Ever Wondered Why So Many Australian Footballers Play Overseas?

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And without doubt the small p’s of penguin coverage of the Australian football final was one that was continually interrupted mid-action and the plug pulled before the trophy was awarded all which just proves the point: effective monopoly media blackout.  Channel 7 used its monopoly power to cast football i.e. soccer in a negative light by having a coverage that was constantly interrupted with  advertisements and that also failed to show the lifting of the trophy!  No wonder WA wanted and approved secession! 


Government hasn’t changed.  It continues to impose a media monopoly on Australia through the mechanism of selectively issuing licenses only to its favourites. This is a favoured method of the bureaucratic elite and dates back many years: where King Edward III granted monopoly power to the Merchants of Staples creating the mercantilism of the bureaucratic elite,  And in time honoured tradition soon used their privileged position to raise prices and ban innovation.  The parlous state of Australia’s media can be seen in that light.


“PERTH, Australia, June 1 (AFP) - Western Australian glamour side Perth Glory ended a finals hoodoo here Sunday when they beat Sydney´s Olympic Sharks 2-0 before a near sell-out crowd of almost 40,000 in the Australian National Soccer League grand final.

It was third time lucky for Glory, who lost to Wollongong Wolves in 2000 and the Sharks last season in the showdowns.

Defender Jamie Harnwell gave Glory a 29th minute lead with an explosive header from a corner.

Striker Damian Mori put the issue beyond doubt with a second goal in the 86th minute.”


Talk about welshers!   FIFA has denied Oceania a place in the World Cup because South American and Asian teams would lose half a place each.  This was after they granted Oceania admission to the World Cup.  But talk about the morons in the government media.  The Dohbohs.  The fat what’sname on The Fat claims that “Barcelona crowds (at the tennis) are like rugby league crowds!”  What a JJJ Wacko!   Is that not footballing ignorance!


 And all funded through a coercive taxation system at 11 cents a day!


This is a :


A          Subsidy for the ruling elite?

            B.         Provider of independent information?


Answer: A gaggle of ding bats.  Little John-the-Machiavelli -look-a-like is just a perfect example of how the Australian government has created instability and promotes centralized coercive control over all facets of a subject’s life.  Result?  In Australia:  sub-optimal games; tiddleywimps/packielackey.


This is due to:


1.                   The superiority of packielackey to wogball

2.                   The blackout by a government granted media monopoly.


Answer: Been thinking about the next World Cup.  Can the Socceroos qualify with a team worth more than the combined value of all the tiddleywimp and packielackey players throughout the world?   Can Kool Kewell work wonders at Liverpool?


Now for a friendly against the Republic of Ireland to keep the team together and sure-up the defence.


John Aloisi (Osasuna, Spain), Marco Bresciano (Parma, Italy), Scott Chipperfield (FC Basel, Switzerland), Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers), Hayden Foxe (Portsmouth), Vince Grella (Empoli, Italy), Zeljko Kalac (Perugia, Italy), Harry Kewell (Liverpool), Stan Lazaridis (Birmingham City), Craig Moore (Rangers, Scotland), Kevin Muscat (Rangers, Scotland), Lucas Neill (Blackburn Rovers), Paul Okon (Leeds United), Tony Popovic (Crystal Palace), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough), Josip Skoko (Genclerbirligi, Turkey), Danny Tiatto (Manchester City), Tony Vidmar (Cardiff City), Mark Viduka (Leeds United).


The Socceroos have an exciting midfield, excellent strikers, experienced defenders and top keepers but they have too few games.  This is the second game on the long road to the qualifiers for Germany 2006. 


It’s official (again)!  Football i.e. soccer is the most played sport in Australia, even ahead of cricket, yet  football continues to be blacked out by the monopoly media owners.  The Ausmoron is at again.  It claims that Beckham is a ‘gay’ icon. 


One wonders if Emerton is still able to run without falling over under the weight of his big head, particularly given his mediocre performance in the last World Cup Qualification series.


Brett Emerton has told Socceroos coach Frank Farina he no longer wants to travel all the way to Australia for meaningless friendlies.

Speaking to The Australian just days before making his English Premier League debut for Blackburn Rovers, the 24-year-old says he is only interested in making the long flight home for games that he thinks matter.”


Now we have players telling the coach what is important.  It is time for Farina to point out to Fat Head that to qualify for the World Cup 2006 requires commitment to the national cause and this involves travel.  Football at the highest level is played at national level in the World Cup not some mid-table English Premier league side.  Fat Head can’t cut the meat and is set for mediocrity in a side coached by a Scot who pressured the Australian traitor of all time Craig always-last-on-the-team-sheet Johnson not to play for the Socceroos.  May he sleep restlessly!  Does he believe that others should do the hard work to get to qualification status and that he can waddle into the team for games he considers lucrative and beneficial to his career.  The flick! Better a team of loyal players than one full of wannabe fat-heads!


