Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?

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The train on squad for the Jamaica game is as follows:


Full squad:
John Aloisi (Alaves, Spain), Marco Bresciano (Parma, Italy), Tim Cahill (Everton, England), Scott Chipperfield (Basel, Switzerland), Simon Colosimo (Perth Glory, Australia), Ante Covic (Hammarby, Sweden), Jason Culina (Twente Enschede, Holland), Ahmad Elrich (Fulham, England), Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers, England), Vince Grella (Parma, Italy), Joel Griffiths (Neuchatel Xamax, Switzerland), Zeljko Kalac (AC Milan, Italy), Harry Kewell (Liverpool, England), Stan Lazaridis (Birmingham, England), Jon McKain (Politechnica AEK Timisoara, Romania), Lubo Milicevic (FC Thun, Switzerland), Craig Moore (Newcastle, England), Lucas Neill (Blackburn Rovers, England), Jade North (Newcastle Jets, Australia), Tony Popovic (Crystal Palace, England), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England), Josip Skoko (Wigan, England), Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory, Australia), Mark Viduka (Middlesbrough, England), Luke Wilkshire (Bristol City, England).


Still no Zelic who has been in great form for Newcastle and looks rock solid although  Archie Thomson did beat Zelic to the ball to head in the winner for Melbourne on the weekend.  If Zelic has a weakness it is against a nippy player like Archie in set pieces who have the spring on him.  Otherwise Zelic looks very confident and capable.  Has Zelic been considered? Even with Zelic in the central defence it will still require a nippy back to stop those quick plays from set pieces. 


Cross off Milicevic who would prefer to attend a wedding which was no doubt planned long ago in full knowledge of the Socceroo game.  The usual from some in England, where Rovers want Tim Cahill to rest rather than play because he is playing too much football.  Presumably all those pre-season matches are having an effect.  If Timmy is serious about an international career, he should get on his bike and head for Holland.  It is time Guus bit the bullet and selects only those willing and able and builds a cohesive and truly Australian football team.  The central defence is not that bad that we are desperate for players who want to call the tune.  If Timmy doesn’t show we still have Elrich and Scotty who are just as able.  Chipperfield has a good shot and is the Socceroos’ best crosser of the ball and very fit.  Elrich has the flair and the nippiness of Archie.  We can win without the ‘stars’ who lack the motivation.  Look at Real a team of stars but still struggle.  Teamwork and commitment are the necessary beginnings of any team.


The Socceroos play well against Jamaica beating them easily.  This is the first time the Socceroos looked nippy and deadly in front of goal.  In all it was an excellent boost for the Socceroos who will be going into a difficult match against a still unknown opponent. 



Australia 5 (M.Bresciano 2, A.Thompson 27, M.Viduka 47, J.Aloisi 58, J.Griffiths 84) bt Jamaica 0

Australia: Zeljko Kalac; Lucas Neill, Tony Vidmar (Jo Skoko 53), Michael Thwaite, Luke Wilkshire (Ahmad Elrich 79), Brett Emerton (Vince Grella 70), Scott Chipperfield, Jason Culina, Mark Bresciano (Tim Cahill 79), Archie Thompson (Joel Griffiths 70), Mark Viduka (John Aloisi 56)

Jamaica: Shawn Sawyers; Robert Scarlett (Garfield Reid 53), Omar Daley, Tyrone Marshall, Damien Stewart (Fabien Dawkins 61), Claude Davis, Nicholy Finlayson (Desmond Breckonridge 53), Ricardo Gardner, Jermaine Johnson (Damani Ralph 49), Ricardo Fuller (Jason Morrison 63), Luton Shelton.

Thwaite played well and Wilkshire held his own in the midfield.  These are positive signs as the Socceroos now have a team with many players who are capable of performing at the international level.  Archie looked dangerous for the Socceroos .  Archie was missed by Melbourne in their game against New Zealand.  Melbourne did not look the same incisive team without Archie but played well enough to win 3-0.  If they play like that against Sydney expect a Sydney rout on the weekend.


