes" because some of the followers have Italian heritage.  Parmalat are a major international reputable company that sponsor the team and are treated as 'dagoes'.  Then the tiddleywinks owners hide behind the wine industry and expect people to take their products seriously.  Sean Douglas is hardly an Italian dagoe!  An article in the October Soccer Australia also sight the lack of coverage of the game.  Note that this is an empirical experience of other who also follow the game.

Yet the packielackey team gets saturation coverage.

Reason: the media owns packielackie(rugby league) and tiddleywinks (Victorian rules) and do not allow competition.  The Murdoch press concentration alone is  60 per cent.

They restrict competition by blackouts of soccer information and their attacks on the players' and followers' background. These attacks are totally irrational.

Ever wondered if these attacks are due to ignorance or bigotry?

Can people coming to Australia for the Olympics football expect this 'wogball' treatment?

Current experience of  soccer followers is abuse by the media and so the answer suggests an affirmative.

Can you imagine the reception that England, Brazil, South Africa, USA or Nigeria will receive by the media given current the practice of the media?

They will pretend that they do not exist- it will be a blackout!

Failure to report the qualifying of the Olympic Team for Atlanta played in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald
the newspaper of the' Olympic 2000' typifies the approach by the effective monopoly.   Then this paper calls itself
-the Sydney 2000 paper.  One can only wonder about the extent and nature of its football coverage in 2000. In
fairness, its recent coverage of the game has improved but is still minimalist in its approach to the Australian
based competition.  Although recent front page pictures of Pauline "fact free zone" Hanson in the Olympic city of Sydney is a sad fact.

The usual blackout of reporting the National League competition is standard practice.

Then there is usual 'naughty wogs' attack by the packielackey (aka rugby league)  commercial radio media.  Is it
any coincidence that this radio station broadcasts packielackey  where all the scratching and loss of gonads
occurs?  A quote from a football fan.

"Here we go again. Mike Gibson is on his 2GB radio programme at present
about the recent findings of a study by sociologist John Hughson which
stated that the Croatians who rioted at the South Melbourne preliminary
final were just "youngsters living an para-military existence  out to
impress their mums and dads"."

What was the methodology used?  Ask the packielackies at the government protected media?

There were no reports of the riot at Canterbury packielakey- a strangely subdued coverage of that event.

Expect the wogball treatment when visiting the Land of Fosters where they call footballers wogs.

A comment from a fan:

Whilst on the subject of media morons:

>Over the weekend either channel 7 or 9 reported on football crowd violence
>in Indonesia or somewhere else... They reported the final score as 5-3 to
>someone, I cant remember or care, but anyway I later heard on the BBC, that
>the final score was actually 1-1 and the team won 4-2 on penalties.....
>Things'll never change....
>See you all in Melbourne

...Well whilst we're whinging..

Did anyone else notice at least 2 commercial radio news reports saying the
Socceroos had moved from 50th to 33rd? Actually we have been in the 30's all
year, and they should know that. One of them has looked up the FIFA site
which shows we were at 50 last year, next to the current result. Of course
they all just copy each other, without any checking of sources. Bastards.

'Re SMH and reference to Sydney teams not embracing any of the current NSL sides....
I'm not a Marconi supporter, but have been to a couple of games recently and I would refute that they have not
been embraced by other fans. I'm a dinky di Aussie and a couple of mates also, and they have enjoyed going to
Marconi matches.
And, judging from the reaction around us on the hill, I'd say there are others like us.
As well, Marconi seem to me to draw a wide range of support, not just the Italians.

Saw a Murdoch Telemoron lying on a seat

Friday before the A-League
Not a mention anywhere in its 147 pages
You can't even use it for dunny paper
No wonder they hired Wells

 Wells in the Murdoch telemoron  described Olympic football as "diving on grass.." in an article about the availability of tickets at the Olympics- well is that ignorance or bigotry?

Why Wells do they send players off in Victorian rules (aka tiddleywinks) for tripping?

Where is his comment about the opening game on the Olympic Stadium by Murdoch's packielackey 'diving in human poop'?

A rule for one and not the other?

A view from a football fan in Melbourne "Melbourne people will
not have a bar with anything other than that of their hereditary AFL club. Still with Carlton having a
large non Anglo Saxon following ("We are the dago Blues... you know they're Carlton, caus their
banners are in Italian" etc. etc.) I'd expected the crowds they would be getting would be well over
what they are now. Have they successfully approached their AFL supporters, caus they've always
had a group of Pommy singers at AFL matches. And they AREN'T there for the soccer. " Out of the Australian

In the lead up to the 1998 Grand Final a Sydney paper a football fan comments;

"For those fortunate or unfortunate enough to read Ron Reed's article in
the Herald-Sun today, I've got one thing to say.

Fancy placing an article on the back page of the herald-sun and
continued inside about how SM supporters have been racially abusing him
and his family....