The call of the surf beats again as Emerton denies he made such as claim and starts the season with a massive long-range effort into the net to open the scoring for Blackburn. 


"I was misquoted, I never said that, I would never call them Mickey Mouse games, that's ridiculous," he said. "I love representing my country, I always have and nothing's going to change. I'll always be there for a World Cup qualifier."

"I hope people didn't take much notice of what was written. When you don't say something and it appears in the paper, it's disappointing. People who know me, know I would never say that."”


So who made the story up and for what purpose?  Are the English media commentators running scared of Australia after they demolished Beckham, Rooney and company?  Wishful thinking from Blackburn?


Australia goes down to the Irish 2-1.  Viduka scores, but Ireland runs over the team in the last 30 munites.  Not a bad effort given we played away and without Kewell.



Australia’s Line up: Mark Schwarzer (gk); Lucas Neill, Hayden Foxe, Tony Popovic, Stan Lazaridis, Paul Okon (Vince Grella 67'), Marco Bresciano, Brett Emerton, Danny Tiatto (Tony Vidmar 69'), Scott Chipperfield, Mark Viduka (John Aloisi 78').

Goals - Viduka 49'
Cautions - Okon 47'

Australia is to line up against Jamaica in another friendly with a new defence.  This could be a good thing, as each player is quite capable.  Muscat can add the much needed steel into the defence.  The absence of Aloisi presents problems for the forward lineup if Australia needs three strikers in a catch-up game.  Here in Australia corporate South Australia (or is that SA corporate rustbelt) cannot even support a local football team.

The full 18-man squad to face Jamaica is:

Goalkeepers: Zeljko KALAC - Perugia, ITALY
Mark SCHWARZER - Middlesbrough, ENGLAND

Defenders: Steve LAYBUTT - Mouscron, BELGIUM
Jon MCKAIN - National Buchurest, ROMANIA
Kevin MUSCAT - Millwall, ENGLAND
Lucas NEILL - Blackburn Rovers, ENGLAND
Tony VIDMAR - Cardiff City, WALES

Midfielders: Marco BRESCIANO -
Parma, ITALY
Steve CORICA -
Walsall, ENGLAND
Vince GRELLA -
Empoli, ITALY
Paul OKON -
Vicenza, ITALY
Josip SKOKO -
Genclerbirligi, TURKEY

Brett HOLMAN -
Harry KEWELL -
Liverpool, ENGLAND
Leeds United, ENGLAND


Australia easily defeats the Reggae Boyz in what was a stroll in the park towards the end where Socceroo dominance became apparent all over the park.  Kalac made a good save to avoid the draw in the only on target shot in the second half from the Jamaicans.  Bresciano and Kewell were both on target in the 2-1 win.

You know the World Cup has started when the first qualifier is played:

Argentina has been held to a 2-2 draw by Chile in the opening World Cup 2006 qualifying match, while there were also wins for Ecuador and Peru.

The football season begins this weekend and a search of the press finds not a mention of the competition.  The packielackie/tiddleywimp blackout continues unabated.  The Kingz lose a sponsor, and the competition gets no television coverage.  But for the record the Wolves take on Sydney United on Friday night. 


Go the Wolves oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


An amazing $15 million subsidy goes into Australian football by the government with a spider web of strings. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?  It will like all government subsidies lead to inefficient outcomes and in an easy-come-easy-goes mentality.  The subsidy may give a boost to football here in Australia.  It sounds a lot of money but in reality could not buy one decent player at the top level.  Perhaps it will be like the housing subsidy the government introduced which has led to a boom with a bubble and squeak, a bricks and mortar economy with little to no real production.


For Australian football to succeed it needs to attract commercial support where businesses are prepared to risk their money for mutual benefits. To really give football an equal footing requires not only the tearing up of the existing government granted monopoly rights to media outlets that have been used to blackout the game, but also requires a complete freeing up of the media.  A media where commercial broadcast licenses are competitive rather than the current practice of monopoly grants controlled by a dingbat bureaucracy requiring a kickback.


Tiddleywimps who by-the-way uses the Premier League symbol which it acquired from true football are now attempting to stop competitive practice by South Melbourne in some argument over words.  As far as using other people’s ideas tiddleywimps takes the cake.


South Melbourne and Australian Football League club Richmond Tigers have become embroiled in a war of words surrounding the pair's similar marketing campaigns.

South kicked off its Blue & White, It's In Your Blood campaign a few months ago while Richmond's Yellow and Black, It's In The Blood membership campaign was launched on Monday outside the Melbourne Town Hall.

South chief executive Mark Patterson told the Herald Sun that his club was considering legal action against the Tigers.

"We're fuming," Patterson said. "It's disappointing that one of the major (AFL) clubs should be using the same campaign slogan."

