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Sermani’s tactic for the Matildas game against North Koreas was inappropriate for the situation where a win was the only result that mattered.  Not only had he selected basically all similar players but persisted with the wide wing play and no variation in attack.  Sitting in his ivory tower away from the field and completely abandoned the players he sipped tea while the girls were tactically outplayed.  A coach belongs on the sideline helping to make tactical adjustments not sitting in an ivory tower because the bench is too cold!


No wonder the Matildas are eliminated after such a poor tactical display by the coach.


He claims he played against the best team in the world.  This is yet to be proved and the World Cup should be his last tour of duty.  We need good coaches for our national teams to progress to the next step, not necessarily foreign coaches but good coaches.  Matildas end up losing 2-0 at home to be eliminated from the Olympics.  A sad day for Women’s Football in this country and all but ignored by the media as usual with no reports of the score even in Porkie’s Ausmoron Murdochian Mudpie.


Meanwhile the telemoron is at it again claiming Viduka shouldn’t be allowed to play because he hummed and hahahed about the Asian Cup.  No recognition of the full commitment he has given the Socceroos over the years.  It may be simple ignorance but Telechops is more likely seeking to discredit Socceroo players in a backhand way. Anyway the Duke is playing for the Socceroos despite his move to Newcastle.


Hey Arnold is making tactical changes and altering the attacking form for the Asian Cup.  He is putting Duke and Kewell in attacking modes instead of the usual containment modes with Carney as an attacking left back! 


Group A (in Thailand)
 7- 7-07 Rajamangala     Thailand 1      -  Iraq 1   
 8- 7-07 Rajamangala     Australia 1     -  Oman 1
12- 7-07 Rajamangala     Thailand        -  Oman
13- 7-07 Rajamangala     Iraq            -  Australia
16- 7-07 Rajamangala     Thailand        -  Australia
16- 7-07 Supachalasai    Oman            -  Iraq


We rode our luck against Singapore but pure class by the Duke and Cool Kewell won the day with a 3 zip result.  The team was flat in hot and humid conditions that had the added bonus of all two verses of Advance Australia Fair.  The game did show that Arnold’s tactics are easily dealt with by an organized compact defence and the vulnerability to sucker punch. Kool was all class and the combination with the Duke shows our reliance on individual brilliance.


AND on ABC News Radio the ignorance of its Toff’s Tosses in the sports department all but ignored reporting this important game before the competition proper. Given the continued blackout of football on free-to-air and the inability of the majority of public to see Socceroos games you’d think they would report these important games that promote Australia in our region.  But as usual the race card is used in the lead up to the federal election, this time it is being used to stir up anti-Aboriginal sentiment, but it won’t be long before the anti-Asian rhetoric begins in the parliament spurred on by the PM.   After all, the ABC of Ignorance and its toff tossing shows its attitude to Asians, Africans, European, South Americans and the Great Unwashed has been all too transparent.  Meanwhile their tiddleywimp counterparts are associating with hoods shooting out of cars and terrifying citizens in Melboring streets. 


The Deadhead attack on Oman in an undisguised attempt to destroy the credibility of a nation because it is ranked below Australia in the FIFA rankings in what is the world’s main competitive sport just shows what absolute morons are in charge at the ABC.


For the punters:








South Korea


Saudi Arabia



The Thai public is obviously more knowledgeable than the ignorant Australian sports media such as Hadfield and the Hasbeens as the Socceroos are swamped with well wishers as they visit Bangkok in their lead up to their first match against Oman.  The ABC of Ignorance continues to blackout news and this is replicated by the morons in the rest of the monopoly media back at the ranch.  With all the tools at his disposal Hey Arnold must deliver a winning side.  The question arises as to whether he learnt anything as the understudy of Guus.  Can he deal with pressure or will he sit remote from his team sipping tea doing a Sermani?  Winning the group is essential and breaking down the compact all-bar-one behind the ball defences requires know-how and the ability to change tactics and spring surprises.  Kewell is itching to go and the Duke is in form so no excuses.