Meanwhile Zelic was at the heart of the defence that was thrashed by Perth 4-0 and looked ordinary.


Australians are now the target of terrorists due in large measure to out illustrious PM who attacked an unarmed Iraq without evidence and contributed to the deaths of many thousands of innocent women, children and men.  No doubt he will use his anti-terrorist legislation to attack Muslims with a similar level of evidence i.e. politically contrived.  Bali was again attacked by terrorists.  If he’d stayed out of Bush’s imperialist ambition in the Middle East perhaps the Muslim terrorist would not be seeking Australians targets.  Will he allow Muslim teams to play the Socceroos now where in Asia?  Of course he’ll have ASIO raid their hotels and monitor their movements with electronic anklets.  Will FIFA allow teams to wear electronic anklets?


Looked at the packielackie Nine MSN


(Nine Moronic Spudido Nincompoops sitting on a dunny. 

And when one moronic nincompoop somersaulted in

There’d be eight moronic nincompoops sitting on the dunny….)


webs site devoted to sport does not a mention of football i.e. soccer on its web site.  Then what can be expected from the goobers who have a monopoly control over the media.  No doubt these MMmorons with their fingers in their pies have no idea about what real competition is all about (other than attempting to stop others from competing in the marketplace).   Or is it merely a coincidence that the packielackeys and mordochian morons own crappielackey teams and at the same time control the media?


There are more players playing football i.e. soccer in Australia than the other ‘codes’ put together.  On purely statistical grounds it means the standard of player in football i.e. soccer is superior to that of the other codes.  Not only that, but the players of football i.e. soccer are concentrated into fewer teams meaning an even greater quality than their drunken cousins in the other ‘codes’ who stagger onto the field on the weekends. 


Of course the packielackey mentality is equivalent to that of Tom Cruising Tosser who thinks bashing people is fun. The sign of a little man.   No wonder Australian and US movies are on a rapid decline.  Tommy son, sex beats bashing people any day.  Watch a few European movies and you find out how it’s done- rather than your usual second-rate pretending by tossing and frothing!  He also thinks rabbits are good.  They’re pests that destroy land in Australia.  Rabbits eat the roots of our native grasses and cause massive environmental damage.  They are full of worms.   Only $A10 million for a club!  That says it all about the lack of competition.  You couldn’t even by the toe of many real footballers for that.



No Kewell and no Moore defence.  


The Socceroos as expected prevail where New Zealand failed.  Australia 7 defeats Solomons 1 in Sydney if front of a modest crowd of 15k on a windy drizzly but not uncomfortable night.  Well worth the admission to see ‘The Duke’ score a magnificent overhead and break the packed Solomon defence and begin the deluge.  Glimpses of the jig and ball on show.  Then 2-1 away and all is well.  Never underestimate the difficulty of any game of football i.e. soccer.  No doubt Guus had an insight into the team’s mentality.


Zelic looked OK and dominated the Newcastle defence as they trounced New Zealand 4-0 in A-League what was an easy romp in the park.  Rumour has it that he may be called up for the national squad.  The U17 Joeys were completely outclassed by Turkey and Mexico but make amends against Uruguay.  They played like Sydney Olympic of old without Soper- able to hold the ball but unable to score


Sydney FC midfielder Steve Corica has led his team to an important 3-1 away victory against the Queensland Roar before 23,142 fans at Suncorp Stadium on Friday night”


Yet the Droopy Boob Show on Saturday National Radio is all about soccer ‘scaremongering’ by the usual crew of tiddleywimp morons expressing concern that people might watch the new A-league.  They’re inferiority complex is transparent and rightly so – tiddleywimps is inferior- get over it.  Nor was there any mention of the A League result in the news.  Then they went on infinitum about tiddleywimps being indigenous- it is an import and not indigenous.  As far as indigenous goes Australian soccer i.e. football was here and played long before Victorian Rules which is only an adaptation of the Irish game.