"I'd suggest it's a bit sloppy they haven't done the research to find out what was out there in the market before they launch it."


Illustrating once again the anti-competitive practise of a group of scaredy-cats with their mercantilist belief in monopoly control over the media in this  unethical attempt to blackout South.   This is in the city where they believe the Earth is flat- Melbourne.


Had the misfortune to tune into TripleM,  which no doubt stands for Malicious Monopoly Media or perhaps Midget Minnow Morons where they denigrate the Matildas, with uncalled for attacks against the women of the team who played to their best ability against world opposition. Competition and world- competition are notions foreign to these government granted MMM monopoly.     MMMmorons are granted their licenses by government to stifle competition in true mercantilist con style!  One thing is for sure the Matilidas are better lookin’ than the droopy droobs at MMMmoron!


They claim,  A team with the name Matildas, which is a(sic)  sheep jammed in a bag does not bode well for the future.”


So the Triple morons attack an Australian icon to engage in what can be only described as a cowardly wimpy attack on Australian footballing women.


Anti-football crony capitalism reaches new heights in Australia as the Head of Packielackey claims “I have my opinion.  You have your opinion.  I have more shares.” at the annual general meeting of the company.  Easy to say, when one hides behind a government granted media monopoly that prohibits competition and enforces high taxation entrance costs.  Nice little arrangement straight out of the herpetological handbook of mercantilist practice with its cosy mutual admiration society.  The only way for Australian football to move forward is the immunoelectrophoresis technique of free trade.


Limbo nimbo the comp goes on!


Olyroos begin their campaign to qualify for Athens.


Olyroos face New Zealand to decide who goes to Athens after beating Fiji 6 zit.

Olyroos cruise past NZ with only a minor scare for a few minutes in the qualifiers (3-1 aggregate).  Player of the tournament should go to Amad Elrich who has proved to be a high quality player.


After the press denigration of the team as the ‘worst ever’ they have booked their seats to Athens.

Also amazingly the game was shown on television though rarely advertised and without due build-up in the monopoly media.


Meanwhile, the new administration in soccer still doesn’t want to make the game truly competitive.  Instead of how well a team performs on the field as the criteria for admission to the top league with relegation and promotion battles, they want a cheque book to determine who plays.  Let’s hope they don’t follow down the road of the non-competitive other yukkie codes of so-called ‘football’ in Australia, where teams are guaranteed a place in the league and are limited on how much they can pay players.




The new administration has appointed a sports administrator from rugby union.  Whilst this is fine in terms of sports administration the question must be asked “Does he understand competitive sport?”  The likelihood is now a structured league without relegation or promotion battles.  This is how RU is organized.  It is a sport that has fewer supporters than any league in Australia at both the grass roots and national competition level.  What counts is merely dollars not competitive performance.  This if adopted is a recipe to hold football back in Australia. 


Kewell has become the Ghoul again refusing to play for Australia as we attempt to build for the World Cup qualifiers.


The Socceroos played well away from home with limited preparation and travel time to record a creditable draw.


Venezuela 1 (Juan Arango 92')

Australia 1 (Paul Agostino 18')


Australia line-up - Mark Schwarzer (gk);

Kevin Muscat, Craig Moore (c), Tony Popovic,

Lucas Neill; Mile Sterjovski (Steve Laybutt 92'),

Simon Colosimo, Marco Bresciano, Stan Lazaridis (Ahmad Elrich 28');

David Zdrilic (Nick Carle 83'), Paul Agostino (Tony Vidmar 62')


Cautions: Colosimo 19', Muscat 54', Neill 80'

Referee: J Ruiz (Colombia)


“The Australian Soccer Association (ASA) today confirmed it would invoke Article 40 of FIFA Regulations against two of the six players who were selected but did not travel to Venezuela for a national team match. Those players are Scott Chipperfield and Mark Viduka.” to uproar within the football community here in Australia.  But then, they could have traveled, played, traveled back and played for their clubs on the weekend which is still better than not playing at all. 

Ironically the two players sanctioned were among the most loyal Socceroos.  The Ghoul’s feigned on-going injury is responsible for his non-show and he is suspended so is expected to play next the weekend after a long rest.  When I played, if a player even turned up late he was off the team and had to wait at least four games before being considered for selection.  This recipe was used to test the heart and commitment of the player.

But with a board that has complete control of Australian football little can be done if they make impractical decisions.

The boogeyman gives Emerton his just dessert- a fluffed turnover and peach topping deny the lame Socceroo a Blackburn win.  Seems the law of Karma is operating.