An interesting start to the tournament, pouring rain in warm conditions and both Thailand and Iraq played attractive football at times and showed a good level of technical ability despite the conditions. 


Hey Arnold, an important but simple point- go out and get the lead before relaxing and conserving energy.  The Socceroo performance against a skilful Oman was disappointing to say the least.  The slow start was tactical poor.  In football it is important to get a lead as early as possible and build on the lead thereby reducing the chances of losing.  The defence was all at sea as Oman attacked narrowly with passes behind the line of defence that was seldom picked up by the lethargic midfield.  In the second half as the Socceroos lifted the tempo Oman ran out of steam and the last gasp equalizer by Cahill made for an unnecessarily difficult game.  The point gained means we are still in the group but still needing the win to go through in top spot.  Australia 1 Oman 1


Mark Shield’s award of a penalty to the Saudis against South Korea was not at all controversial.  It was clearly a case of both holding and deliberate charging in the penalty area.   The coach needs to realize his side was caught by a brain explosion by the defender.


Hey Arnold or is that Dopey?  What on earth were the Socceroos doing?  Multi-million dollar players and a crap coach equals a thrashing by Iraq. Black Friday strikes with avengence, Iraq 3- Socceroos 1.


Sack the coach now before the next game.  Bring in anyone but Dopey and Big Mouth.











































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The Socceroos now play Thailand and must win.  They are capable of this but  Thailand is a host nation and will lift against the Socceroos who look weak all across the park.  What has Arnold’s football brain being doing?  Is his valve leaking?  How can we be in this situation needing a good win again Thailand to progress?  The Asian are fast, technical and above all play with passion.  If Thailand plays anywhere near as good as Indonesia last night we are in for a torrid game.  But where there is life there is hope.


But Kewell stressed the blame did not lay just with the manager but with the team as a whole.

He added: “You can’t blame the referee, you can’t blame the manager, the only people you can blame are the 11 players that are out there and we were not got enough, it was as simple as that,

“We can only go out there and try to play better than we did. We can’t even look towards the next round after the way we played.

“Players need to pull their finger out and I am no exception. My own performance was poor but we have got to sit down and turn this around.”

Kewell’s point is valid.  A manager who is capable brings the best out of the team.  Hey Arnold has not done this.  When you look at the quality of the coaches in the other team and see Hey Arnold on the bench it does not inspire confidence.


Great win by the Socceroos with a brace by the Duke to progress through 4-0.  The question arises is it due to Hey Arnold’s football brain putting Milligan, Beauchamp and Carney in the team FC, CC, FC, or an act of desperation.  Whatever, good defences win games and the Socceroos showed this tonight.  Now for Japan who has been the form team of the tournament.


The Socceroos go inevitably down to Japan after extra-time 1-1 and 4-3 on penalties.  It was hot and humid but that is true for both sides.  Australia lacked ambition and know-how in attack.  Aloisi’s goal was well executed but after a mix-up with Schwarzer and Milligan, Japan immediately responded with a Takahara turn and pivot to blast the ball off the post into the net.  Grella’s brain explosion with a trailing arm in an aerial challenge sees a hash red gets beets and Socceroos were down to ten men.   The Socceroos fought valiantly but in vain. They should never have been in that position playing an in-form Japan on-a-mission in the Quarter Finals.  Arnold’s substitution of Viduka who was causing the Japanese defence all sorts of problems was baffling.  True the Duke put his hand up to come off but I am sure he would have sunk the penalty in the shoot-out after his miss against Uruguay.   Of course taking Aloisi off after scoring is another question mark about the tactical play by the Socceroos.  We needed to win play defend or an as we were attitude. It is the mentality of all hands to the pump instead of full steam ahead that plagued the team throughout the Asian Cup group stage.  In terms of performance –one win, one draw and two losses or 4/12 making it 33/100 or an F.  Arnold must take his share of the blame for the premature departure.  The send-off of Grella was harsh. The 10 players who fought to the bitter end of time to go down in a penalty shootout exhausted deserve full marks for effort if not inspiration. 