Watched the packielackey final highlights and talk about low quality.  They can’t even pass a ball when they can catch it!  Really weak.  And they finally caught up with the confetti spray used in football i.e. soccer for years.  Then packielackey has never had an original thought and is really dragging the chain on fashion and technology.  It has always relied on its monopoly and stealing ideas from FIFA and others.  And the singing!  Really poor by some so-called ‘stars’ which people around the globe have never heard of nor want to- except perhaps for the KKK.


Uruguay is the team we meet.  They defeated Argentina 1-0 in a tight game and won because of determination and grit.  Add a waterlogged pitched to stop the short passing game of the Argies and it can be seen they’ll use any advantage they can get to win.  This time we play away first and the home leg allows us the opportunity to qualify in front of the home crowd.  The Uruguay team is full of stars.

Fabian Carini (gk), Carlos Diogo, Diego Lugano, Paolo Montero, Dario Rodriguez, Pablo Garcia, Alvaro Recoba, Gustavo Varela, Diego Forlan, Richard Morales, Marcelo Zalayeta.
Substitutes: Sebastian Viera (gk), Diego Lopez, Juan Martin Parodi, Omar Pouso, Fabian Estoyanoff, Dario Silva, Vicente Sanchez.



With Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay already qualified ahead of Wednesday's matches, all that really needed to be decided was fifth and a play-off spot against Oceania champions Australia. Three teams were in with a shout, and all had fixtures against qualified teams. Chile could only manage a scoreless draw with Ecuador in Santiago, Colombia claimed three points in Asuncion thanks to Luis Rey's goal but Uruguay, a point above the other two going into the last-day matches, defeated their rivals from across the Rio de la Plata 1-0 as Alvaro Recoba once more became the hero of the Centenario. Argentina's loss and Brazil's 3-0 victory over Venezuela meant the world champions ended top of the table.”





































Meanwhile Yorke helps Trinidad and Tobago to a 2-1 win against Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago go into the play-offs after being fouled in the penalty box.  Now the fun begins!


Zelic scores a vital third goal in a must win match for an increasingly desperate Newcastle.  This was a high pressure goal after Newcastle from 2-0 up went 2-2 with a marauding Adelaide in full flight.  Zelic outplayed Rech   vital a vital clash.  The Newcastle defence outplaying the Adelaide strike force.  Qu was unseen throughout the game.  Carle played well scoring two goals and it was desperation that gave Newcastle the winning edge.


The stinko pinkoes are at it again on ABC television.  This time it was by editing out the Adelaide v Newcastle goals by Carle and cutting off the vision of the final goal in their news report. 


New Zealand go down to Queensland and rightfully hold their place at the bottom of the A-League. A great goal by Seo for the Queenslanders set the scene for the easy win.  And of course the New Zealands resorted to rough house tactics to make up for their lack of finesse and intelligence on the ball. The Gazelle Brosque runs the New Zealanders midfield ragged in mid-field.


Now in packielacky New Zealand beat Australia.  That’s how weak their competition is.  In real football NZ are ants.


Muscat continues to play well and is the dominant player for Melbourne Victory.  With Moore out of the side and a place for a defender Muscat or perhaps Zelic are the obvious choices.  Both are playing well but Muscat definitely has not lost any of his drive.  The danger is that he is likely not only to infuriate the odd Uruguayan but may also be subject the wrath of the referee.  Victory plays a physical game led by Muscat’s example but they still lose to the finesse of Perth in their recent encounter 2-1.  Archie scored a magnificent drive that almost ripped the net off the goal.  Dean who scored for Perth needs to be sent back home for his lack of ability to score and keep up with the pace of the Australian game.  Perth needs to find a young capable striker and search the world for a replacement. 


Zelic on the other hand is professional in his approach but he tend does drop his head when Newcastle go behind.  Muscat has to be the preferred choice and has indicated that he is keen to get back into the Socceroos.  Jade North continues to play well for Newcastle.  O’Neil keeps putting his foot in his mouth about the Uruguayan tactic to intimidate oppositions.  No point claiming this as it is understood.  O’Neil really knows little about the tactical side of football and should keep his nose out of this aspect of the game and leave it to Guus.  His job is to organise and administer the side and get public support.  That is where he excels. 