Clearly Jonsey is being vindictive.  That is to be expected.  But what
on earth is Ron Reed doing printing this shit now.  WHAT IS HIS

Why now?  Why at all?  Why have a huge article on Eddie K one day and a
slaging one on Souths the next?  Yes I think it is a conspiracy against
SM.  As to who is behind it, I don't know, but why else would somebody
do this.  What Reed conveniently overlooked is that SM has a Turk and a
Macedonian in its team.  Not to mention Croatians, Italian's (including
it's captain) and Greeks.  20% of our members are from a non-Greek
Background  (I've seen the members list myself).  "

Typical bull that footballers have to put up with in Australia.

Now football has been played in Australia as long as anywhere in the world, but it isn't given the 'hereditary' tag.
Perhaps this is because of the media.  The soc*ial game was played here first!  Soccer was first with green and gold and black!

Brought to you by fosters the anti-football lager.

Fosters is conspicuous by it absence at football matches, even those with world-wide audiences such as the Iran
v Australia World Cup Qualifier 1998 for the final France spot. Iran win but that is another story.

In the first match of the 1999 playoffs,  the SMH didn't even report the result of the Spirit v Marconi match despite it having more spectators than those who went to the packielackey, yet it devoted nearly a whole page to them!  It did though amazingly preview the match between Spirit and Marconi which must be a first.

But really, is the failure to report the result surprising given the past record of the paper?

The match which was shown live on pay TV , but during the break they saturated the screen with tiddleywinks propaganda. The viewers were football fans!   But those who saw the match realise how tiddleywinks is really tiddleywimps when it is compared to real football. It is amazing that Spirit had so few bookings!

As the final draws near in Perth one fan comments:

"Finals fever has hit Perth in a big big way. As you heard yesterday the
game sold out within hours of tickets going on sale to the general

The Glory mailing list is now full of mail as to which pubs we are going
to meet up at, when we are going to get to the ground and what the
atmosphere is going to be like without a real Shed area.

 Glory's move to Leederville Oval from Perth Oval now looks to have been dumped. Glory
are holding out on the State Government building a purpose built stadium. With Richard Court tossing (apt word that) the coin on Saturday the favourite song seems likely to be "Dicky, Dicky Give Us A Stadium"

Will the murdoch media recognise it?
Amazingly there was even very short preview!  Nearly 1/6th of a page!

But how about the news headlines for the Grand Final 1999 Preview?
All about the hooligans at the soccer.
And they judge the clubs on a few people only.

Why did they not do that when the tiddleywimps TEAM attacked unprovoked the Vietnamese  hotel?
Do they judge that game's supporters on the behaviour of the PLAYERS?

What colour are swans in Australia?
Black and white.

So why are the Sydney Swans red and white?
Because they come from Melbourne.

Now haven't Sydney United proven one of the most important tenets of football as they reached the 1999 Grand Final?

They fail at the final hurdle but prove the point: ticker, ticker, ticker and the heart continues to throb despite the move to stop it.

What counts is performance on the field; not crowd support, money, artificial salary caps or bureaucratic interference.  These are the province of minor leagues.

Speaking of minor leagues;

From a tiddleywimps newsgroup:

                   " >In the last few years one player in the AFL really makes me
                    want to jump
                    >thru the tv or on the ground
                    >and punch the poncy bastards lights out for his soccer like
                    >falling on the ground rolling over
                    >like the typical overpaid, nancy boy, soccer players."

Now is this jealousy, ignorance or simply inadequacy from the tiddleywimp?

BTW Why do they ban players in tiddleywimps for tripping?

The predictions made a year earlier about the 'official opening' of the Olympic Stadium on June 12, 1999 with the FIFA World Stars v Australia were proved - it was a deliberate attempt to downgrade football, and that the Olympic movement and FIFA have been duped by the SOCOG packielackeys in charge of the promotion.  The pitch was a sandy multilined patchwork of blacked out signs with a  divoted surface that looked more like a dairy yard than a football field.  The pitch  had a game of crappy packielackey played on it three days earlier in the rain completely destroying an already poor surface.  It was only marginally better than the one Australia played New Zealand on in New Zealand during the World Cup Qualifier for France 98.  Kewell was nearly severely injured on its sand dune surface and the black patches and lines made one wonder if the game was being played on the local cow paddock next door where Belmore play in the Fifth Division All Aged 2 competition. The only difference was that they put sand on the Olympic pitch to cover the holes.

Australia won easily 3-2 in front of the 88 101 wind swept fans exposed to the elements.

The media was full of "It's been opened already when they had the league (sic) 'crappy packielackey' game and many people have been there before anyway".

Or as reported in the Leeds newsgroup:

"The match was to officially open the Australian Olympic
  stadium which seats over 110,000, despite the fact that it has
  been in use for over three months."

The media virtually blacked out the previews to the game and derided the concept of the official opening.

The pre-match entertainment can only be described as abysmally poor.
All planned by the packielackeys on SOCOG who control the promotion of the Olympic Games?

It seems all these predictions have come true.

The, at every opportunity attack the Manchester United v.  Socceroos Down under Series 1999  campaign by the media in Australia  was a disgrace.  They clearly wanted the series to be a failure.