Requiem for the Wolves


no soccer what a shocker


no soccer what a shocker

we want zz z zz

not zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The media moron blackout continues with a total blackout on football news for the finals series in the Sydney media.  Not a word before the Glory v Power match in the SMH.  I suppose that with no gang rapes before the match, or poo throwing means that football doesn’t deserve a mention in the monopoly media.   The telmoron is at it again.  It’s latest is to publish a magazine about Australia’s love for sport and guess what no mention of football i.e. soccer anywhere but a saturation coverage of tiddleywimps and packielackey.  Then the day before the international between the Socceroos and South Africa there is not a mention of the game.  After all they are South African blacks playing Australian wogs who don’t even play with human poo and gang rape women!  Jeeze mate, what wimps!


The squad for the South Africa game is:

Goalkeepers: Zeljko KALAC - Perugia, Italy

Mark SCHWARZER - Middlesbrough, England


Defenders: Steve LAYBUTT - Royal Excelsior Mouscron, Belgium

Craig MOORE - Rangers, Scotland

Kevin MUSCAT - Millwall, England

Lucas NEILL - Blackburn Rovers, England

Tony POPOVIC - Crystal Palace, England

Tony VIDMAR - Cardiff City, Wales


Midfielders: Marco BRESCIANO - Parma, Italy

Tim CAHILL - Millwall, England

Scott CHIPPERFIELD - FC Basel, Switzerland

Brett EMERTON - Blackburn Rovers, England

Harry KEWELL - Liverpool FC, England

Stan LAZARIDIS - Birmingham City, England

Paul OKON - KV Oostende, Belgium

Josip SKOKO - Genclerbirligi, Turkey

Mile STERJOVSKI - Lille, France


Strikers: Paul AGOSTINO - TSV 1860 Munchen, Germany

John ALOISI - Athletico Osasuna, Spain

Max VIERI - Napoli Societa Sportivo Calcio, Italy

Mark VIDUKA - Leeds United, England

David ZDRILIC - Aberdeen, Scotland


The team includes Max Vieri who was born in Australia and whose father Patrick Vieri played for Marconi in the best team Marconi has put onto the field.  Vieri was the best midfielder ever to play in the soon to be defunct national football league. 


The new soccer chief and former RU executive turns up to discuss the Ghoul’s form to find that he is a very small fish in a big pond.  The ghoul laughs at the former RU executive for his naivety about the real world of football.  Kewell says


“O'Neill said before leaving Australia that he hoped to have a meeting with Kewell to discuss the chronic ankle injury Kewell says prevents him travelling longer than three hours on a plane to play, but such a meeting is unlikely to take place.

"As far as I'm concerned I never wanted to meet anybody in the first place. It's their way of trying to get through the back door to set something up. I've told my agent (Bernie Mandic) to tell them I only have one boss and his name is (Socceroo coach) Frank Farina."

"I have a great relationship with him and he's always given me his full support. As for what anybody else thinks, I couldn't care less. They can play their silly little games. I'll just get on with playing football to the best of my ability."

"If that's not good enough I'm more than happy to be thrown out of the team. I'm not in a rage over anything the ASA does. To say otherwise is totally wrong. I couldn't care less what they do."

Kewell didn't end his attack there, adding that he hopes O'Neill sticks to his word that all players will be treated equally in the future.

"I'm pleased to hear that. It's about time too," he said. "Hopefully, when they say I'll be treated the same as everybody else, that will include not sticking my image up on poxy looking promotional posters and telling TV sponsors I'll be back for Micky Mouse matches that will help fill ASA's pockets with money."



Australia 1 (Bresciano 19') beat South Africa


The grand final was played on what is a typical ground in Australia; soft, long grass, water puddles and a lack of drainage.   A typical thunderstorm shower and the ground is unplayable.  These are nice conditions for the crappy packielackey where mouthfuls of mud is a height of delight in a soft mud oozing ground ideal for slow lumbering bullcrap competition.  Football in Australia deserves a decent ground which can drain the rain on a typical afternoon.


Half time and Para 0 Perth 0.


The game is one where players are trying to avoid injury due to sharp turns on a greasy skidding pitch.  The second half starts at top pace in the shocking conditions but remains a game balanced on a knife-edge.  Theo changes the lineup bringing on Fernando Rech (59min) for Ante Milicic, taking off technical expertise and adding pace and grit.  Para dominates midfield and control the football in these atrocious conditions.  Despotovski makes his final contribution and sits on the rain sodden bench for the last ten minutes.  Para begin to tire and start committing fouls at the back leading to numerous frees around the box.


 Fulltime 0-0 with 3 minutes stoppage time.

 Extra time:  Perth win with a golden goal 1=0, Mrdja


The Ausmoron takes control of the board of a murdochpackielackey team confirming the anticompetitive practices towards football in the past.



Sadly South Melbourne may soon be defunct despite being a mainstay of the former league.


Four-time National Soccer League champion South Melbourne is a club on the brink of crisis with debts totalling $1.5million and players departing on mass to continue their playing careers.”