The winner takes all including the estimated $24 million for qualifying.  Australian football i.e. soccer needs this money more than the Uruguayans but will the overseas contingent put their bodies on the line for Australia?  The answer is they will as Guus will pick only the committed.


Guerra Fria is the order of the day as the Uruayans attempt to unsettled the nerves of the valiant Socceroos by attempting to change the date and time of the encounter.  The time has been moved to late at night which should help the Socceroos provided their flight from Argentina is not too early on the day of the game.  And now there are 23


John Aloisi (Alaves, Spain), Marco Bresciano (Parma, Italy), Tim Cahill (Everton, England), Scott Chipperfield (Basel, Switzerland), Ante Covic (Hammarby, Sweden), Jason Culina (PSV Eindhoven, Holland), Ahmad Elrich (Fulham, England), Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers, England), Vince Grella (Parma, Italy), Joel Griffiths (Neuchatel Xamax, Switzerland), Zeljko Kalac (AC Milan, Italy), Harry Kewell (Liverpool, England), Stan Lazaridis (Birmingham City, England), Ljubo Milicevic (FC Thun, Switzerland), Lucas Neill (Blackburn Rovers, England), Tony Popovic (Crystal Palace, England), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England), Josip Skoko (Wigan Athletic, England), Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory, Australia), Michael Thwaite (National Bucharest, Romania), Tony Vidmar (NAC Breda, Holland), Mark Viduka (Middlesbrough, England), Luke Wilkshire (Bristol City, England)


Kevin Muscat misses out despite playing well for the Victory and at times dominating the field.  Guus goes for Milicevic whose credentials as a young patriot are yet to be tested.


The droopy boobs and has-beens waiting for their fat guaranteed pensions on ABC TV are grandstanding their ignorance with their policy of a blackout of the A-League and Socceroo news.  The Saturday night ‘news’ simply ignored the Newcastle thrashing of the NZ Ants and Queensland’s win over Melbourne. These bigots on the ABC are unconscionable and deliberately engage where possible in denigrating football.  Football for their information is the world’s number one sport for a reason.  The government media’s policy is to continue their displays of ignorance of the world’s numero uno sport football.  It is able to do this because it functions as a subsidised organisation within a government created media monopoly. 


The equally unaccountable government claims it is unsafe for Australian fans to attend the football match against Uruguay in Uruguay.  The Australian PM, Razor Wire Howard thinks that all wogs are dangerous and should locked-up indefinitely without trial or charge.  In fact he has introduced a bill in parliament that makes it an offence to criticise the government and that gives the right to its intelligence service to disappear people indefinitely without charge and makes it illegal for the news media to report these disappearances.  The plan is to transport wogs to remote Pacific Islands for “questioning’.   Its secret service ASIO is part of the US torture camp operators around the world.  Note the USA government also abhors football and wogs.  All very symptomatic of these governments’ attitude that the world must play their games or they will be driven into submission with military force.


FIFA has announced a change of referee for the Australian Socceroos match against Uruguay in Sydney with a Spanish referee being appointed rather than a one from Northern Europe.  Uruguay complained to FIFA about the appointment of Northern European referees because they might speak Dutch the same language as Guus.  It is doubtful whether this will have any effect as Spanish referees are used to big games and reasonably capable. 


Meanwhile in the A-League Archie had two gilt edged chances to put Melbourne ahead against Queensland and misses.  One a diving header that goes over the bar delivered at pace and the other saved on a break-away.  Questions must now arise as to whether he has the mental toughness necessary to withstand the pressure which will be immense against Uruguay.  Nevertheless out of all the players in Melbourne he looked the most likely to score.  Muscat is sent off after a fit of the good the bad and the ugly.  Better to be sent off in the A-League where he can redeem himself than in the zero sum matches against the Uruguayans and this vindicated Guus decision to leave him out of the squad.  Zelic is again beaten by a small nippy attacker who gets under his defence in what was an easy with over the NZ ants so can be excused for a lack of concentration.