All this and Manchester United have signed a contract with the Australian Wool Board and yet Manu were treated like sheep dung.

Every paper, television network (with the exception of SBS) went on a football mauling exercise in an attempt to discredit and belittle the Socceroos claiming  players like Colosimo and Lazaridis as second-rate.  However, who was second-rate?

The MCG for its appalling surface.
The ignorant James O'Brian for his what's on in sport segment on the Manchester United team.
The Australian media for their undisguised attack of the players of Manchester United and the Socceroos.
Imagine calling  Stam, Giggs, Urwin, Cole, Yorke, Bosnich,  et al second rate?

Is this another case of  Australian sports media  ignorance or is it a matter of ostriches with their  heads buried in dung?

But the crowds still came and new Socceroos stars emerged.  71 000 in Melbourne and 78 000 in Sydney.
All despite the media derision.

BTW the coverage by Stoke's Joke was actually creditable.
But then, how much influence did the worry beads have on the management?

As for the friendly- well for Colosimo it's a case of deja vu USA.
The tackle from Cole was uncalled for and he deserved a red card.

It highlights who had the skill! And it wasn't Cole  Voodoo!.

Then along comes John.
The howardly coward.

The  Honourable PM of Australia with his powers of  premonition, bans football players from attending a human rights convention at Bondi and kicking footballs in Australia.  Why ?  Because they are black West African footballers!  He bans them  just because they are footballers using the pretext that they will overstay their visa.  Where in the soothsayer's underworld did he see this premonition.?  What if they were packielackey or tiddleywimp players?  Would he have banned them?  Imagine if they had played rugby!

Will he ban all participants from Africa during the Sydney  Olympics?
Now even the UN finds this behaviour disturbing.
But guess  who is speaking at Bondi?

When South Melbourne qualified  for the World Club Championships in Brazil after winning the Oceania zone there was not even a  mention in the packielackey/Stoke's joke of a media.

As one fan commented:

"Also very absent from most reports was South Melbourne's great result in
Nadi. Shameful really. Who do you blame? No excuse in my opinion."

As another fan points out what the media ignored;

The representatives, and how they qualified are as follows:

AFC: Winner of the 1998 Asian Super Cup: Al-Nasr, Saudi Arabia
CAF: Winner of the Champions' League 1999 - 12.12.99
CONCACAF: Winner of the 1999 CONCACAF Champions' Cup: 03.10.99
CONMEBOL: Winner of the 1998 Copa Libertadores: Clube Regatas Vasco da
Gama, Brazil
UEFA: Winner of the 1999 Champions' League: Manchester United, England
OFC: Winner of the 1999 OFC Club Championship: South Melbourne, Australia
Winner of the Toyota Cup 1998: Real Madrid, Spain
Brazil: Champions, Corinthians, Brazil

This of course is not to mention the blackout of the new season. Murdoch's Australian on Saturday 9th Oct 99 didn't even mention a word of preview or report the results from the previous night.  That's murdoch's packielacky for you!

Is it any wonder that Ange Postecoglou finds the lack of  media recognition for his side an affront?

Australia  v Brazil 0-2 , Australia v Brazil 2-2 and Kewell fails to front.

Have things improved in the media?

As a fan points out.

"Today's SMH sports result page only published 4 of the weekend's results and
failed to include the competition table."

But what can one expect from the Sydney 2000  media !

In another football first  the Matildas (Australia's women's Olympic football team) release a nude  Matildas Calendar, Sydney 2000?!

They receive world -wide coverage but the packielackey/tiddleywimps of SOCOG attack the football team because they dare seek publicity in the nude and attempt to stop its publication!

Haven't they ever been to a nude beach?!
Are they never naked?
Do they shower and bathe in their undies?

This type of gutter journalism is to be expected from an organisation that is intent on the blackout and abuse of football in Australia.

The Murdoch's Australian claims it is a backward step for feminism- or should that read feminazi intent on the control of women!?

But then that's Murdoch's packielackey for you!!

The facts are that  there are not enough copies of the calendar to go around
and the Matildas are a competitive football team.  They might not win gold
and might be beaten  by the USA and China but they are real footballers.

They play a real game!

In fact the calendar is very artistic.

Here is the view from one of  the tiddleywimps posting to a real newsgroup:

"The Australian Women's team who will be representing their country at the
 Olympics next year have stooped to an all time low.

 Getting their gear off for a nudie calendar (showing everything not some art house
 type shots).

 Comes with the sanction of Soccer Australia.

 And you wonder why people don't take soccer in Australia seriously?

 Not to mention the ridiculous comment by one player on the radio this morning
 stating that 50% of the team was lesbian. Did we really need to know that?"

How rude!
They must be Continental wogs !
Imagine putting sex first!?

It was so offensive that a quote from the calendar is in order.

"Wauchope, family,
friends is where my
success comes from"

Tracie McGovern"

And she is a good looking sort!

They might even go topless down the beach!

Viva la football!




(BTW Joe Marsdon in the 20s was the first Australian born coach.)

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