Bring on the new coach and let’s begin the long climb up Everest to Asian success.  Everest takes its victims and preparation and planning are crucial for success.  World Cup qualifications have been made all that more difficult due to our failure to perform once again in a pressure situation.


A few of the crappielackeys on Fox Sports are at again claiming the Giant i.e. football is about to fall asleep because of the poor performances in the Asian Cup. Ignorance abounds amongst the MMs from the second raters who think biting is an exciting tactic.  Football is a professional sport where the top athletes of the world assemble seeking victory.  News for the MMs is that real football is about to kick off with Sydney FC having the best squad and looking to challenge Melbourne for the title.  The World Passion begins.  Fan fare, fan fare..goalllllllllll.


The Socceroos square off against Argentina with Arnold as coach in Melbourne.  It will be difficult game but a chance for a new striking combination to demonstrate its ability against top quality opposition.  Viduka and Emerton are missing otherwise we are about as good as we get. 

Socceroos squad: Mark Bresciano (Palermo, Italy), Vincenzo Grella (Torino, Italy), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England), Nick Carle (Genclerbirligi, Turkey), Josip Skoko (Wigan, England), Michael Beauchamp (Nurnburg, Germany), Luke Wilkshire (Twente, Holland), Josh Kennedy (Nurnburg, Germany), Brett Holman (NEC Nijmegen, Holland), Carl Valeri (Grosseto, Italy), David Carney (Sheffield United, England), Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory, Australia), Jason Culina (PSV Eindhoven, Holland), Michael Thwaite (Wisla Krakow, Poland), Scott McDonald (Celtic, Scotland), Clint Bolton (Sydney FC, Australia), Alex Brosque (Sydney FC, Australia), Patrick Kisnorbo (Leicester City, England), Simon Colosimo (Perth Glory, Australia), Lucas Neill (West Ham, England), Dean Heffernan (Central Coast Mariners, Australia)


Meanwhile the ABC of Ignorance is at it again attempting to ignore the A-League with no reporting of the upcoming round.  Wellington is easy beaten by Central Coast 3-0 and it was all over within a 20 minutes.  Of course the ignorance continues as they avoid reporting A-league games.


Olyroos are through first rounds of the qualifiers with a Milligan miracle goal amid the usual media blackout with the ignorant snub of the Koreans. But then that is par for the Tele and Ausmoron.



Australia 1 (Mark Milligan 49')
DPR Korea 0

Australia team: 1. Danny Vukovic (gk), 2. Ruben Zadkovich, 3. Adrian Leijer, 4. Mark Milligan, 6. Stuart Musialik, 7. Kristian Sarkies, 9. Mark Bridge, 15. Nick Ward (11. Bruce Djite 64’), 19. David Williams (39. David Micevski 74’), 20. Nikolai Topor-Stanley, 22. Billy Celeski (16. Leigh Broxham 89’)

Unused Subs 13. Trent McClenahan, 17. Aaron Downes, 18. Tando Velaphi (gk), 27. Ersun Gulum

Yellow Cards: Leijer 74’
Red Cards: None

Referee: Hiroyoshi Takayama (Japan)

Meanwhile on Foxsports the football commentator Andy  Eeyore

 Harper moans and harps on about strikers in the A-League, yet when he was playing in a non-professional league with very much weaker defences he couldn’t hit the side of a barn.   A case of never-was and could-never-have-been.

FC manages a draw at Perth that is beginning to look like a team with players that can run backwards faster than forwards.  Even my bantam cannot run backwards that fast and can’t cock-a-doodle-do like Eeyore!

Meanwhile back at the ranch the debate goes on about the Australian football coach.

Hiddink contended, “Now that Australia must qualify for World Cups through Asia they cannot rely just on European based players who will fly sometimes in to matches 24 or 36 hours before kick off.”

“'What sort of preparation is that? How can they be at their best?”