The game away was closely fought and unlike four years ago the Socceroos looked competitive and capable of an upset.  A poor decision against Chipperfield in a far shoulder to shoulder cost Australia the game from a set play.  The last 20 minutes of the game Uruguay threw everything at Australia and after some nervous moments managed to hold the marauding attack at bay.  In the end the score was 1-0.  A difficult score for both sides with all to play for in the final game in front of true Australian football fans in Sydney.


URUGUAY 1 (Dario Rodriguez 36') defeated AUSTRALIA 0

Uruguay line-up: Fabian Carini (gk), Diego Lopez (Guillermo Rodriguez 63'), Paolo Montero, Dario Rodriguez, Carlos Diogo, Pablo Garcia, Diego Perez, Alvaro Recoba, Diego Forlan (Dario Silva 17'), Marcelo Zalayeta (Fabian Estoyanoff 63'), Richard Morales.

Yellow cards: Silva 23', D Rodriguez 90+1'

Australia line-up: Mark Schwarzer, Lucas Neill, Scott Chipperfield, Tony Vidmar, Tony Popovic, Brett Emerton, Jason Culina, Mark Viduka (John Aloisi 80'), Harry Kewell, Vince Grella, Archie Thompson (Marco Bresciano 52').

Yellow cards: Chipperfield 30', Vidmar 72'


Now Razor Wire got it wrong again!  The Uruguayans were hospitable to the Aussie fans.  Razor Wire is still scratching his head wondering why the wogs didn’t attack the Aussie fans. “After all aren’t all wogs unfriendly?  At least that’s what my Intelligence Agency tells me.”


The same courtesy is extended here in Australia to Reccoba who was greeted in Sydney’s streets by fans shaking his hand in the middle of a protest against the government’s attacks on worker’s rights.


The moon is near full and rises over the stadium as the Aussies howl as they score against Uruguay.  That is the dream and this dream may become reality.  The Socceroos are in the tunnel ready to proceed onto the ground when Socceroo defender Popovich is attacked and strangled by Morales before entering the ground.


Uruguay's failed dirty tricks campaign continued ahead of Wednesday night's World Cup playoff, with the Socceroos telling of a pre-match physical altercation, intimidation tactics and insults and threats in the players' tunnel.

Several Socceroos confirmed Uruguayan striker Richard Morales and Australian centre-back Tony Popovic had each other by the throat in the Telstra Stadium players' tunnel before the match.


The electric and exhilarating atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium with a packed audience of football fans scream with deafening cheers as the Socceroos enter the ground to do battle.  The psychic knowledge of the crowd somehow picks up the incident in the tunnel.  As the Uruguay national anthem begins a deafening din of whistles completely drowns out the anthem and this is followed by a joyous rendition of Advance Australia Fair from the capacity crowd of 82k.  Popovich  visibly upset by the events soon makes a reckless challenge in revenge and receives a yellow card in the 27th minute.


Guus reacts immediately taking Popovich off in case the Australian team is reduced to ten men making their chances minimal for the desired result.  The tactic to get Popovich off the field backfires as the Uruguay now sees a sudden change of formation before them.  Three at the back and Kewell running riot all over the park attracting two and three defenders as the Uruguayans are run ragged by the slick passing game of the Socceroos .  In the 32nd minute Bresciano scores and the teams are level on aggregate.  Now the Socceroos must not concede but continue to go forward and seek the winner.  Extra time with no mores goals rapidly approaches as the Socceroos dominate a rapidly tiring Uruguay. 


Extra time and no goals with a similar pattern of desperate Uruguayan defence.  The dreaded penalty-shoot out and Schwarzer who look unsteady in the game saves from Rodriguez.  Viduka walks forward with the chance of putting the penultimate nail on the Uruguayan coffin. The Duke makes a little dummy and goes for placement and misses.  Disaster and the crowd groan.  The door is open for the Uruguayans to draw level and Zalayeta shoots but a magnificent save by Schwarzer saves the day and the Uruguayans remain behind.  Aloisi walks up and uses the power drive as the ball rips into the top right hand corner and Australia qualify.  The stadium rocks and can be heard all the way to the Blue Mountains.


