And the games go on!


Australia plays China- but unlike the 1920s where Australia played “For He’d a Golly Good Fellow” as the Chinese national anthem, it is unlikely that the Chinese will play “The Great Long March” in retaliation.  Can the Socceroos cope with the growing powerhouse of Chinese football. 


After a nice rendition of Advance Australia Fair the Socceroos outplay a disorganized and lack-luster China to easily win 2-0.  The pick of the goals was an individual piece of brilliance by Bresciano who powered through the Chinese defence with a flick and volley into the right corner of the goal.  Again it was a Socceroo performance of two halves- a full throttle thrill-a-minute first half and half throttle in the second. A sign of a good coach is an improved second-half performance.  The Socceroos could have gone on and punished the Chinese to gain the psychological advantage for the World Cup qualifiers but it was the Chinese who emerged as competitive. Every game under Dopey has been great a great first half followed by an ordinary second.  The Chinese team has been plagued with internal problems, ill discipline and a coach under enormous pressure due to poor performances by his team.  Australia must be able to beat the Chinese if they are to qualify for the World Cup.  Asian super-powers are Iran, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia and these nations will fight out the four places available. 


Meanwhile it takes the Chinese steel company Delong to sponsor Perth.  Bluescope asleep at the wheel or is it a case of scratch one of their executives and find a bigot? 


Meanwhile the FC are off to Indonesia in the Asian Champions League.


Completely outplayed in the heat, Sydney FC go down to Persik 2-1 in Indonesia with a dismal display of shoot yourself in the foot football.  They now have to win all remaining games to have any hope of advancing.  Brosque  missed sitter after sitter and showed why Queensland were never able to win with him leading their attack.  He had numerous opportunities to bury the game in the first half but failed to find the net when it mattered.  Exit stage left for FC and Adelaide who threw away a two goal lead to finish 2-2 against the Koreans.


The Packielackey and Penguin stinkoes fail to even report the result in their breakfast news shows, showing what a mob of ignorant anti-Asian bigots that run the media in Australia.  Cushy Koshie’s ignorant bigotry is appalling. Meanwhile, Packielackey buys into Macau thinking he can rob the Chinese in his gambling dens and shows his true colours as a crony capitalist supported by a government media monopoly. 


Buckley the FFA CEO claims that  salary caps don’t hurt AFL, NRL or NFL and should remain part of the A-League fails completely to understand the competitive nature of sport.  AFL aka tiddleywimps, NRL aka packielackey and NFL aka Crappo Americano are not international competitions.  They do not have a competitive ethic and are regulated to achieve ‘a level playing field’.  In short they are artificial leagues where competition plays a secondary role to marketing.  In Australia they rely on a media monopoly and in the USA on a globally isolated uneducated population.


In the world of real football players are in demand globally.  To compete at this global level requires competitive forces and competitive competitions.  How can Sydney FC compete in the Asian Club Championship if its salary cap for the whole team covers the cost of one player only in the teams it competes against?  Further, the bureaucratic mentality of FFA has forced a ten-fold increase in administration on the mums and dads who are at the grassroots of the game in Australia.  Why are junior clubs expected to fill innumerable pieces of paper to satisfy the bureaucratic whims of CEOs derived from the small tiddleywimp stable?


A solid display by FC on ANZAC Day proved too strong for a resilient and determined Persik, after Brosque missed sitter after sitter and finally got one in the net.  FC 3-0.  Adelaide United played like a team that got hammered 6-0 in the grand final and was outplayed by the Moonies in the eerie silence of a dying cult. 


Meanwhile the pinko stinkoes of the ABC national radio allocated enormous news time to tiddleywimps and crappielackie build ups to ANZAC Day games but were intent on ignoring the Asian Champions League clash by FC.  The ABC of Ignorance naturally failed to recognise that real football was well under way in Australia before the troops landed in Turkey to help the British grab for oil during World War 1 and its use of coercion to establish its trade monopoly in Africa and Asia.  Who was really behind the assassination? No mention that Brits played football not tiddleywimps and that the ANZAC were fighting for the Britain Empire.