Of course in ‘Guus We Trust’, there may be a motive for him to comment on the selection of a new coach.  After all, he does represent The Ruskis and unless he is expecting defeat at the hands of the England and the sack why should he comment? It is quite obvious he is correct.  We need an Australian based team with maybe one or two players from Europe.  After all the players in the A-League are now professionals and will be able to match with other professionals in Asia.  Will European players be able to cut the mustard in Asia and Africa given the dismal form in the Asian Cup? Players like Grella did not cope with the conditions.  They may be fine in the cold climes of Europe but in heat and humidity, including South Africa in summer there must be some doubt about their ability to adjust to the more technical and tactical games needed in oppressive heat.  Asian Belly, African Belly, Big Belly or No Belly the European players must show they can perform in conditions outside Europe.  Guus may be right.

Great game by Grella against the Argies with a rampant Messi kept under control by the new defensive lineup.  In the end the Argies were too good winning 1-0 in front of 70k on a Cool Tuesday where the class was all at the MCG.

The Matildas show some grit as Sermani hides in the stands to win 4-1 against Ghana.  Finally when da Vanna came on and our only ball player in the team was there some penetration of the Ghana defence.  In the end a great win and well deserved.

Brosque says he’s FC’s saviour for the game against Wellington.  This is a must win situation for FC otherwise they’ll be off the pace and make it difficult to qualify for Asia even at this early stage.  Brosque missed his usual sitters and failed to score again!

The Matildas are almost through as Sermani goes down to the bench.  Perhaps he only leaves the bench for the hills when the team is losing.  Great play by the Matildas and a thoroughly deserved set of results.  The 1-1 with Norway showed that the Matildas are able to continue to play at high intensity right to the whistle.

Brosque is finally on target as FC record two wins on the trot.  The Melbourne game will show whether FC can grind out wins when it counts.  Culina bites the dust- SF did play poorly and continue to struggle.  Selling Petrovski and taking Rudan out of the central defence were critical mistakes.  The team just didn’t perform when it counted.  Contrast this with Farina’s Queensland and his uncovering of new talent and Culina just didn’t cut the mustard.  It is always easier to sack the coach than all the players!  Maybe now SF can claw its way back up the table.

Meanwhile, the Olyroos leave their campaign in jeopardy after a 0-0 draw in Lebanon with the usual Hey Arnold style of one striker.  The game against Iraq at Bluetongue is now a critical game with only a win sufficing.  Hey Arnold give Zullo and Cruise a run and score a few goals!

Little Big Mouth has got FC off to a flying start with two wins on the trot!  Now for the Melbourne test.  I looked at the players in Four Two Four considered the greatest Australian players and note the inclusion of Mori.  Yes, Mori was a great talent but Soper was better.  Soper added flair unrivalled in Australian Football history.  And no, Eeyore didn’t make list!  FC will player LA soon and the game is reported to be a sell-out.  No mercy to LA!

Socceroos play Nigeria and the squad is: Michael Beauchamp (Nurnberg, Germany), Tim Cahill (Everton, England), Nick Carle (Genclerbirligi, Turkey), David Carney (Sheffield United, England), Scott Chipperfield (Basel, Switzerland), Nathan Coe (Copenhagen, Denmark), Brett Emerton (Blackburn, England), Adam Federici (Reading, England), Josh Kennedy (Nurnberg, Germany), Harry Kewell (Liverpool, England), Patrick Kisnorbo (Leicester City, England), Scott McDonald (Celtic, Scotland), Lucas Neill (West Ham, England), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England), Mile Sterjovski (Genclerbirligi, Turkey), Michael Thwaite (Wisla Krakow, Poland), Carl Valeri (Grosseto, Italy), James Wesolowski (Leicester City, England), Luke Wilkshire (Twente, Netherlands). We win easily on a cold wind swept field unlike any to be encountered in Asia.

Finally we have a national coach Pimaroo Verbeek and assisted by Henk Duut with the qualifiers upon us starting in Melbourne the place of historical failures where the crowd has only begun to understand the rudiments of real footy.   Fortunately the staid Advocat with his motor stuck in reverse gear won’t take the reigns. Where a football field is an oval and the crowd is kept as far as possible away from the action with a constabulary ready to attack the yellow hoards of wogs dominating the cityscape.   Qatar, China and Iraq meet the Socceroos in a home and away series beginning in February at Telstra Dome.  So begins page 19.