Full moon and howls greet the night.  Next morning after the celebrating of the fans the papers are covered with the story of the Socceroos win.  Even the Telemoron runs a full front page and the nation celebrates.  It is estimated that 5 million viewers in Australia watch the game the highest rating football show ever on Australian TV.  Eclipsing tiddleywimps and packielackey to the backwater where they belong- minor games deserve only minoe coverage even if there is a government created monopoly media.  In another first, this is the first time a place for qualification has been decided on penalties.


Australia 1 (Bescisino 35)  Uruguay 0


Australia win 4-2 on penalties.




A few days after the heroics of the Socceroos has died down somewhat in the media and its the Droopy Boobs and the Hadbeens Show are at it again with comments designed to denigrate the fine achievement of the Socceroos and their magnificent fans. Comments that whistling down a national Anthem is unfair was an undisguised attempt to discredit football fans in Australia.  Yet they remains silent about the tiddleywimps and packielackey players frightening passengers mid air with their drunk lout behaviour on their way to Thailand for their little sex sessions they inflict on the Thais.  Nor a word about the allegations of rapes, or the drunken episodes the night before their games where they gang bang  and get drunk in their bonding sessions then stagger on the field next day and cannot catch a ball.  They can’t even string three passes together and they catch ball!  Weak little lowlifes.  So whether he thinks the Socceroos fans are fair it’s time he looked into the mirror and sees the ugliness of his own mental state.  


Now for the draw to see who we play in Germany and the build up top the World Cup begins.


Well. Well. Well.  Three holes in the ground!


The slide of Perth continues both down the table and in support.  A once great team now struggles to attract 7000 to its games and The Shed is silenced as Newcastle superior in all departments are able to lord it over them due to Perth’s stodgy play and lack of tactical awareness. Perth rolls over on the salt lakes of WAAAAAAAAAA despair.  Looks like Perth are headed back to the wilderness of isolation as their club falls apart.  Not even Horsley’s penultimate game at Perth was sufficient to bring out the spectators on a warm Friday.  Newcastle dominated midfield throughout and Perth were lucky to see the ball.  Despotovski and Mori were marked out of the game and looked like strikers who are beginning the downhill run to retirement.  Nothing but a complete revitalisation of the team in the next game can save Perth if it is not to fall by the wayside on the salty mashes of obscurity.


The Ausmoron is at it again.  No mention of the brilliant Carney goal from a well executed midfield build by Sydney v Melbourne in front of 17 000.  So much for consumer sovereignty and more like monopoly control by the Ausmoron and its bigoted editors.  Reports on the A-League were hidden in an embedded small section in the paper with no mention of the demise of Perth in the rain as the water table rises bringing salt to the surface and creating the devastation that is Glory’s form.  Again they struggle to attract 7000 to the match.  And no report on the upcoming World Club championship with Sydney’s twin strike force of Kazu and Yorke. 


And then there’s the controversy about ‘English’ coaches on the SBS in what amounts to an offensive attack on the Australian game – Ernie Merrick is a true gentleman of the game and though Melbourne are struggling the Englishness of the coach is irrelevant.   How stupid can the commentators get!  If the idiot hasn’t yet realised that nationality of origin is irrelevant– it is ability that counts.  DOHHHBOY!


The draw for the World Cup is complete.  Australia play Japan (Asian Champions), Brazil (World Champions) and Croatia.  A difficult set of exciting games.  Australia can hold out Brazil, beat Japan and crush Croatia.


Meanwhile Razor Wire has incited racial riots on Cronulla Beach in Sydney where thugs wearing ARL shorts and T-shirts attacked innocent women and men of ‘Middle Eastern’ background-women and men born and raised in Australia with a passion for real football.