FC draws 0-0 with Shanghai after dominating the game against a packed all-behind-the-ball-defence.  Brosque failed to capitalize on a number of chances and has regressed into his usual mold of creating excellent chances but being unable to finish off his moves.  The cause of this failure remains a mystery.  Is it inexperience, brain rushes or panic?  Talay missed a penalty which resulted from a refereeing mistake.  Why didn’t Corica take the kick?  This is a mystery as he is the in-form goal getter at FC.  FC now needs to beat Urawa away.  This will be difficult given the lack of in-form strikers and a missing Middleby who will be suspended after getting a soft yellow card.  FC played a lot high balls into the Shanghai penalty area which were easily dealt with by the defence that appeared very good in the air.  The worry is that Culina didn’t recognize this and change tactics in the second-half. 


The disgraceful attack on Lowy at the GM that raises questions about his commitment to his work at Westfield’s due to his commitment to football shows the bigots in Australia’s financial community.  These questions are not asked of the tiddleywimps brigade in the Melbourne Club.  A case of ‘Stevie

 Wonders who’s a bigot” and sees himself in the mirror.

A massively important game looms with FC v Urawa with a complete blackout of the media coverage of the game here in Australia.  It highlights the great unwashed, uneducated sports media in Australia with its gaggle of bigots intent on reporting on Dumbos instead.  The Ausmoron couldn’t even report the result of the Olyroos win in the qualifiers against Iran. After all Iran is only a land of rag heads.

FC will be without Middleby who is central to the flank attack and Zadkovich’s Well, he is a whole in the ground, untried and liable to make poor decisions under pressure.  So again FC rely on Carney and Corica to spearhead the attack with a Brosque likely to trip or mis-kick at the vital moment. Zdrilic  used to playing in front of 60K plus fans will have his last chance to prove that he is a professional striker worthy of an FC shirt.  A win is all that is required and FC must attack.  The danger is that Culina will demand a damage limitation mission and require the players to be too cautious for too long and not give FC the opportunity to win the game until all is too late.  To win the group would be an enormous achievement, but the odds are against it.  Here’s hoping FC can do it under the pressure of the Japanese Reds and with the bigoted unwashed media morons in Australia rooting against them.


History in the making


We’ll see!

FC is the origin of football not Crappielackey Droobball

Do or die


Sydney go down 0-0 with Brosque and Zdrilic missing sitters when it counted.  The tactic of Culina was the usual too little too late. Admittedly he worked with a depleted squad but playing Zadkovich resulted in a lack of penetration down the flanks.  The stacked defence of Urawa held up easily against the FC attack and showed that to win requires consistent performance.  While a creditable performance, it must be seen as a missed opportunity and highlights the need for strikers and perhaps a more tactically aware coach.  Culina did get the troops organized to make it a competition until the last game.  Whether the team has sufficient funds for these is a matter for the board but they are certainly needed if Sydney is to get a chance at another crack at the Championships within the next few years.  The side will struggle in the A-League unless these matters are addressed.

The Socceroos and Matildas are in action this week.  The Socceroos are trialing new players against Uruguay in what shapes to be an interesting tussle. The Uruguayans know the importance of such games for the beginning of the beginning before the Qualifiers.  With the Asian Cup soon in July, it is time to find the new generation, and Arnold to his credit is attempting to do this.

Asked how much the defeat in 2005 had affected Uruguayan football, he replied: "It was sad, it always is, but life goes on. It is not the first time we failed to reach the World Cup … we look to the future now, and we have to let go of the past."

So the revenge motive is there but not acrimoniously and the traditional rivalry between Australia and South American competition continues.

Meanwhile the Matilda play North Korea in the Olympic qualifiers.

Goalkeeping error costs the game.  Uruguay win 2-1.  Arnold is not Houlier.

The Asian squad is selected:

Goalkeepers: Mark Schwarzer, Brad Jones, Michael Petkovic.

Defenders: Lucas Neill, Brett Emerton, Michael Beauchamp, Michael Thwaite, Mark Milligan, Patrick Kisnorbo.

Midfielders: Mark Bresciano, Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill, Vince Grella, Mile Sterjovski, Luke Wilkshire, Jason Culina, Carl Valeri, Nick Carle, David Carney.

Forwards: Mark Viduka, John Aloisi, Archie Thompson, Brett Holman.