The riots followed an incident on December 4th, when a group of Lebanese-Australian men attacked two lifeguards who had asked them to stop playing football on the beach. The retaliatory action one week later was led by a group of 200 “white supremacists” who co-ordinated the attacks by text message, according to the police. John Howard, Australia's conservative prime minister, condemned the violence as un-Australian. In an emergency session following the riots, the parliament of New South Wales passed laws allowing the police to enforce curfews, cordon off trouble spots and ban alcohol sales. (Economist SYDNEY BRIEFING December 2005)


According to the packielackey thugs only crappielackey ‘touch’ i.e. chasing is allowed on Sydney’s beaches.  Can’t have wogs playing football and having fun on our beach can we?  So there was overreaction and the riots have started. These thugs are a reactionary group incited by the government policy of racial profiling and disappearing of people without trial, charge and in complete secrecy.  Razor Wire has passed his neo-fascist sedition laws and terrorist laws giving him the power of Hitler.  Meanwhile on the day of the World Club Championships in which Sydney FC play ,the bigoted ABC of ignorance the government media maintain their blackout of news of the game in their national television news broadcasts.


 Meanwhile Sydney FC dominate midfield and possession against Saprissa but the Saprissa defence proves too strong and Sydney is unable to convert the advantage into goals.  Saprissa score immediately after the break with a longball against a flat and unwary defence.  Dwight Yorke dominated the midfield with incisive passing and control of the play.  However, Sydney fight throughout the game despite going down to ten then nine men and dominated the play.  Saprissa’s all behind the ball and all men to pumps approach to the marauding Sydney side proves effective.

Round Quarter Final
12 December 2005 - 21:20

Sydney FC

0 - 1

Deportivo Saprissa




47' BOLANOS Christian


1 BOLTON Clint
2 FYFE Iain
10 CORICA Steve
(83' ZDRILIC David)
11 MIURA Kazu
12 CARNEY David
14 PACKER Andrew
(61' RUDAN Mark)
15 MCFLYNN Terry
19 YORKE Dwight (c)


2 BOLANOS Christian
3 CORDERO Victor
8 CENTENO Walter
(89' PARKS Reynaldo)
11 GOMEZ Ronald
12 SABORIO Alvaro
(93' DRUMMOND Gerold)
19 AZOFEIFA Randall
(83' LOPEZ Jose Luis)


3' MCFLYNN Terry


32' GONZALEZ Ronald
56' GOMEZ Ronald
77' CENTENO Walter
92' PORRAS Jose


81' CECCOLI Alvin




Referee: Toru Kamikawa
Toyota Stadium, Nagoya


The next game is against the African Champions the Egyptian side Al Ahly with its supporter base of 40 million.

Sydney FC do the business and win the money much to the chagrin of Al Ahly players who were stunned by a magnificent Dwight Yorke header from a set piece and a brilliant piece of individual skill by Carney.


Sydney FC 2 (Dwight Yorke 35, David Carney 66) d Al Ahly 1 (Emad Motab 45)


Sydney FC


1. Clint Bolton

2. Iain Fyfe

4. Mark Rudan

6 Ufuk Talay

8 Matthew Bingley

10. Steve Corica

11. Kazuyoshi Miura

12. David Carney

16. Mark Milligan

19. Dwight Yorke

22. Sasho Petrovski



14. Andrew Packer on for 10. Steve Corica (64th minute)

15. Terry McFlynn on for 6. Ufuk Talay (78th minute)

9. David Zdrilic on for 22. Sasho Petrovski (89th minute)


This was a high achievement by Sydney FC to defeat the African Champions who had been on a record run of wins before the World Club Championships.


The bank roller of packielackey has passed away.  How did he manage to keep a sub-standard game alive?  As the AFR puts it”

Kerry Packer liked making money.  Which is why he didn't like full-on competition if he could avoid it. In this respect, he was no different to many other entrepreneurs. The big difference is that he was exceptionally good at what he did.

His companies' core businesses rely heavily on government decisions which restrict the entry of competitors. The Nine television network and his share of Foxtel pay TV are protected from more vigorous competition by government policies. Even more restrictive entry conditions apply to his ownership of casinos in Melbourne and Perth.”

And who said I was crazy?  His control of the media and his blackout of the only competitive football I.e. soccer was due to his use of monopoly power.  They are so weak in packielackey they cannot even catch a ball for a few passes.  What hope would these uncoordinated drunken louts have in real sport!

The Socceroos draw Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon in what must be considered a favourable Asian Cup group.  When Lebanon came out of the pot the President commented now’ let football bring peace’ in a reference to the riots in which Lebanese Australians were victims in Sydney and then retaliated.  We managed to avoid Japan and Korea and are closer to Europe.  The overseas players and coach now have no excuse for not turning up to these games.

Group A: Japan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, India

Group B: Iran, Korea Republic, Syria, Chinese Taipei

Group C: Jordan, Oman, UAE, Pakistan

Group D: Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Australia

Group E: China PR, Iraq, Singapore, Palestine

Group F: Uzbekistan, Qatar, Hong Kong, Bangladesh


Meanwhile another packielackey player was charged for groping a female on the crutch in a golf tournament and then running nude around the gold course in a drunken stupor in the typical manner of these half-wits!

The demise of Perth is complete as it sinks into the salt mash after being outplayed by Rechless Adelaide.  The salt water crocodiles swim south in the humidity from the summer cyclone to consume a club with just five thousand spectators to watch the darkness as evening sets in. Little fight was evident in the struggle to stop the rising salt table with Tania leading the charge- a state twittering on the edge of the iron universe.  Perth 1- Adelaide 2

The grandstanding of the ABC of ignorance and bigotry continues as its tiddlewimp toffstossers sports commentators continue to abuse the coerced taxation money from the public as they blackout the media coverage of football using their cosy little , very little media monopoly.  Despite 25k plus at the Sydney v Adelaide game there was no mention of the result on the government owned ABC radio and no doubt on its TV arm.  Sports media in Australia is equally as substandard as the white supremacists who control the Tiddlewimp and Toff’s Tosses shows with their drunken staggerings on and off the field.  White supremacists who demand that anyone playing football be classed as a wog and have the public purse used to control these garlic reeking infidels- go South Africa and Australia and New Zealand the best countries in the world! (To appease Toff’s Toss and Tiny The Tiddleywimp)

The packielackey moron Atkinson who smashed the head of a man wearing a football jersey with a beer bottle from behind walks free without any jail term despite being shown on video and pleading guilty.  This savage racist attacker is allowed to carry on his neo-nazi ways as the judge eggs him on. There can be no doubt about  it, the officialdom with its  Tiddleywimp Premier  approve of the attacking of wogs who play or support football especially if they are of Middle Eastern heritage.  These cowardly packielackies walk in gangs attacking people from behind in their drunken stupors.  They are too used to looking at where the sun doesn’t shine in their scrums!  Meanwhile the government spirits away people without charge or legal representation to US torture camps.


The monopoly media’s packielackey show now has a packielackeys tiddleywimp head (Channel Nine) with no administrative knowledge or business acumen to complete the blackout of football news.  These types of corporate heads can only exist under the protection of a government that seeks to stop entrance of competition into the media market.  And all this despite a reported 8 million viewers who watched the qualifier against Uruguay according to a phone survey after the match reported by FIFA.  Even the surveys of viewers TV watching habits are corrupted by these media monopoly moguls though they did begrudging report 4 million viewers.  Nice little discrepancy. So much for the statistical reliability of TV ratings in Australia!


“Eddie is top of the tree in terms of his relationship with the media and sport," Fairfax chairman and Melbourne businessman Ron Walker says. "He's got some of the best sponsors in the business because Eddie delivers and it's all about delivery."

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman and former AFL commissioner Graeme Samuel says: "He has an enormous network and enormous range of contacts. He has a terrific ability to gather around him the right people.

"In many senses, a good CEO is someone who can gather around them the right people and set a good strategic vision. Eddie has demonstrated that with the Collingwood Football Club."  Australian Financial Review 9 Feb 06.

This is how laughable the ACCC is and why people like Vizard get off and Rivkin is crucified.